Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Every night I go to sleep thinking there is no way I could love this little boy more than I do. But then I wake up, and my heart has miraculously and wonderfully grown overnight, making room for all the falling in love I'll do again and again (and again).
photo by Emily Snitzer - more to come later this week. Edited with the Afterglow app on my iPhone.
Have you checked it out yet? Loving it!

Watching: I'm currently super into a few shows, the first being Revenge. Another one of those programs I heard a ton about from a million people but never watched for one reason or another. I think most of all it just looked super cheesy- and not like I'm above super cheesy shows (hello Footballers' Wives, hello Make It Or Break It, hello...should I go on?) but this just looked kind of dumb. Well surprise, surprise it's actually really amazing, with good acting and great writing. I'm totally sucked in and have gotten a few of my friends addicted in the past couple of weeks too. I'm also loving Nashville so, so much. It might be my favorite new show this year. Have you seen it yet? It's superb and the music just gets me every time. Plus, you can't go wrong with Connie Britton. And the final show I'm loving (besides Bravo's premiere week this week- YES!) is X Factor. I am loving a few of the contestants- Beatrice Miller, Tate (country singer), and a couple more. I'm so curious to see what happens this week. On a related note, I sometimes forget how silly I sound when I talk about television so seriously, so thank you to you non-television loving people for bearing with me while I go on and on (and on!).

Listening to: lots of country and lots of the Cloud Atlas soundtrack. Do yourself a favor and listen to the last song on the soundtrack- but be warned it might make you cry like it does me! I still need to see the movie, but in the meantime the music is making my day and become my own little soundtrack to blogging. As far as country I've been loving Luke Bryan's Tailgates and Tanlines, and I've been listening to a lot of Dixie Chicks too (much to Hank's disgust, haha). I've also had the new Broadway Calls and The Swellers on heavy rotation. 

Planning: Disneyland! Have any of you gone with a 2-year old? We're planning our first trip with Henry for February or March and I've never been with a little one. I have a lot of research to do, but I'm curious about what rides he'll be able to go on at his age (about 2 1/2), which ones you'd recommend from experience, and any other bits of wisdom you'd like to send our way! I'm sure I'll write a post once it gets closer but any early-planning info would be awesome.

Thinking about: the election today. I have so many thoughts, some of which I really have to stop myself from sharing for fear of offending some of my closest friends. I am voting for Obama for a million reasons, including but not limited to women having rights to their own bodies and equal rights for all. It's hard to verbalize just how disappointed I feel that Romney's stance on so many things could even be accepted by the nation I live in, but I know that everyone has their own viewpoints and is entitled to them. And unfortunately it's close to impossible to even try to change their minds, especially when those beliefs are so deeply rooted in religion. Just as no one could ever convince me that being gay is "wrong," I doubt I could ever convince someone of the opposite. And that upsets me, but I really try and remind myself that as much as I think I am right, they think they are right too. Ugh, it's hard. I accept my friends and their views no matter what though, and I know that it's okay to feel differently about things. But I will say this: I am so, so scared for womankind (and humankind) if Romney is elected. I do not pray but I am crossing my fingers and toes that our President is elected another term to finish what he started (cleaning up).

Looking forward to: this weekend! I'm heading up to Flagstaff for a little college girls reunion. It's been years since we've all been in the same place at the same time, and since no one is getting married, pregnant, or experiencing any of the other huge life events that have been happening on the regular since we last saw each other, we are good to go! Hank was sweet enough to plan a "guys weekend" for himself and Henry, and I'm grateful I'm able to go and spend a couple days with my sorority sisters and girlfriends where it all began.

Reading: I've been a reading machine lately. Currently reading Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin and loving it. I'm also about to finally start Gone Girl, although I'm a little nervous because I've heard it's a little intense! I'll keep you posted. Oh, and how could I forget Goodnight Construction Site? We've been reading that one a million times a night thanks to a little guy by the name of Henry (or Hennison, Henny, Henson, or any of the other million silly nicknames we've given him).

