Sunday, September 9, 2012

Questions and Answers, Part 1

Danny and Janay's Wedding, 11/6/11

Because my awkward self decided I didn't want to do a full on video blog, I thought I should still answer your awesome questions in a post. There are a ton, so I'll answer them 10-15 at a time depending on length. You can find the questions here, and if you have something else you'd like to know, feel free to ask in the comments!

Do you delete comments that you don't like? And if so, why?

I don't moderate my comments at all and only delete them if they are hurtful or rude to others. I don't get too many mean comments these days but if I do I typically just respond and move on. But if they're about someone else, like on a feature post, I will almost always delete them. I'm all for having a difference in opinion, but I think of this blog as an extension of me, and if I host someone in this space and someone else comes and disrespects them I won't have that!

What is your daily routine like?

Most weekdays I try and wake up around 5:30am to do some cardio and/or shower/get ready before Hank and Henry wake up. Both of them get up around 6:45ish, and then we spend the next hour or so getting ready for the day (breakfast, packing Hank's lunch, etc.). Hank leaves for work and Henry and I will usually go off and do something for a few hours. A couple times a week we have playdates with friends, we might go to the zoo, food shop, or head to the library. Then around 11am we'll come home, eat lunch, and Henry will take his one nap around 11:45am. He'll sleep until about 2 or 3pm (sometimes 4 if he's super tired), and during this time I'll write, try new recipes, clean anything that needs cleaning, whatever. Once he gets up we play for awhile, I'll feed him an early dinner and we'll go to Crossfit. Hank will meet us there when he gets off work. We'll workout, then come home and give Henry a bath, read books and wind down. His bedtime is around 7:30. Afterward I'll usually hang out with Hank, watch television, and I always end the night with a book.

What is one piece of advice that your mother told you, that you didn't believe at the time but now find invaluable, and would tell your own daughter?

Hmm, this is a hard one. I think something that has been on my mind lately is her telling me not to limit myself in the future with my tattoos. I am SO grateful that even though I was like "whatever, Mom" I still listened somewhat. At the time it didn't seem to matter if I tattooed my neck, hands, even feet, but now as much as I admire others with pretty things in those spots, I'm so happy I didn't go forward with some of the plans I had. I love what I have, but I also love being able to cover up with a simple dress if need be and have nothing showing. Great advice I knew was great at the time but I only recently realized how invaluable it really was.

What is your absolute favorite thing about being a mama, and how many more children would you like to have?

The best thing ever is that feeling of Henry running towards me and giving me the biggest hug. Best feeling in the entire world. My most favorite thing is just spending every single day with him- he's such a love and I feel lucky to fill my days with his laughter. As far as number of kids, we'd like to have 3.

What are some of your favorite clothing stores to browse, and do you like/wear vintage clothing?

I really like browsing all sorts of stores- everything from Target to Anthro. I also really love Forever 21. Some of their stuff is insanely terrible but you can really find some gems if you search for them. I do like vintage clothing on other people but I rarely wear it and only own one or two vintage things.

Do you ever miss teaching in a classroom?

Yes. I recently wrote about it a bit here. I don't know if I'll ever go back, but I think back to that time so fondly and definitely miss it here and there. 

What other names do you and Hank have picked out for future children?

We've had our girl name since we first started talking about kids, about 7 years ago. A few of my friends know what it is but I don't want to share it here. We also recently chose a name for a future son that I'm really excited about! You'll just have to wait and see what we have next when the time comes. ;)

Where did you get your awesome bed from? I love your headboard!

Thanks! Our headboard is actually from HSN. Ha! And no, I didn't buy it via telephone at 12am (does anyone else equate HSN with that image?). I ordered from their website. The whole "Home Shopping Network" thing makes me laugh. Here's the link though. We really love ours - the quality is excellent and it's so soft and pretty.  Ours is the King size in Pewter. 

If any of your kids got bullied in school and begged you and Hank to be home-schooled (or for any reason, really) , would you be up for it, considering you taught for 5 years?

