Monday, November 12, 2012

Mondays & Little Goals

Maybe I'm the odd one out but I love, love, love Mondays. I enjoy setting small weekly goals for myself every Sunday evening, and then waking up fresh on Monday morning, ready to work on them throughout the week.

Are you in the habit of making goals like this? I'm not sure why I started doing it, but I can remember all the way back to growing up in NJ and writing them out in my little black and red "C.W. Goetz Middle School" planner they'd give us each new year. I write things like "curl my hair every morning" or "do my homework every night before bed!" Nowadays those would be translated into "take time for me and get ready every morning" or "don't procrastinate scheduling posts- get things done early!"

I thought would be fun to share my goals here this week, and ask you guys to share yours too. Sometimes being accountable makes it a little easier, so if you'd like to participate, write your three goals out in the comments. I promise I won't badger you about them via Twitter!

Here are my 3 mini-goals for this week:

1. Lift up the people around me. Take time everyday to tell my family and friends how much I love and appreciate them. 

I'm good about this with Hank, but sometimes I get so caught up in our busy life that I forget to reach out to my faraway friends and family and let them know I'm thinking of them. This week I want to focus on doing just that.

2. Go to sleep by 10pm every night.

This is a huge issue for me. I stay up WAY too late doing dumb stuff and wasting a TON of time. Sometimes I'll just be online browsing blogs or "fake" online shopping (you know, filling up your cart but never checking out), and suddenly I'll realize it's 12:15am and Henry will be up in less then 7 hours. Ugh. So this week I am focusing on a 10pm bedtime. I tried last week and failed miserably. And let's just pretend it's not already 11:15. I had to break a goal to make a goal, okay?!

3. Do something new with Henry everyday.

This is something I've been focusing on for awhile, and I'd like to continue it this week. "Something new" doesn't have to be a huge event or big deal, but we've both been enjoying breaking out of our comfort zone these recently and trying new things. This week I want to get some more outdoor time in before it gets even colder! I'm thinking a nice Autumn picnic is in our near future.

So that's me, what about you? I can't wait to see what you're working on this week.


  1. Autumn picnics are amazing, Henry will have the bestest time! Have a great week!

  2. I usually have Mondays off, so I love them too! There is something fresh about Mondays. I always write to-do-lists at the start of every week. Three goals I have for this week are:

    1. Start AND Finish one of the many custom portraits I have been commissioned to do.
    2. Bake my husband a batch of cookies.
    3. Start posting regularly again.

    Have a great week!

  3. I love Mondays. My partner has Monday as his day off so for me it is the "weekend" and we get to hang out as a family.

    1. spend 15 minutes a day simplifying my life and cleaning out unwanted "stuff"
    2. introduce new things to Jarvis
    3. blog 4 days a week

  4. I love the idea of setting goals for the week. I don't really set goals as much as I set to-do lists. Like this week I've planned out which days to focus on cleaning and cooking. I'm going shopping tomorrow and then running errands the next day. But if I had to set goals I would say:

    1. Buy at least two more Christmas presents.
    2. Start going through Christmas decorations and begin sorting what to keep and what to sell (eBay).
    3. Do at least one thing for my husband that makes him know he's completely loved and appreciated, even if he already knows this already.

    Good luck with your weekly goals!

  5. gosh! the quote above made me think about all the plans i have in my mind. hmmm

    xoxo, Style Diaries a Lifestyle Blog


  6. mmmm, I like your mini goals, especially the one that you do something new with Henry.
    I gotta start getting ready for christmas.
    I want to keep going to the gym to tone, I started this morning (even though I play basketball 4 times a week)
    I also want to write more. Not necessarily on my blog, but actually write some more poetry. spend time perfecting my craft. (I love poetry but I really want to be good, you know?)

    So, thats my 3 (on the spot) mini goals!

    Thanks for refocussing my week, lady!

    Louise xo

  7. Good goals for the week. I want to exercise at least five times this week (I went this am, so only four more to go!) I also want to eat way more veggies and fruit this week.

  8. I like your little goals!
    Mine would be: go to the gym 2 times this week (gotta start somewhere!), finish the purse makeover I started this weekend, and lastly, devise an action plan to acquire some of the bigger gifts on my holiday list this year!

    Predictions for the Past

  9. Your first goal gave me chills. What a beautiful thing- to uplift people around you. I'm going to make that part of my conscious weekly goals. In addition, 2. Do my homework without looking at the answer book, and 3. Practice more ukelele

  10. These are great! I always struggle with what I call "The Sunday Blues" and this is a great exercise to stay positive!
    1. Express more gratitude to people I look up to.
    2. Take more pictures! Stop judging what's "photo-worthy."
    3. LISTEN.

  11. First of all, I love that I literally just posted an "I Love Mondays" post too. Then I logged into facebook and saw yours. Great minds, you know?

