Wednesday, January 16, 2013


pinks, in la
a fitting photograph for this post! At Pink's in LA with Adie.

Watching: So much right now. Are you ready for this? And if you want to know how I find the time to keep up with these shows, I am an insane multi-tasker during naptime. Blog, television, lunch, all at once. Luckily Henry still takes 3 hour naps so there ya go. Anyway, here's my current love list: Hart of Dixie (obsessed, especially with Lemon's wardrobe), The Biggest Loser, Parenthood (always- and how great is this season?), Revenge, all the Housewives (no shame) and The Bachelor, of course.

Thinking about: how some people are just so naturally inspiring. Do you know anyone like this? There are a few women that I know who are just effortlessly original and always creating things that wow me. It's hard to put my finger on it, but they're just very special people who are true artists. I admire that quality so much, and I just have been thinking about the whole concept of creativeness and making things, and I really feel that we're so lucky to live in a world where all of this beauty is at our fingertips (and eyeballs!). I've also been thinking about how much I like hot dogs. Quick topic change, did you get that? But I was thinking about how sometimes the most simple foods are the most delicious and there are these hot dogs I buy at Trader Joe's that are simple (as far as hot dogs go), and just taste amazing on their own with some mustard. Heavenly. Then I got to thinking about the first baseball game I ever went to (the original Yankee Stadium, uh-huh!) and the hot dog I got there. And then I got lost in thinking about food and memories attached to meals and items of food. So long story short, I love super inspiring people and a good, old-fashioned hot dog.

Reading: I've been reading so much more than usual lately and just finished a great book by...Nicholas Sparks! This time I read Safe Haven, and it was amazing. I always feel a tiny bit embarrassed admitting how much I enjoy his books, and I felt like it was a dirty secret of mine as Lit major and later a grad student. I think sometimes (okay most of the time), his writing is viewed as "beach reading," which I totally agree with, but I think they're great books and always make me feel something. I really enjoy his writing, and Safe Haven was especially good- it might just be my favorite Sparks book yet! This week I also reread the first two books in Allie Condie's Matched series (Matched and Crossed), in preparation for Reached, which I finally started this afternoon during Henry's naptime. I really enjoyed the first two books, and if you're a fan of YA dystopian literature absolutely check this series out. I'm only about 1/4 into the third book but I'm loving it so far. I'll keep you posted.

Celebrating: So today is kind of a big day! My Dad turned 4 years old (I'll explain). While Facetiming with him earlier today he said "Henry! Did you know I'm only 2 years older than you?" Yup. Seriously, today is his "rebirth" day. Four years ago he was pronounced dead (twice if you want to get technical) and he really believe he was reborn and got a second chance a life. Which he totally did. Without going into the whole story he has a massive heart attack and fell and hit his head insanely hard, resulting in not only the horrible heart situation but a very serious head/brain injury. He was in a coma for days after being brought back to life twice, and wasn't expected to function normally ever again. Well guess what? He's better than he ever was, and lucky for him (and us) he gets a second chance to do it all again. So cool. So it's a special day, and it's neat to recognize it and celebrate!

Making me happy: Valentine's Day- one of my favorite holidays, making plans, Crossfit and more specifically, the power snatches I did today (favorite!), my new camera- more on this later, babies, babies everywhere!, thinking about spending this next weekend holding newborn Lucy, our adventure of the month that's coming up so soon, the excitement that comes with feeling inspired to create, writing more, Henry and that infectious smile, spending more time at our local library, and the warm(er) day we had today. Thankful for so much!

So, how about you? What are you up to today? Feel free to do your own "currently" post on your blog and link back in the comments for everyone to check out. And thanks again to my dear friend Megan for providing the original inspiration for these posts.


  1. Most simple foods are the best? Agreed. Plus, easy to jazz up and make something new out of.

    My currently...

  2. Fabulous post, dani! Have you ever had the hot dogs at sonic?! The new york one from there is my fave. Also reading Reached right now - loving it so far! And of course, happy 4th bday to your dad - what a great story! :)

  3. I always do Things I Love Thursday posts :) You should check it out, but they aren't nearly as lovely as yours. Happy 4th birthday to your dad :) That story is so inspiring and I love when your posts make me feel so humbled.

    xo Ashley

  4. I love Hart of Dixie, but have a few episodes to catch up on.


  5. such a cool and inspiring story about your dad! and, i am housewives and pretty much anything bravo obsessed. sometimes I really feel like I need to get a life... :).

  6. I am digging the idea of a "currently" post and am definitely going to start working on one. There are so many inspiring people and pursuits and blogging (albeit I am new) is such an amazing way to share them. The idea of a "currently" post is particularly interesting because after looking a photos and layouts, it is interesting and arguably necessary that you readers get to know a bit of the real blogger. thanks for sharing.


  7. What an amazing story about your dad!

  8. I dislike some things about technology, but love how easy it makes it to find inspiration. new blogs, pinterest, twitter, instagram... so much is out there if you just look. I also love the story about your Dad... that's definite inspiration :) Happy 4th birthday to him!

    my most current "currently" post

  9. Love Parenthood.
    I have to know...
    Team Hank or Team Mark?

    1. team hank! i don't know what it is about mark, but his personality reminds me too much of drew's. so it kind of leaves me thinking that sarah is dating her son. :-/ i actually couldn't stand ray romano on 'everyone loves raymond.' so it took him a while to grow on me during parenthood. what about YOU lydia?

    2. I'm Team Hank, too! Mark is too much of a weenie for me.

  10. I totally feel the same way about Nicholas Sparks! I'm always slightly embarrassed, but still can't help but indulge in it. The writing must be good if it can get me to cry every single time! haha

    I did my own Currently Post here :]


  11. I'm always happy when you share what you're reading because we have similar tastes, so you give me ideas. Happy fourth birthday to your father, what a beautiful and miraculous miracle!


