Friday, November 9, 2012

Weekend Links

"I want to vote, Mama!" See that little "I voted" sticker? This is the proud face of a little one who had a great first-time experience "voting!"
Henry, post-voting on Tuesday. See that little sticker? He was so proud of himself.

Yay, Friday! Every week I sound like a broken record but I can't help it...I'm just so happy it's the weekend! This one should be especially fun too. Later today I'll be heading up to Flagstaff to meet up with five of my college girlfriends for a rare couple of days all together. I'm so excited to get lost in nostalgia visiting our favorite places and eating all of our favorite foods...and also catching up and making some new memories too. Feel free to follow along with me on Instagram as I (over)gram the weekend away (user name: danihampton). Then Sunday Hank, Henry and I have a fun family movie night planned. We're going through all the Disney classics to get ready for our Disney trip in a few months. So far Henry's favorites are Lady and the Tramp and Dumbo. My vote for this week's pick is The Little Mermaid...the best!

And usual, here are some links to enjoy. xo


18 things you should say yes to. Such a fun article.

My friend's partner runs Welcome Home Cleaning, a cleaning service in Phoenix that uses all Method products. Pretty awesome, right? Check 'em out!

Still Juxing, still loving it! And, good news, the Jux app will be released soon!

I linked to this awesome e-book last week, but if you missed it, be sure to check out A Hip, Handmade Holiday. See my pal Emily's adorable promo video here.

Last Links post my "Tips for New Bloggers" link was broken and I couldn't fix it until later in the week. For those who missed it, here it is.

I've download almost all of these fonts- they're great...and free!

Okay, I think I am finally going to try these no-heat curls after seeing this tutorial

A wonderful post on happiness

A night at the museum...I would love to attend something like this!

92 years of women voting in pictures. Love this one.

Adore Cailyn's blog- check out her "Currently" post from this week.

Tofu pumpkin pie! Yum.

Annnd...pomegranate picking!

22 of your childhood style icons, revisited. Blossom anyone? Although I was actually more of a Six girl if you must know.

Remember how I asked for tips for Disney with a little one earlier this week? Well one of my sweet readers sent me this link on Modern Kiddo. Such a wonderful, informative post.

Love the "Teach Me Something" series on Michele's blog- this week's is pretty awesome.  Then head over to Jess' blog and learn how to crochet a rose!

Talk to your cab driver.

Deep in the woods. Enjoyed this post on one of my most favorite blogs.

Some discount codes from my sponsors:

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Speaking of shops, have you checked out my sponsor Zaia yet? 

Here are some fabulous blogs to visit: one, two, three and four. Have fun getting lost in those much amazing-ness!

Finally, and most importantly, here are some blog posts from around the web via Sarah, about Hurricane Sandy. If you're interested in donating, The Red Cross is always a good option. One of my readers also sent a link to a fundraising site to help her family after everything they owned was destroyed.

Volunteer Sunday
The Side of the Storm You May Not See on TV
My Un-Marathon Weekend
Don't You Forget About Us


  1. OH MY GOD he looks adorable in this shirt <3

    1. Aww thank you so much! It was a great Target find. :)

  2. I love the childhood stars revisited! Too cute :)

    xo Ashley

  3. Thank you for including me, Dani! I feel so honored. : )

    Have a great weekend!


    1. Oh you're so welcome Sarah! Big hugs! xoxo

  4. So many good ones on the Style Icons post! I love how almost all of the Babysitter's Club members are listed LOL. But they left out the one I always wanted to be- Dawn!

    1. haha! One of my best friends growing up loved Dawn too. My fave was Stacey or Mary Anne :)

  5. this is such an adorable photo! have a great weekend with your friends :).

  6. aww, this picture of henry is so adorable. he is the cutest little fellow.
    have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I love the eighteen things you should say yes to article! I nodded through it and wanted to around and show somebody straight away.

  8. That is the sweetest face ever. I love them at that age. The HuffPo list is great, and am obsessed with Ella Claire's font lis! I'm a fontaholic, so I already have most of these but discovered some new ones I had to DL immediately. You may notice we use #7, Lavanderia, on our website. Technically it's a free font, but if you head over to the designer's website Lost Type Co-Op there is an option to donate a few bucks. I think it's worth whatever you can afford since we all know good artists don't necessarily get paid much :)

    Strive to Thrive,

  9. Thanks for the links, I look forward to them every Friday!!

  10. henry is looking especially old in that picture! super cute!

  11. I always love these posts that you do, so many great links! I recently posted some pictures of my daughter wearing that same sweater. Sometimes I can't resist buying her things from the boys section :)

  12. Hi Dani!
    I must say I made a very nice decision by giving your blog a look after I read about it on Cathy Trails.
    Disney movies are always nice as they revive that feeling of positivism, niceness and the world being a wonderful place.
    Shall surely check out all the links you've suggested :)
    Keep writing and keep sharing!

  13. The boy is so cute! Wish him all the best :)

  14. I loved the childhood style icons revisited. I was a huge BSC fan and I went through a Mary Ann, Stacey, and a Claudia phase. Basically I dressed terrible for about 3 years straight. :)

  15. Hi Danielle! I just found your blog and I love it. Henry's fox sweater is awesome.

  16. i always love your weekend lists! also i cannot believe how big henry is getting every day - such a cutie, like his mama. ;)

    p.s. thank you for the sweet shout-out. i am honored each and every time. happy weekend, friend!

  17. I also use the no heat curl at least twice a week. My hair works fine with a curling iron, but the damage it does makes me try the other method. I love the way it makes my hair look. One tip - pin the top of the headband to your head so it doesn't slip off in your sleep.

  18. This is so funny-- the other day, I posted an Instagram picture of my newest Target find for my little guy-- the very same sweater that your sweet boy is wearing-- and one of my IG friends commented, saying that you had posted a picture of your little guy in the same sweater. . .fast forward to tonight and I'm surfing blogs. . .found my way here via The Paper Mama, a fellow Portland blogger, and I see that ^ picture and am like, "wait, I've seen this before". . .dork moment :) Ever have those? :) Anywho, I am so glad to have stumbled upon your blog!