    I love your 3 goals. I've got your goal #2 done, no problem. The time change and getting dark earlier really throws me off. I'm usually ready for bed by 8 and then I realize what time it is.

  12. Those are some great goals :) I feel like this weekend I didn't get much "me" time so this week I plan on making time for that. "Me" time includes knitting, painting, sketching, sewing, taking pictures, etc. I'd like to run 3 times this week and...some quality time with my husband! ♥Lindsay

  13. Ahah, the fake online shopping.
    I recognize myself so much in this point.
    Sometimes I try to figure out why I am doing this kind of pointless things... I'm still waiting for the answer! (smile)
    (sorry for my so-so english by the way)(some monstruous mistakes can appear)

  14. This is great! I love the accountability :)

    1.) Go to 4 yoga classes
    2.) Be in bed by 10 every night (this is a problem for me, too!)
    3.) Cross one thing off of my "long term to do list"

  15. Sleep is so important! It's hard to step away from life (and the computer) long enough to get a full night of rest. Good luck!

    My goals...
    1) Get caught up with grading. I have so many essays and writing practices to hand back. I always end up getting distracted with other things after finishing one or two projects, but my students are starting to ask about their work and I know I'm letting them down by not getting it back to them. Darn it.

    2) Write a blog entry. I wrote one last week about voting and even though it wasn't an official Monday Night Digs post, I'm so happy I posted something. Similar to my grading conundrum, I always manage to find something else to do (usually a huuuuuge waste of time) instead of buckling down and writing. It's a vicious cycle of procrastination, laziness, and self-doubt.

    3) Have a conversation with a certain someone. It's kind of a biggie and I don't know that I have all of my thoughts together yet, but I know that if I don't say something soon, I'll regret it.

  16. Love this idea :)

    1. Spend at least 20 minutes a night reading for fun (not just for grad school!)

    2. Make coffee at home, instead of buying it.

    3. Send some snail mail to friends who have moved away :)

  17. Such a great idea! My goals for this week are:

    1. Finish your work to a standard you'll be proud of - spend time writing your essays and revise for your tests!
    2. Work out every day. Even if that just means power-walking into town.
    3. Do some work for your actual job, preferably before they decide you're lazy and fire you...

  18. Love this idea. My mini goals this week are:

    1. Finish homework for Thriving Wives - we have lots of stuff to work on!
    2. Gather ideas for my Great Gatsby 30th Birthday Party outfit
    3. Shop for houses

    Strive to Thrive,

  19. I love this idea!

    1. Take more photos.
    2. Get more sleep, and getting into bed by 10pm would drastically improve this.
    3. Not judge myself too harshly.

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  20. I adore goals. I've got SO so many! My goals this week would definitely be:
    1. start project for the pay it forward blog link up.
    2. get outside and enjoy the last bit of the fall foliage
    3. make an amazing cozy dinner, and just vegg out on the couch that night.

    This was super inspiring! Thanks so much!

  21. I love your simple and wonderful goals.

    My goals this week are:

    1) Stay cigarette free.
    2) Quality over quantity for my blog posts.
    3) Appreciate my full-time job more.

    Cathy Trails

  22. I am a HUGE Monday fangirl! It's typically one of my power days!!! Good luck achieving this weeks goals, lovely lady!

  23. Oh! As for my goals (I blogged about them on Sunday!) They are:

    ♥ Draw one picture a day, for a week
    ♥ Put up our Christmas and Yule decor
    ♥ Make a list of yummy ingredients for a few homemade dishes/desserts

    (♥ Look up 1-3 DIYs for Christmas and Yule
    ♥ E-mail, E-mail, E-mail. I have a lot of replying that I need to do!)

  24. love your blog, but come. on.November 13, 2012 at 10:40 AM

    yes, mondays are just as awesome as any other day when you don't work. i'm pretty sure that having a job is the sole reason that people complain about mondays. what other reason would there be?

    1. I love you, but come're wrong! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I've always loved Mondays. Even when I worked. And for the record I still "work." I consider staying home with Henry a full-time job, and I also do a ton of freelance writing and editing. SO THERE. ;)

      And to be extra annoying, here are some posts from my work days professing my love of Mondays. I used that handy search tool.


  25. I'm all too familiar with the late night fake shopping. My goal is always to be in bed by 10pm, but it never seems to work out that way :)

  26. #3 I'm working on to. I get in the same rut of our routine. I have started doing a little activity with my daughter a day even if it is something small.

  27. Goetz planners for the win! I wish I still got one of those every year :)

  28. I never really thought about Mondays that way. Like fresh starts and plenty of time to complete new goals. Maybe it is because I set way too many to do instead of just simple goals. This is a nice idea, I'll have to try it.