Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Henry's 2nd Birthday Party

Henry's actual birthday isn't until tomorrow, but because of the holiday weekend we decided to celebrate with friends and family this past weekend. We had a blast and I think I had just as much fun planning and decorating. I went back and forth on a few themes, but in the end "construction" won out, and rightfully so since Henry is obsessed with all thing trucks.

I scoured Pinterest and got so many great ideas (I don't know if I'll ever not love that site!), and mixed with some of my own it was such a success. We had about 60 people over at the height of birthday insanity, and it was really crazy, but still fun. I think next year we'll do it at the park by our house- and someone please remind me I said that!

Some of my favorite parts: Emily being in town for the entire weekend and her and Traci helping out- Traci made great "construction" mustaches for our photobooth and they both helped keep Henry entertained while Hank and I set up, close friends and family arriving early for some quality time, Erin's gift- an amazing vintage suitcase she handpainted and filled with costumes (I'll be posting her tutorial here this weekend!), seeing Henry so excited to be surrounded by so many loved ones, that completely over the top and ridiculous car from his Grandparents, and that amazing chocolate cake.

Sources for party items:

Cake: Costco and I decorated it myself
Small trucks for decorating: they come in a pack of five at Target. I also put these in the kids' goodie bags
Large trucks for decorating: All were gifts and I think they were mainly from Toys R Us and Target
Small yellow cones: Dollar Store
Road on cake table: I made it out of black and yellow construction paper
Cinder blocks, cones, and orange "snow fencing": Home Depot
Caution tape and road signs: Birthday Express
Construction hats: Oriental Trading Company
Glitter "Happy Birthday" banner: Unicorn Parade
Henry's construction shirt: Target

And here are some of the million photos! xoxo

Henry's 2nd Birthday Party Untitled-1 Henry's 2nd Birthday Party Henry's 2nd Birthday Party Henry's 2nd Birthday Party Henry's 2nd Birthday Party Untitled-3 Henry's 2nd Birthday Party Henry's 2nd Birthday Party Untitled-2 Henry's 2nd Birthday Party Henry's 2nd Birthday Party Henry's 2nd Birthday Party Henry's 2nd Birthday Party Henry's 2nd Birthday Party Henry's 2nd Birthday Party Henry's 2nd Birthday Party Henry's 2nd Birthday Party Henry's 2nd Birthday Party Henry's 2nd Birthday Party Henry's 2nd Birthday Party



  1. Very cute idea! Happy Birthday, Henry!

  2. The CAR! Woooow. I dreamt of something like this when I was a kid.

  3. Really cute photobooth-pictures! Have a great day and all the best wishes to the birthday boy!

  4. we were partying it up at the same time! my son's second birthday party was on saturday too! :) happy birthday, henry!

  5. Awesome birthday party. You did a wonderful job putting it together.
    Happy birthday, Henry.

  6. oh my gosh. so cute!!! It is so cute how he is so into trucks!!! It must be amazing to see his interests grow & develop :)


  7. this was the cutest birthday party ever!

  8. i love the cake! happy birthday henry! :) xo

  9. Happy Birthday, Henry! My wish for you is that you will look back on these photos when you're your parents age and revel in all the excitement that was shared on your special day.

  10. Such a cute party! That little car of his is adorable.

  11. You did such a good job! His party looks like a fun success!

  12. Such a cute birthday party! I'm sure he and his guests had a blast. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Best photobooth ever! Also, I like how you personalized a bought cake (and those chocolate cakes from Costco are delish!). I so often think I have to make every little detail myself, by hand, in the most time consuming way possible. I sometimes forget I can use a tasty shortcut and focus on a really unique project instead! Good job, Mama! Super fun party theme and exactly what Henry is digging (ha! Couldn't help myself!).

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