Making me happy: visiting my sis and Abe in their beautiful new home this past weekend, quality time with my parents, texts with Amber Joy that make me laugh out loud at my phone, getting excited about all of the holiday fun coming our way, the box full of something awesome for Henry's party that arrived yesterday, exciting blog stuff, making new friends, continuing to stay in the positive when it comes to negative online stuff, Henry and that contagious smile of his, turkey and provolone sandwiches, new flats that fit like an absolute dream (more on them later this week), and a fun date night Saturday with Hank that ended with frozen yogurt and fits of laughter.

So, how about you? What are you up to today? Feel free to do your own "currently" post on your blog and link back in the comments for everyone to check out. And thanks again to my dear friend Megan for providing the original inspiration for these posts.


  1. Nashville! So dang good! You always recommend the best shows. I started watching Parenthood and now Nashville because of your rave reviews and I am so glad I did because they are both my fave shows now.

  2. I've got an MRI scan coming up tomorrow and they told me to bring a CD to listen to while it's on, but I was in a bit of a panic because I don't even own a CD in this house...enter Liam's mom with her Shania Twain collection. Is it ridiculous to be excited for the hospital just so I can listen? Probably. Will I be able to lay still? Absolutely not. But I will be singing Man I Feel Like a Woman at the top of my lungs for everyone to hear. Oh yes!

    ...and I'm on a hunt for Dixie Chicks on Spotify now. Good times!

  3. Love that you're voting for Obama. From across the pond it feels like so many people are against him but I really hope he stays.

  4. totally and completely agree with what you have to say about the Presidential Debate. Fingers & toes crossed that Obama gets another 4 years!

    i posted up my Currently a few days ago, I'd so love if you checked it out. :]


  5. I cannot wait until Nashville comes out with a soundtrack. I am loving everything about that show!

    Oh, and I'm checking out that photo app. That picture of you and Henry is precious. :)

  6. Gosh your blog is just lovely, your posts make me smile and inspire me to really live each day! (she says as she is in bed ill.... :( )

    Heather x

  7. I feel your frustration regarding the election! my parents and the area I grew up in are very conservative, and I feel like I just have to keep my mouth shut around them this time of year. [facebook especially is a political bomb waiting to explode.] you are right though, they won't change my mind and I won't change theirs... sadly.

    here's to another 4 years in the right direction!

    [also: I just wrote a currently post yesterday]

  8. I've got everything crossed for this election day, too. It's so close and I just can't believe it. It's a joke, right??

    I read Gone Girl a month or so ago in just a few days. I couldn't put it down! It was intense and gave me some weird dreams but I actually really enjoyed it. Hope you like it! It's a shocker the whole way through.

  9. I too am dangerously obsessed with Nashville! Glad to know I'm not the only one!

    Watching the election with great curiosity from Italy. I once thought Obama would win for sure, but now I'm just not certain. We'll see how it all shakes out. I did vote, but I am SO conflicted.


  10. Love this post. And I couldn't agree with you more about Romney's America. Today will be riddled with anxiety for me. Fingers crossed!

    Also, Gone Girl was SO good! Intense, but good. ENJOY!

  11. I love your currently posts and the photo is adorable, as they always are!

    I'm British and watching the election with fingers crossed for Obama. There are things I don't like about our government but I am thankful that we could never have a major politician take such a negative stance on womens and gay rights, it really upsets me.

  12. I agree wholeheartedly with your words regarding the election. About to start Gone Girl today too!

  13. I've been watching Nashville as well, and I agree that it could be one of my favorite shows of the season! I love the entire cast, the story, and the music!

    As far as music, I've been really into Taylor Swift's new album. It's so great!

    I do disagree however with your candidate of choice for personal reasons. Though I don't agree 100% with Romney's decisions and choices, I also don't agree 100% about Obama's either. I've been in deep prayer about it for a while now.

