Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ocean baby. Method, baby.

La Jolla, CA 2012

I grew up at the ocean and almost all of my childhood memories have something to do with the beach. Sometimes the simplest things will bring me back there- the smell of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the taste of Gouda cheese and crackers, or even the sound of laughter. There are just some things that have been imprinted into my mind, and whenever I am on the beach I really feel like I'm home.

And now that Henry is older, I love making memories with him, either where I grew up on the Jersey Shore, or when we visit other places and we're able to spend time at the ocean. It's amazing to see him running and playing in the sand,  jumping in the water as it meets the shore, and experiencing all of these firsts just as I did when I was his age.

I could go on and on about it, but really everything that comes along with it holds such a huge place in my heart. So when Method shared their Ocean Plastic campaign with me, I thought it sounded amazing. Here's a bit more on it:

In a nutshell, Method is launching their 2-in-1 Dish + Hand Soap, and packaging it in the world's first bottle made of recovered ocean plastic. Awesome right? Check out the video below to learn even more.

And better yet, take the Ocean Plastic pledge on Method's Facebook for a chance to win $100 to Whole Foods, where the line is exclusively selling, along with methodhome.com. The contest ends November 30th, so be sure to head over there soon.

And on the topic of FREE and GOOD...have you tried the Smarty Dish Plus products yet? I was a little wary because I love the dish detergent we already use, but (here comes me as a broken record yet again), I tried these cute little Method power packs and fell in love. They're really wonderful, and now you can get 15% off when ordered from methodhome.com (or well.ca for Canada). Enter "SMARTDISH" upon checkout. And as a heads up, the discount available Nov. 15-30, or while supplies last. Go get 'em!

p.s. Follow Method on Twitter and like them on Facebook, too!

sponsored by method but all opinions expressed are my own. I still haven't met a method product I haven't loved!


  1. This is so great! I love supporting products that support a healthy environment. It is always so sad to me seeing such beautiful places covered with our trash. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Might be the first thing you've ever posted about them that actually makes me want to buy their product.