Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Festival 2012

Halloween Festival 2012

Another year, another pumpkin festival! One of the things I really love about our town is the constant stream of things to do with little ones, especially during the holidays. Every year we have a Halloween Festival downtown, the weekend before Halloween. There's trick-or-treating, games, a costume contest, and tons of activities for kids. Last year we kept talking about how excited we were for the next year, when Henry was sure to enjoy it a lot more. And he definitely did! His favorite part were probably either the bounce houses or the pumpkin patch. He was also really excited to meet Darth Vader and practiced saying "Hi, Vaaader!" a million times...but then got scared when it was his turn. It was a wonderful afternoon though and I'm so happy my parents and Lauren could come up for the day. Henry dressed up like a shark, although his actual Halloween costume is something totally different.

Do you have any fun traditions in your town? Where we live now is super similar to the town I grew up in on the East Coast so it's fun that we're able to keep some of my childhood traditions going here, even though we're across the country! I'm looking forward to making this Festival a yearly event for us.

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  1. I don't know if Henry's shark get up could be any cuter! Looks like a really neat day. My husband + I have just found out we're having a baby, so I'm really looking forward to doing similar things like this with our little family!


  2. what a great town event! Such a beautiful family & a great tradition! Can't wait to see Henry's actual halloween costume! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh man, little H is just the cutest little one. And your sister looks so beautiful! When is she due? And a funny little tidbit, but I think you caught a kid picking his nose in the picture of you holding Henry (after the costume contest times), haha.

  4. That's so cute that your town does that! How fun :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  5. That looks like a great celebration, lucky you and such a cute little shark! It's been a little while since I visited your blog and I really love the new layout. Very clean and fresh :)

    xo Lilly

  6. Oh goodness! Cutest little shark, ever! Can't wait to see what his actual costume is. Yay for family traditions and fun fall days.

  7. I love it! Fall festivals are my favorite, especially with my own little guy now:) I love his costume! What a fun day!xo

  8. Ah the Pumpkin festival looks great fun! And I love the shark costume too! We don't really celebrate Halloween so much to be honest, but we always carve a pumpkin. Bit late buying one this year though!

  9. that looks so fun! you grew up in nj right? i'm here now and we're always looking for festivals! that big bird costume is epic and that pic of you and h holding hands is the sweetest thing ever!

  10. We're not as big on Halloween in the UK, people over here are always saying how odd it is how the Americans are so into it :P
    It's basically just an excuse these days for the teenage girls to dress up quite 'slutty' in the UK and is becoming less and less to do with trick or treating as the years have gone by. It's too risky going trick or treating these days unfortunately anyway which is a bit sad!

    Does look good fun where you are though :)

  11. Very, very cute! I wish we had something like that here, but I'll wait till we're back Stateside. We escaped into the fall color a bit this weekend, though!

  12. He looks adorable. Lots like you had a great time.

    Amanda Rose

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  14. You have a beautiful family!

    xo Ashley

  15. I love that you guys take a family photo at pretty much everything you do together. Henry will appreciate these so much when he's older - and I'm sure you will too!