  14. I'm Canadian, and watching the election very closely (we'll have the big screen on in the office boardroom all day), wishing I could vote. Thank you for saying something about the election - I feel like a lot of bloggers skirt the issue altogether, and you sharing your opinion is both brave and honourable. But beyond that even, you're expressing intent to to vote which everyone ought to feel obligated to. You setting this good example may be just what some of your readers need to get off their butts and do the same.

  15. I love your reasons for voting Obama and your entire paragraph about it. It sums up my feelings so much and I find it hard to stay understanding when discussing this with people as I am an LGBT friend and cousin so it turns personal so, so quickly! Thank you for writing such a perfect opinion of election day and your political beliefs!

    I was concerned I wouldn't be able to vote due to the hurricane (I'm in VA, luckily I only lost power for a bit -- don't know what's happening in Jersey or NY!) but I am bundling myself up in my winter coat and making the 2 mile walk to our voting booths! I really hope the rest of America makes the right decision.

    Also, I did my first currently post on my own blog. Thanks for the inspiration! http://soonrememberedtales.blogspot.com/2012/11/currently.html

  16. I just got the afterglow app this morning. I can't wait to play around with it more :) I tried to get into Nashville, but I wasn't a fan. I can't wait to see who wins the election!!! I early voted.

    I posted my currently yesterday: http://dailydoily.typepad.com/peaceloveandcupcakes/2012/11/currently.html


  17. i personally love your tv and book updates - cuz i am the same way! and like you, my mind is def thinking lots about the election and am praying AND crossing my toes for the results tonight! i love when people are passionate about what they believe in, so it excites me to see people care about what they believe in and the future of this county!

  18. Gone Girls was good, but the other two books by the same author were even better, imo. They are a bit dark, but so, so good!

    I too will be casting my vote for Obama today, and I'm also very frightened about what will happen if Romney takes it. It makes me sad that anyone would vote for him, but I think it's especially sad when women vote for him. We definitely need to give Obama four more years to finish cleaning up the mess that he walked into when he was elected.

  19. Love that picture - so striking in the circle format! :) And you guys look super cute.

  20. Your thoughts on the election are pretty much exactly what I've been thinking but didn't know how to phrase. I'm also hoping from the bottom of my being that Obama is re-elected.

    Gone Girl is on my to-read list, too. Are you in the blogger book club that is reading it this month?

  21. I love your thoughts on this election!! I'm ready to move forward for four more years :) I can't get enough of Revenge either!! Thanks for the inspiration for my Currently posts.

    -Jae Anle' www.unpredictablime.com/2012/11/currently.html

  22. I am also addicted to Nashville! Love, love, LOVE it! Connie Britton is the best! :)

    I always look forward to your 'currently' posts to see what you are reading! I can always go for a new book recommendation!

    And last but not least, I absolutely love what you wrote about the election. I feel the same way and appreciate the way in which you present yourself when speaking about politics. It's refreshing to see people share their opinion without bashing what other people believe and while I share the same view as you, I feel that if I didn't I would still appreciate what you had to say. :)

  23. I love your 'currently' posts! So much that I started posting a similar feature myself (http://her-name-is-lucy.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/currently). Thank you so much for the laughs, inspirations and welcome that you provide on Sometimes Sweet!


  24. You hit it right on the money on so many points!

    Revenge and X Factor are high on my list. I too got into it by a recommendation from my sister and I'm completely hooked. It's a soap opera to the max. Such great writing and acting. XFactor I'm loving as well and I have to say Demi Lovato is better than I thought she was. I think I just like the drama of the show. Guilty pleasure :)

    I'm with you on Obama. If for nothing else, I am voting for him becuase of his stance on womans rights and gays being allowed to get married. It's a difficult thing because everyone is intitled to their own opinion...

    Finally, Happier at Home is a fantastic book! I just started reading it after The Happiness project and I'm really liking it. You'll have to let me know how Gone Girl is!

