Friday, August 17, 2012

Weekend Links

They're building a home in the lot next to ours. Henry is in HEAVEN. 
They're building a new home in the lot next to ours and Henry is in heaven, watching the big trucks all day long.

Happy weekend everyone! We have a fun, low-key one planned with family and I couldn't be more excited. I hope you had a good week- and I hope you enjoy these links I'm loving from all around the web.

What a fabulous post by Mandy.

I can't wait for fall either!

40 ways to feel more alive.

A husband and his pink garage.

I am so, so in love with this home...and series!

Beautiful shoes, found via Ashley.

A reader sent me in this video of her friends doing a ukelele version of "Somebody That I Used To Know." Too cool, and these guys are really cute too. It's a must watch.

Another reader wanted me to share a bit about the Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue- check out their site to learn more.

Waffles with a side of pretty, anyone?

Love these little TOMS for Henry.

This is where Alex comes from. Where do you come from?

Jessica Hische phone covers. So cute!

BFF tattoos! Adorable, right?

SO much cute stuff for little ones! Henry would freak out over that dino backpack.

I love Katy's blog. I wish she posted everyday. 

And speaking of blogs I love, I can't get enough of Modern Kiddo.

Jigsaw's having a big sale! Have you popped over yet?

One of my sponsors, Meegs over at A New Day, is having a big 30th birthday giveaway. Have you entered yet?

Some blogs to check out: say hi to Laura, Megan, and Julie.

And finally, here's me at the same point in my pregnancy that my sister is right now. It's insane to think back to this time and look at that belly!


  1. that photo is so adorable! hope you have a great weekend.

  2. I have a similar picture of my boys watching trucks outside of our house. Boys and their trucks, I don't think they ever get tired of it.

  3. I LOVE your curtains!! Did you get them recently? I'm looking to freshen up our living room.

  4. great list :)


  5. great links! i can't wait to look around:)

  6. Hello! Thanks for the link Danielle! Love this list. A most happy weekend to you and your fam!

  7. Thanks so much for posting about the Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue! We've got some super adorable Danes up for adoption right now that appreciate it very much ;).

    xo, Abby

  8. I love your links, as always :) And I just wanted to mention that your curtains are adorable!

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  9. What a great blog, you got a new reader now :)
    I really love tattoos, but i am a bis scared to having some... maybe in some years I don't want them anymore???
    Complicated -.- I always have the thought. but at the moment no money anyway^^

  10. Thanks Dani. Great links. :-)

  11. I always look forward to your weekend links because they are all so interesting and very inspiring!


  12. Fall = my favorite season! That blog post made me feel warm n' fuzzy inside. Back in June, I wrote a long post with pictures of where I come from, it's called "This is My Town" after one of my favorite country songs. The link is here, since you asked:

    ;) No pressure to read, just wanted to throw that out there!

  13. Awesome links! In reference to your link about the shoes they are more inexpensive on this website (I have been oogling them myself)...
    Have a nice week!

  14. Oh sweet Dani, thank you so much for the modern kiddo love!! I was away for a long weekend at Tiki Oasis with wolfie and greg (our annual retro weekender in san diego! lots of awesome music, poolside DJ groovy tunes and just all around family friendly fun!) and I didn't bring my computer with me (amazing! of course I was still on instagram, but ya can't just go cold turkey, right??? haha!) anyway, my point is i JUST saw this. And Dottie & I love you lady!!!! Your pix and bloggie always make me smile!! xoxoxo

  15. Thanks again for the blog love :)

    I really love that 40 ways to feel more alive. It was refreshing and a bit needed. I am feeling inspired to go out and live.

    I also love the post where Alex comes from. So good!