Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weekend Links

Shark on the loose!
a little shark on the loose at our library's Halloween party last week

Happy Saturday morning! This weekend should be a good one full of friends and family. On the agenda: a baby shower, visiting my sister and Abe's brand new home, and hopefully a stop at our favorite vegan restaurant.

I have been loving seeing all of your Halloween posts, and thank you guys for humoring me as I posted about 10-too-many (okay maybe 15) photos in my own post. Oh well! It's for the sake of posterity right?

Wishing all of you a wonderful time this weekend!


First up, have you checked out LuLu*s new site?  LuLu*s has been a sponsor of mine in the past and I love love love so many of the items on their site. I'll be posting some family photos next week and in them I'm wearing my favorite sweater from there. I've always enjoyed shopping on their site, but the new version makes navigation a million times easier and they're offering some awesome new things too, like free returns. Check it out and let me know if you find something you like! Here are some of my picks: this party perfect dress and these sweet and simple flats.

Looking for a way to get creative this holiday season? The Craft Pack (made up of three talented people, including my friend Susan!) has created an e-book called A Hip Handmade Holiday, teaching you how to make gifts for everyone in your family for under $10. And best of all, the book itself is $10. Awesome.

And some more links:

5 excuses that keep you unhealthy

Simple and so true.

Loving this Etsy shop! So many little treasures.

There is just something about November.

One of my most favorite blogs. Ever!

Have you checked out the Just Lovely blog yet? So many pretty things and inspiration. 

The Nature Walk Project: One Year Later. 

One thing I wish I could tell my younger self. I sure love that Gretchen Rubin.

And speaking of Gretchen Rubin, she interviewed another one of my favorite authors Cheryl Strayed. Good stuff!

Mayor Bloomberg endorses Obama - an interesting read.

Fairy-tales for 20-somethings.

I always enjoy Sara's posts, and this "reality check" was a good one.

Pushing Daisies in the theater?! Even this shred of hope makes me so happy.

Pretty Moms, pretty threads! Love this inspiring look at the ladies behind my new favorite blog.

Super sweet of Babble to include this "Flashback Friday" pic of Henry in their round up of 50 Favorite Halloween pics.

Obsessed with this pinboard calendar from Pinhole Press.

Sponsor love, Etsy edition: Mary Mary Handmade and Feathers and Sinew.

California on film...

And finally some "vintage" Sometimes Sweet:

Tips for new bloggers
Sweet 16: A Letter to My Younger Self
Mirror, Mirror: A Post About Self-Acceptance



  1. Lots of fun links to follow in this post! Thanks for sharing. We had a wonderful Halloween over here in Sicily, although my toddler's costume came together only at the ELEVENTH hour! Typical of me, I'm afraid. :-/

  2. Thanks Becca! Can't wait to go check out Halloween in Sicily! <3

  3. Never too many Halloween pictures! I couldn't get enough of seeing everyone's littles in costume! I'm surprised at how well mine did keeping hers on

  4. Yay Mama! Good links this weekend love!

  5. i always love your weekend links. maybe my computer is being weird, or maybe not, but when i clicked on one of your "vintage" links, the first one was the same as the second one.

    also, i LOVED seeing that little picture of henry on babble. so cute!

  6. Love your link roundup every week. I always find so many inspiring reads. Thanks for sharing them, Danielle :)

    PS. The tips for new bloggers, links to the sweet sixteen post. It's so easy to mess up the links while posting...happens to me all the time.. I'd love to read that post though :)

  7. Love Shutterbean! One of my favorites! Pinhole press is the best! I just gifted someone with a notebook from there!


  8. The Huffington post article was pretty funny.

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  9. Fairy-tails for 20-somethings is so right on. Love.

  10. wool and water is one of my faves! i sent out the nurse cards for my nursing school graduation, and i have purchased several of the paper dolls for my daughter.

  11. I adore LuLu*s, they have such cute stuff and yay, I've found some new bloggers because of this post that I think I shall follow. :D Also, that post about November = YES, yes yes!

  12. The throwback posts are all great <3 And I love the fairytales for 20 somethings! Your roundups are great

    xo Ashley

  13. Thank you for these! One of my most frequently visited sites in the past few days (once I regained power) was this one by WNYC: How to Help|Sandy Recovery. Just posting it in hopes that folks who are interested in helping will no where to turn. Another great link is this one with all sorts of local organizations dedicated to assisting the victims of Hurricane (post-tropical storm) Sandy.

  14. These are great! The link to the tips for new bloggers is broken (as has been mentioned), but I looked it up and thought it was great.

  15. Oh my godness I could be on your blog all day just checking all of these amazing links. Thanks for sharing!!

  16. Henry just cruising the stacks in his costume is so awesome. Thanks for including me in your list!

  17. Maybe all libraries look the same but that looks like the Library at Woodbury University in Burbank, CA. I love taking pictures on that campus. So much history.


  18. Seeing LuLu's on the internet always makes me giggle, because it started as a little brick and mortar store in Chico, California (tiny college town north of Sacramento) which was one of maybe 3 stores my sorority sisters and I could get decent clothes during college. It was wonderfully eclectic, in this tiny old building right downtown, and also sold a lot of logo shorts/tanks that EVERY chick on campus had. So now that it's this big time internet retailer (the Chico store has sadly closed) I feel like one of those people who's friend got famous and forgot all about me....

    They still have cute ass stuff though.

    Strive to Thrive,

  19. Ahh! I forgot to thank you, so thank you thank you for the shout out! <3