Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekend Links

Playing trains on the bridge. So thankful for this beautiful Fall day!
from our afternoon in Sedona today- more on this later next week :)

Happy Sunday evening! It's actually 11:47pm Arizona time and I'm just sneaking this "weekend links" post in before the weekend is over! This week I decided to include a few links from the tweets and FB comments I received- so a huge thank you to all of you who participated! You sent so many links in that I couldn't share them all (and I feel terrible about that), so I chose a few randomly to be fair. If I didn't include your link this time be sure to let me know you submitted this time when I do it again- I really would love to include everyone!

Enjoy and have a wonderful new week.

10 images of inspiration: Halloween edition!

Another great article on Tiny Buddha- this one's about judging the person you used to be.

How fun does this Halloween-themed dinner party look?

You might be sick of pumpkin pictures, but even if you are, take a look at this!

Homemade Rolos: vegan, GF and only 5 ingredients.

Golden Hour in Central Park. Self-explanatory.

A look back at Karolina's first year of parenting, and thoughts on motherhood from Kara. Both great reads.

DYING over this post on Lydia Mag about how to throw a fabulous fall party. Those invites!

Such a lovely wedding. I love the Biltmore! So much history and beauty.

Great photos of Vanessa and her fam at the Genoa Candy Dance.

Do you have any fun traditions you do with your friends? Love this idea of a Food Club.

And speaking of free, this post about "public bookshelves" is pretty awesome. What a neat concept!

See you tomorrow for a ton of photos from our weekend! xoxo


  1. I'm bummed out my post isn't in it haha (just kidding, sort of). I got my first tattoo! But I still really like your link-ups :) xo

  2. I sumitted but wasn't included, anyway, i love this links :)

  3. I love how you did this post! I'm always looking for new blogs & good reads and this is a great way to find them! Keep it up. I love your blog!

  4. In traveling, "public bookshelves" were my savior! Seriously! They're pretty standard in hostels across Australia and New Zealand and I worked my way through all of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books as well as countless others by way of book swaps. I found a couple of great notes from travelers in the margins as well! There was a coffee shop near my old flat that had one and I was so glad to drop off a ton of books when I moved away, all with notes in them to their next owner :) In my view, these don't take away from libraries at all; they're in places where people are passing through and might not be able to benefit from a library membership. If anything, I think they fuel a fire to read that will (hopefully) go with the reader for a long time. Most of the people who find value in this sort of thing would probably never dream of using one as a 'urinal'.

  5. ah Tiny Budhha is amazing!!! It's part of my Sunday Reflection Day. I submitted my post via FB, but I sure love finding new blogs!!


  6. Love these, especially the post by Tiny Buddha! <3

  7. I always find the best sites from your links. Thanks for including mine this week!!

  8. Thanks so much for including me!!!

  9. I always find out about other blogs or just neat stuff from reading these on here, keep it up really enjoy it! :)

  10. Wow thanks for the fuck yeah Brain Fallon! Made my day! x

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