Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekend Links

Channeling fall in my new favorite sweater from @lulus
  So in love with my new favorite sweater from Lulus. Get one for yourself here!

Plans changed a bit and I am typing this from home, not from Las Vegas as I had originally planned. I was set to visit Emily for the weekend but she had to work, so I'm enjoying some quiet family time with my guys. I hope you have a rejuvenating, relaxing weekend too!


I contributed a piece to the wonderful Lydia Mag about learning to say yes!

My friend Cole made it to the top 100 finalists in the Martha Stewart American Made Awards, which is looking for the next creative entrepreneur. She's in the running to win $10,000 to expand her business, a trip to NY and a chance to be featured in Martha Stewart's magazine. If you have a moment, please head over there and vote for Nicole (you can vote everyday until Sept. 24th). The easiest way to find her is by clicking on the interactive map on Arizona.

Love this alleged list of "must-use" words at Jamie Oliver's restaurant.

33 things to accept and embrace. Love this list.

A great post on what is still my very favorite blog ever!

Check out Baby Ink, one of my new sponsors. Super neat kid's stuff.

Love Lesley and love this little tour of her shared girls' room.

Right now ELF is offering 10% off their handmade, custom leather goods with code SSWEET.  I actually have a pair of their flats being made for me right now and I can't wait. Can you guess what color combo I chose?

Love this choose your own letter print set.

Zucchini apple spice muffins

NYC in the 80s.

Wishlist: this bike (in pink!), this dress, and these shoes.

Hello stranger on the street, could you please tell me how to take care of my baby?

Lately I've really been enjoying discovering new blogs that are really different from my own. Here are a couple: one and two.


  1. I loved your article on learning to say yes. This is something I've been working on, myself. I used to be so adventurous, but somewhere, somehow, I got scared. Learning to do new things is so important. Thank you for your encouragement!

  2. oh, that post on a stranger telling you how to take care of your baby...been there about a million times. i don't know if it's because i look young or maybe i just have a neon glowing sign that reads 'idiot' over my head, but people seem to gravitate to me and have some urge....some magnetic give me parenting advice.

    i think my all time favorite was when a random man at tj maxx approached me and asked if i had taken my son to the doctor because he appeared to be bow-legged. no wait! maybe it was when my husband's aunt told me that i was breastfeeding our three day old way too much. or what about the lady in the mall that told me i shouldn't be talking to my baby so much, or he would talk too much when he got older.

    so many to choose from....

    1. Yay, can't wait for those days to come!
      I was out with my cousin once when a woman suggested she try singing to her daughter. My cousin was so polite but when we left, I asked her how she manages to keep her cool. She just shook her head and said "barely."

  3. I absolutely loved reading that 33 Things to Accept article. So true & so inspiring. Thanks for sharing :]
    xo, Praxis

  4. Thanks for this list! Checking everything out now :)


  5. Great article on the power of Yes! Thanks!

  6. I loved your Lydia essay! What a cool new website, I'm excited to read more.

  7. 90 Days, 90 Reasons! This is amazing. I'm bookmarking and sharing with all of my friends. Also loving the "New York in the 80s" link.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  8. Link lists like this are always fun!

  9. Clicked through and LOVED every single one of these. Sharing 90 days, 90 reasons with my readers!

    xo Shane

  10. Great links - I particularly liked the 33 Things to Accept and Embrace article.

  11. A friend sent me the post on strangers giving you parenting advice, earlier in the week. I was in stitches!

    Looking forward to perusing the rest of your links (when Baby Girl goes down for her nap). Thanks for sharing!

  12. Love your article on learning to say yes. So good! Katie's Pencil Box is one of my absolute favorites as well. Just adore her.

    Btw love the sweater! I need more polka dots in my closet. Too bad my bank account doesn't think so haha

  13. LOVE that you post these, because honestly you always have the best links. 90 days. 90 reasons. and 33 Things to Accept and Embrace were my favorites.

  14. "hello stranger on the street" - hilarious! Thanks for a laugh this Monday morning. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and this has helped.

  15. I went to Jamie Oliver's restaurant in Leeds and the special that day (as told to me by a member of staff) was "chicken cooked a la under a brick style-ee". I still laugh about that regularly :)

  16. Things I need: that sweater. Thanks!

  17. I have been reading a lot of Tiny Buddha's posts lately - so inspiring and they help me feel so happy and positive!

    Also, love that jumper & the "must use" words at the JO restaurants - rather amusing. We have a Jamie's Italian near us and i'm dying to go have a look at the menu now haha!

  18. Thank you for the blog link! I just discovered your blog thanks to that and am enjoying it as well...I see we both love HSN home items!

  19. Just stumbled upon your blog and it is really sweet. Loved looking at all the links- such a nice variety. And pretty sweater!

  20. Thank you for stopping by and including my blog in your list! :)