Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekend Links

I can't believe we're already halfway through November! It's pretty crazy to think Thanksgiving (and Henry's birthday) is just around the corner. This month I am working with Elizabeth Street again on their Instamom project, and since it's November, the theme is "thankfulness." To participate, simply tag your Instagram photos with the hashtag #esthanks and reply to @elizabethstmom. The winner will be featured on their site, and next month they have an incredible prize up for grabs. To learn about the project, view the live feed, and see how to enter, check out their Instamom site.

And in the spirit of this month's hashtag, I thought I would share a handful of things I'm thankful for before we get into the links.

I am thankful for...

1. Friends who are just as crazy as I am! Last weekend while in Flagstaff at our college girls' reunion, we all woke up insanely early on Saturday morning to go on a long run in freezing temperatures. We spent a lot of college running through campus, so it was fun to do it again all grown up. It was freezing though, and the whole time I kept thinking about how thankful I was to have these crazy women in my life. It might sound wacky but I LOVE bundling up and working out in really cold weather. It's the most invigorating thing ever.

Grateful for friends who are just as crazy as me. Out on a snowy morning run! @shirley82 @brendapowersrdh @autumnloop @alanagolob

2. Henry and his imagination. I'm so thankful I get to witness this little guy's creativity unfold on the daily. He's always building roads and tracks around the house for his vehicles, and it's neat to get a glimpse into his world of make believe, full of race cars and big trucks. This morning he ran around with that dump truck yelling "watch out, coming through!" and "dumping that dirt, Mommy!" It was awesome.

On the job! ⚠

3. Waking up to this beautiful sky every morning. This is the view from our backyard on a particularly cloudy morning. I love the mountains in the distance and all of the pretty scenery. I miss growing up by the beach but the mountains and lakes all around us kind of make up for it. So thankful to be around so much beauty and more so, thankful I am able to take a moment and appreciate it.

Morning clouds from our backyard. ⛅

And now...some links!


After Sandy: The Future of Boardwalks. A very interesting read.

Oh hey BSC fans! The Babysitter's Club gets an e-book release!

How old would you be, if you didn't know how old you were?

Isobel's blog is a newer favorite of mine. I discovered it when she became a sponsor here and I'm so glad she did. She was also recently named one of Babble's Top 20 Baby Photo Blogs. Yay!

Loved this post on Gretchen Rubin's blog about the 7 books that changed the way she sees her world. I think I'll have to write my own list too.

Heads up! 30% off EVERYTHING at Zaia during their pre-Black Friday sale with the code "Black30."

Still loving putting all my in-between stuff here for safe keeping.

Check me out over on Susan's blog this week in their Instagram Mash-up.

21 films for your Friday Night.

Love my Minnetonka and LOVE this interview with Elizabeth!

Happy birthday, Michele!

For those with little ones in their life: 100 things to buy from the Dollar Store and use in play.

Stuffed Green Peppers. Simple and healthy. I'd probably sub veggie sausage to make it Hank-friendly.

Emily is amazing.

And Sara is too. Isn't her house lovely?

Etsy shop love, sponsor edition: one, two and three!

Great DIY for giant letters over on Oh Happy Day. Henry needs an H!

Obsessed with this quote.

I love those "day in photos" kind of posts. This one on Elizabeth's blog was especially great.

Kiddo holiday crafts are awesome, and I totally made these pinecone turkeys when I was a kid. Too cool.

Love this round up of family portraits. We have quite a few ourselves but I'd love to add some of these artists to our collection!

This photo. That girl! So cute.

Let's get serious for a second. Team Edward or Team Jacob? Team Jacob for me...

Autumn in Nashville. What a beautiful place! I think this post just pushed it up higher on my "must visit" list.

Peppermint Pattie Brownies. Hello, hello!

A big thank you to the ladies at Thriving Wives for all of their sweet comments! Loving your blog.

And finally, if you read one thing here, read this: 11 Thing Everyone Wants You To Know.



  1. Definitely reading the book list and film list later! And how great is the "11 things everyone wants you to know"? I loved it. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Love your weekend links. And that 11 things everyone wants you to know was awesome. Thank you for sharing it! Happy weekend!

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  5. Yes! Please make a list of books that changed the way you see her world.

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