Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekend Links

Toddler breakfast. 
Why are even toddler breakfasts so cute? Get a load of that pinky!

A few things...this is the LAST Friday you'll ever see my blog looking this way. Next week my new design will be up and running and I'm so, so excited for the much-needed change.

I also wanted to ask you all if there is anything about Sometimes Sweet (blog design/navigation related ONLY please, haha) that you have had issues with. Please let me know so I can pass that along to my talented designer who you will learn more about next week too.

This upcoming weekend is jam packed with goodness and friends. I hope yours is the same! Tonight I am headed down to Phoenix for the evening to see The Gaslight Anthem play and I'm beyond excited. So think of me this evening as I'm singing along to my favorite songs! I'm counting down the minutes.

Here are some links to start off your weekend! xoxo

First things first, my wonderful blogging pal Emily launched a brand new, awesome (understatement of the YEAR) website along with two of her talented friends. Say hello to Small Fry. I promise you, you'll love it. And please report back here after checking it out and let me know, just so I can say I told you so! ;) But really, read this blurb from their first post and tell me you don't adore this:

"Small Fry is a declaration to ourselves and to our boys that every moment with them is a gift and also a choice. A choice to let the magic of childhood find us, and to look for it in everything we do. That the world is ours and there is adventure around every corner. To make the daily decision to look past the things we did not check off the list, but focus on the simple things we can do to illuminate our lives. To let the hard moments, minutes, phases, heartaches come when they may, but not break our stride or our desire to live vibrantly.

We’ve been told this season of our lives is fleeting. What if we could say that we soaked it all in, let it envelope us, looked into those big beautiful eyes of our children every morning and said 'let me show you something amazing today.'

What if?

Welcome to Small Fry."

And in other news, say hello to these super healthy raspberry peach pancakes. YUM.

Still Jux-ing...still in love with it. Have you made one yet?

Be sure to check out Melanie's amazing print sale going on. I'm obsessed with her art and I know you will be too!

The cutest ice skaters. I can't wait to do this with Henry.

I really enjoyed this post about recreating simpler times. 

The wonderful folks over at Baby Ink is offering free shipping right now with code "SSweetDeal." Be sure to take advantage before the weekend's over! ELF is also offering 10% off to SS readers with code "SSweet." 

Come on, baby boy "S"!

I love A Lovely Lark.

Hello, beautiful. I'll take one in pink, and one in yellow please.

I really enjoyed reading Moorea's thoughts on blogging.

5 extra years? A good read over on The Paper Mama.

Love these Autumn goals over on Orchid Grey. Inspiring!

Katie is the cutest.

What lovely portraits! I'd love to get some done of my little family.

Sponsor love: pop over and check out the cute new items at Jigsaw and the sunglasses sale at The Sunglasses Shop! Then head over and sign up at Pave Life for discounted tickets and nights out.

Love reading friends' Currently posts! Do you participate every week too? Here's a couple favorites: one and two

Katie makes even a sick day look lovely

Love this short film: Citronnade on Cailyn's blog.

Welcome to the world, Lucy Jo!

Do you read Pollen and Salt? It's a great family blog filled with wonderful photos and words.

Lessons from under the pillow...

How to roast perfect pumpkin seeds.

Have you ever gone swimming with a sea lion? Erica has!

Caramel apple pancakes. Delicious.

Still my favorite candles. And they're local, made right in Phoenix.

And speaking of local, are you going to the LuLu*s event tonight? I won't be attending but I'll be there in spirit!

Why "Mom guilt" is good.

And finally, some wonderful blogs: one, two, three, and four.


  1. Mmm...I can't wait to try the pumpkin seed recipe. I LOVE them + this method looks like they would be perfect.

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I love Sometimes Sweet too and can't wait to see the redesign :)

  3. Can't wait to see your new design! I look forward to your new blog finds every week :)

  4. Oh my...I LOVE The Gaslight Anthem!!! Enjoy it:)

  5. Thank you so much for linking to the raspberry peach pancakes! I love them! Let me know if you make them. I'd love to know what you think :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. These link posts are always so fun. Excited to see the new blog look.

  7. Hey Danielle! Only navigation related issue I've had with the blog is when you do a search and there's multiple results you can't click on page 2 - it only lets you go from the first page to page 3! xx

  8. I haven't heard of Jux before and now I have and I've Googled and Danielle, what have you started? ;) Another new obsession, I think, is brewing!

  9. I am so excited about Small Fry! I have a little boy on the way and have been painlessly searching for awesome boy stuff. There is so much fun stuff for girls out there, how to make head bands or tutus... But finally, a resource for boys! I am thrilled!

  10. Love the links, especially Small Fry!

  11. Oh my goodness Dani, you have got to be the most supportive friend I know. Thank you thank you thank you. Get up to Utah already!!

  12. I love your blog design, but I'm excited to see the new one! As far as suggestions, I would like it if your links opened up in a new window. As always, the weekend links are great!

  13. I want to go and see the Gaslight Anthem too :( Tickets over here in Belgium were sold out SO fast!
    Also, I really like your current blogdesign and for me there were never problems with navigation around your blog but I'm excited to see the new design too! :D
    Small Fry look like an amazing blog! I have no kids yet but I'm reading this site anyway and it's making me want kids even harder! Haha, maybe wait a year or 3 (I'm 20 now)
    Have a nice weekend!!

    Love, Saar

  14. I can't wait to see your new blog design :) Yay! My "Currently" is up:

  15. I love these posts because you always open my eyes to such great blogs/websites/shops!!

  16. So so many good links! That ice skating post is way too cute. I've never been ice skating in my life. Hmmm maybe this is the year haha

  17. Forever grateful for your shout outs <3

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