Friday, November 23, 2012

Weekend Links

in Flagstaff last weekend, at the end of the freezing cold run with my girlfriends. Seriously- SO COLD. But still really fun. :)

Happy Weekend! It kind of feels like Monday today since this Thanksgiving holiday felt like a weekend, but luckily it's only Friday. Yesterday was AMAZING (more on it later) and the perfect way to spend Henry's 2nd birthday. The next couple of days are jam-packed full of family for us too, and I can't wait for Thanksgiving number two with my side of the family tomorrow.

Thank you all SO much for all of the sweet birthday comments, tweets, and emails. Henry sure is a lucky boy and we really appreciate all of your love.

Wishing you and yours a safe and happy holiday weekend. Also don't forget I'm offering a holiday special on my ad space for December: $50 off my XL ads and $10 off my large. Contact me for pricing and more info.

And now, some links! I'll be back Monday with a fun giveaway from a good friend, and our Thanksgiving weekend post. xoxo


The ladies over at Fair Ivy sent me one of their surprise packages and I fell in love! It's a subscription service that sends you a box of handmade goodies (think Etsy) 2-4 times each month. This go-round I got the cutest little birdie and a gorgeous necklace.  It's such a neat idea because one, handmade is awesome, and two, who doesn't love receiving fun present in the mail? Thanks again Fair Ivy.


How we judge others is how we judge ourselves. As always, a great read from Tiny Buddha.

Love these free "hot chocolate party" printables.

Oh my gosh- these photos! Those gorgeous kiddos! Perfection.

Join me on Instamom and tag your IG photos with #ESThanks this month to add to the community feed. Visit Elizabeth St. to find out more about their project and contest.

Life Hacker's 50 Free Apps they're most thankful for.

Just discovered this blog and enjoying it.

Love this big H.

Really awesome DIY: turn your sweater into baby leggings! And how about a round up of 10 DIY advent calendars?

I'm always so intrigued by street style blogs- this one is particularly interesting to me.

With the holidays approaching, this is a great post for gift-wrapping inspiration.

And speaking of gifts, loved this gift guide over on Say Yes to Hoboken.

Some nice Thanksgiving posts from around the web: one, two, and three.

And some wonderful "Currently" posts too: here and here.

I always (and kind of secretly) enjoy checking out tabloids whenever I get a chance, so I kind of love this feature on Jezebel. Quick and to the point!

How delicious do these almond, coconut cream, and raspberry tartletes look?

Obsessed with this scarf.

Super into this school paperwork storage idea. I think this would be awesome in action for just the year in general too- ticket stubs, special photos, moments, etc.

Rosemary roasted almonds...yum!

And finally, I can't even pick a favorite post to share from this just head on over and get lost in adorableness, inspiration and just plain old good ideas.


  1. awww so much fun stuff on this post :) The Honey Kennedy link is my fave :)!


  2. you can also convert knee socks into baby legwarmers too! so much cheaper than paying for babylegs!

  3. Oh, that Style East blog is shot all around my old digs in London, it is making me SO, SO homesick!

    Kitty & Buck

  4. Great post! Love that little bird, might have to get some myself


  5. I look forward to these every wknd, thanks!

    As always, I love the words you put out, keep it up!

  6. congrats on the run, i love running in winter :) x

  7. Thanks so much for the shout-out! Glad to have you popping by x