  25. Where did you buy your pretty sweater :)?

  26. Absolutely loved this post! America(ns) will be set back if Romney is elected!

  27. I understand it being so important to re-elect President Obama (that's why I voted for him). Still, the way you write about people with opposing views seems a little condescending and close-minded. It's not that I don't agree with your passion for President Obama, but rather that I feel like this country has become so divided and hateful towards one another. I felt your comment about how unfortunate it is that you can't get a Republican to change their opinions because they are all based in religion to be a bit small minded. My brother is an atheist and Libertarian who is voting for Mitt Romney. We've got pretty opposite views on spending, but also similarities on social issues. I don't think he's ignorant or evil or fear for the future because he's voting Republican (as some people have said he is), I just disagree with that choice. Do you listen to This American Life? If you don't, OH MY GOSH IT IS THE BEST SHOW ON RADIO. Sorry for yelling, but it's so great! They have an app with all the shows, and last week's show was about the political divide in America. It's worth a listen. Sorry for going on for so long. Love your blog. Obama 2012!
    Also, it wouldn't let me log in under my live journal, but my name is wondering_cat :)

  28. I've gone to disneyland twice since my daughter was born (she's almost two) and once with my son....I would say you chose a good time to go because February and March isn't very crowded and the weather is good, nothing is worse than an overheated toddler lol.

    That being said, it depends on the child really. My daughter tends to get antsy in long lines so we give her snacks or drinks then even though I'm usually not a fan snacking. it's worth it to break the rules then than to deal with a toddler trying to run out of line though haha

  29. Totally caught up with Nashville and I love it! I don't watch many shows but this is definitely a keeper.

    I just downloaded that app. Thanks for the tip.

    p.s. I like you a lot for your thoughts and beliefs on Obama. Like you, I am scared for our country if Romney is elected.

  30. "But I will say this: I am so, so scared for womankind (and humankind) if Romney is elected. I do not pray but I am crossing my fingers and toes that our President is elected another term to finish what he started (cleaning up)."


    I am fortunate to live in an an almost totally democratic city, so I rarely have to watch my words on politics with friends... But chats with my conservative parents put me over the edge. Ha.

  31. It'll be Obama. It's got to be.

  32. I'm so glad your voting for Obama. I am a very spiritual person, Christian, and I can't even understand how religious people vote for Romney. I try to look at the way Jesus treat people (serving the poor, treating all people equal) and I just think Obama is the right choice. I totally agree with you and I am scared for humankind if Romney is elected too. He would be taking away so many things that is good for our freedom, education, and rights. So, as for me, I am praying, keeping my fingers and toes crossed as well!

  33. So, yes to nashville. Yes to country...especially Dixie Chicks Greatest hits, cant get enough of "ready to make nice" I also love Zack Brown Band right now.
    I tried to check out cloud atlas but cant seem to find the soundtrack, I only looked on spotify, i'll maybe need to look elsewhere.
    uuughhh...I don't even live in the US and I'm feeling anxious about this election. How can the strongest nation in the world be contemplating electing someone who doesn't support equal rights for all - ALL! I fear for you guys too...and us over here in Europe, the ripple effect will make it this far, I dont doubt it for a second.
    I just dont understand why sometimes....

    Anyway, enjoyed your currently today!

  34. I absolutely love your thoughts on the election. I feel the same way.I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but like you said, I just don't understand how people could vote for Romney. I just don't get why people do not support equal rights, specifically for women and Gays and Lesbians. I live in a very conservative city and it is hard holding my tongue sometimes. My husband and I joke that, if Romney wins, we are moving to Canada or Europe. :)
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your "currents."
    Liz at lizandnavin.blogspot.com

  35. I went along and did a currently post!! http://blog.beatricekamperman.com/2012/11/currently.html

    thanks for doing this :)