This is a touchy subject because a few of my dear friends choose to home-school their kids but from where we stand now, I would never, ever choose to do that. It just isn't for our family. And please remember that this is my opinion about this choice for us, not for anyone else. I just feel that I am in no way qualified to teach anyone on a multitude of subjects and I absolutely wouldn't feel comfortable doing so. I look forward to heavily supplementing Henry's public school education at home though, but that would only be in junction with his actual schooling. I also really believe that a structured classroom environment is great for children, from preschool on. Being a teacher in a public school taught me that interpersonal communication skills and tolerance are some of the most important tools and lessons students take from a school environment, and I don't want Henry or any of our future kids to not have that experience. And that's not to say that home-schooled kids always miss out on that, but I don't feel confident or comfortable that I could provide that for my little ones. Bullying is very different though and it's a scary thing to think about. I honestly don't know what we'd do if something was seriously going on; I could end up retracting all of this and pull Henry out the day I learned something bad was happening. I just wouldn't know until it happened...and I hope it never does. But overall my/our take on home-schooling for Henry at this point and for the foreseeable future is a very strong no.

Would you ever let your kids spend spring break at your family's vacation house in Hawaii alone with their friends or would go with them?

No, I wouldn't ever let my children fly across an ocean without me before they were adults.  I would absolutely go.

What are some of your biggest pet peeves?

Here's a couple: when people clip or file their nails in public...or comb/brush their hair in public and oblivious people who walk really slow in the middle of a parking lot when you're trying to maneuver into a spot or leave. I'm sure I have more but I can't think of any. Maybe that's a good thing, right? Who wants to be annoyed all the time?

Okay that's it for today! I'll be back soon with Part 2. And again, if you have any more questions feel free to ask.


  1. I like that you guys want 3 kids--why is 3 the magic number for you? That's my goal amount of kids too. I grew up with just my older brother (later had a half brother), but want my kids to have at least two siblings to have in their lives as they grow up. We'll see how that goes, though, as my luck hasn't been so good lately.

  2. I just have to tell you, I just posted on my blog asking for questions because I wanted to do a Q&A post... and then once it was published and I was back on the dashboard, your new post popped up!
    I was really interested in your take on homeschooling and even though I feel pretty strongly about home school my kiddos someday, I am definitely impressed with your answer. We've talked a lot about making sure our kids are very involved in sports/dance/boy or girl scouts, theater programs or choirs, etc., because I agree that that structured environment is important too.

  3. What makes you laugh?

  4. I'd like to just say that I tried doing a video blog once and I couldn't look at my self in the mirror for 3 days. I was so embarrassed. HAHA!

    1. I wish I could "like" this comment lol. I'd totally feel like that, I think!

  5. It was nice getting to know you a little more :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  6. Three is our number for kids too. My husband is leaning more towards two, but I want three and he's ok with that if it works out ;)

    And let me just say how super jealous I am about your guys' Hawaii house. My husband and I have been wanting to go there and dream of hopefully having a vacation condo there one day. It'd make it a lot easier on us if our parents already did!!

  7. there is someone at my church who clips their nails every.single.week during service. it drives me absolutely batty. and i think it's a little disrespectful too. not just in church, but anywhere that people are trying to focus and pay attention.

    1. Ewww! Oh my, I cannot believe some people actually do that in public.

  8. I may be wrong, but, I've read that your father is from Bolivia? If so, do you consider to be yourself ,or associate with, being half-hispanic? I mean, did your father ever engross you in his culture in some way? I'm just asking because I'm hispanic and my fiance is white, and sometimes I wonder if my kids will deny, or no be proud of, one half of who they are, not saying that you have done that yourself, or your father.

  9. I love reading about other Mummy's routines! Yours sounds lovely - I love nap time too.

  10. I just love your attitude! I wish I could be so confident and calm like you are. I am just a big ball of anxiety.

  11. Is it easy for you to eat so healthy and exercise so much or do you have to force yourself? Do you ever just have a moment of weakness and drive thru somewhere for dinner?

  12. Hey my friend! Loved reading all your little thoughts and tidbits. I'm so with you on the teaching one, oh girl!!! Just don't hate me that I'm that girl sometimes who walks in the middle of an aisle or leaves my cart in your way at the grocery store. Oops.

    xoxo And can I say that I loved in your last post that you get together with your girlfriends every week and their kiddos. That has been such a blessing in my life too! Connecting with other women, and their kids in a non competitive, mama-bragging, annoying groupie kind of way. :))

  13. Good for you with not wanting your kids to go somewhere without you that is far off. I have known of many parents who have let their kids go off alone to other countries while they are only about 14 years old and I don't understand that especially with all the massive human trafficking issues.
    Anyway, I loved reading through your answers!!
    It is great to read honesty.

  14. Thanks so much for sharing! Isn't it funny how curious we humans are about the routines of others. :)