  12. LOVE all of those shows except I only watched a few Hart of Dixie episodes - I must get back into it!

    So obsessed with Biggest Loser/Bachelor/Parenthood!

    I've put my first ever Currently post on my blog...

  13. Inspiring people are the greatest, everyone needs a few in their lives. It's so wonderful that we have an even higher chance of stumbling across them through this medium :)

    I just published my "Currently" post, right here.

  14. I'm always getting lost in thoughts of food as well. I may look good on the outside, but stuck inside of me is a fat kid.

    That is amazing about your dad! Lucky man.

  15. I have been craving hot dogs like crazy. I haven't had one since summer. Your food thoughts have inspired me to put them on my shopping list. ;)

    I loved Safe Haven (and I'm not normally a Sparks fan either) and now I can't wait to see the movie! I think it's coming out next month.

    Amazing story about your dad. I wish him many more birthdays!

  16. I agree about the creativity comment. Some people just seem to have an aura about them.

    I did my currently post on Monday! Feel free to check it out:

  17. There is something about this picture that always fills me with the most genuine sense of happiness and comes the cheese...FREEDOM!! Haha! I guess that was the spirit of that entire little visit we had,yes? Let's get together soon and get ourselves a couple of dirty-good hot dogs here, yes!? Freedom hotdogs!!!Hehe xoxo

  18. Oh I forgot to mention the Bachelor on mine, such a guilty pleasure! Love the idea of your Dad's birthday, how wonderful.

    Here is my currently post, thanks for encouraging us to share!

  19. OOh i love all those shows! I was actually catching up on Hart of Dixie while I was reading your blog. And I love Pinks hot dogs! What is your favorite?

  20. Such a sweet day to celebrate with your dad! Also, YES to Parenthood. One of my favorite show at the moment. I hope that Hank sticks around!

    I just posted my Currently post, too (inspired by you!). I always forget to do these posts and am so excited when I remember!

  21. Hey Danielle,

    I think this is probably my favorite "Currently" post you've done.. or maybe favorite post ever!!

    I agree about how people can just be so creative & inspiring! I actually feel really good about life right now because I just started getting into photography.. and while I'm a major amateur.. maybe I could be one of those women eventually? haha.

    2. I finished Parenthood season 1 within 2 days.. soo good. And I cry like, every episode. Can't wait to carry on with the show!

    3. So happy for your father. That's pretty effing amazing. Definitely an awesome reason to celebrate.. and to appreciate :).

    4. Your "thinking about" post is my fave.


  22. I'm so glad your dad is doing so well! That's amazing.

  23. I remember when all of that happened with your dad and I can't believe it's already been 4 years. It's so, so nice to hear how great he's doing!

    It's your fault I started watching (loving!) Parenthood, so thank you for that.

    And Nicholas Sparks? I am right there with you. No shame in a quick, easy read. His books always completely draw me in. I'm reading one right now on my Nook and just checked one out at the Library that I'll be starting soon.

  24. We actually don't have tv..well ok let me explain. we don't have cable/bunny ears or any of that and technically right now our actual tv isn't hooked up either because we are undergoing MAJOR renovations in my house.

    what we do have is a 110" movie screen/projector set up (movie theater room) which is currently also dubbing as our bedroom! So we have streaming Netflix and blueray player for all our entertainment needs on the big screen. I fell in love with Hart of Dixie (season 1 is on Netflix streaming) I ended up watching the whole season in like 2-3 days before Christmas. I LOVE Lemon's wardrobe too. Oh my goodness! It is so amazing. I can't wait for them to add season 2 to netflix..but sometimes that takes a while..So I was left with a cliffhanger situation!

    and Parenthood! One of my all time favorite shows..I actually did have tv/cable when this first came out and I was instantly hooked and it was really one of the only shows that I missed watching when we made the decision to get rid of tv two years ago. So now I always just wait and catch up when it gets put on streaming =)

    have a good weekend


  25. Oh wow! I haven't had a hot dog in so long! Talking of inspiring people you have just inspired me to make some! Thanks Dani!

    Harriet x

  26. I love that you are an intelligent woman who watches just as much ridiculous television as I do! Makes me feel a little less guilty, haha!

  27. Ok that's it 'Parenthood" is going on the boxset list.
    Also-lovely currently post, your joy is so infectious!

    Here's my husband's first "Currently" post :)

  28. I post my "Currently" posts on Friday's. Here in mine from today! :)

  29. Happy {re}Birthday to your dad! That's so great that he's still around and better than ever.
    I'm a Parenthood junkie too. They lost me for about a season and a half, but I'm back again. I can't make it through an episode without bawling. I'm thinking of trying to find Thirtysomething and rewatching that since the last time I saw reruns of it, I was in college and so far from real life.

    Here's my Currently post....

  30. I love these posts! So much that I started doing my own 'Currently' series about my little lady. :)

    Here's the latest one:

  31. Thanks for the book recommendations! Love hearing what other people are reading. And congratulations to your dad - what a gift!

    Here's my currently post:

  32. Definitely worth celebrating the 'birthday' for your dad in this way, may he have many more healthy years ahead of him.

    and... I did my first currently post (finally)!

  33. What a multitasker! Blog, television, and LUNCH? Woman, how do you do it all?!

  34. I am SO happy biggest loser is back on!!

    Aw, happy late "4th" birthday to your Dad. How blessed you are<3

  35. dani, thanks for inspiring us to currently stay in touch ;)

  36. I love this. I'm adopting it for my blog, but I'm doing one "currently" every week (this week was "currently watching").

    The story about your dad-- wow. That's a great way to look at such a scary, life changing event. Very positive and inspiring.