  36. Ok my friend, in regards to Disneyland...I shamelessly admit I've been over 100 times. :)) I've taken the boys a few times as a mom and here's my advice; toon town very fun and lines are usually shorter, Dumbo is a must (you wait in line with Henry and hubby wait 22 people behind and you can just get off and hand him over to Hank and he goes on twice in a row ;) Carousel obviously fun, the small train, It's a small world, and HUGE train around the the whole park is fun. Depending on Henry's personality he might like some other rides too like the tea cups etc. But the other rides in Fantasy Land can be scary for little guys. Bring lots of your own snacks and water, etc because it's SOO pricey. Write your phone number in permanent marker on his arm in case he gets lost (comes off with coconut oil), Feel free to bring your own stroller but don't leave anything valuable in it, things get stolen! Lastly stay for fireworks and a parade...always a fun way to end the night and the fireworks are sooo good at Disney. Ok text me if I didn't spew enough info to you tonight. :)) Love, love

  37. Yes on the show Nashville and yes on Obama! I love your blog soo much. Thanks for writing this blog :)

  38. LOVE love love your currently posts, so much I just did my own.

    So happy for you guys in America that Obama gets another 4 years!

  39. Danielle I love how you express your political thoughts in such a heartfelt but not attacking way...I also happen to agree 100%...Both my husbands sisters are lesbians and they deserve the opportunity to marry who they choose! I was on pins and needles all night, but I am so relieved at the outcome. My state had a gay marriage initiative as well that currently looks like it will pass!

  40. On Disneyland: I have never been with a two-year old, but I went with my 11-month old nephew over the Summer (after 100+ trips with teenage/adult friends), and I was surprised at how many rides we could go on! Don't limit yourself to just Fantasyland/Toontown - The Jungle Cruise, Mark Twain's Riverboat, Winnie the Pooh, Buzz Lightyear, Tarzan's Treehouse, etc. are all rides in other areas of the park that Henry could really enjoy. We even took my nephew on Pirates of the Caribbean with no trouble at all. Really, the only rides that Henry can't go on are the major mountains/roller-coasters and Indiana Jones. But, they do a small-child switch if you and Hank both want to ride those - one person stands in line and rides while the other person waits with Henry. Then, the other person gets to skip the line and ride right after. I second staying for the fireworks, and even though I personally avoid the parades at all costs - they're probably great for a kid Hanry's age.

    I don't know if you plan to go to California Adventure as well, but there is still plenty for small kids to do (although there is also more that is not kid friendly than in Disneyland - Cal. Adv. is more adult-geared IMO.) That said, there's The Little Mermaid, The Silly Symphony Swings (my favorite ride - and they have tandem seats so you can sit in the same swing as Henry), Toy Story Mania, all of A Bugs' Land, etc.

    I hope you guys have a fantastic time!

  41. I was wondering how you cropped that photo into a circle, and a triangle? I would really like know for my own photos!

  42. i love these posts and just your blog in general


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  44. I feel like I'm always a day or two behind in commenting on your posts, but I have a Currently post too ;) I try and do one of these posts once a month, thanks to you!


  45. I was bawling throughout Cloud Atlas. Have you read it? Twas so well done! Downloading the soundtrack now.

    Stole your "currently" idea:


  46. I'm taking my son to Disney in the spring too! He'll be almost two..so exciting right?! I can't wait to read about your experiences and tips after you go!

  47. We thought of maybe taking the kids to Disney but I got so overwhelmed that we scrapped the idea for now. Good luck.. sounds like you've already got lots of good info. I can't wait to hear how it goes!

    My currently post: http://followk.blogspot.ca/2012/11/currently.html

  48. I write my "Currently" posts on Friday, so this is a little late. Here is my latest one. I really enjoy these!


  49. X Factor! My brother in law is Jason Brock. So sad he got sent home last night!

  50. Here's my currently post: http://porcelainheartivorytooth.blogspot.com/2012/11/currently.html

    I love your thinking about paragraph.

  51. I just did my own "Currently" post too :) Thanks for the inspiration

  52. I love, love, love your Currently posts. Such great inspiration:) Here's mine:


  53. I'm a little late here, but have you finished Gone Girl yet? I'm almost done and it's making me so mad!! Yo, she so cray!


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