Thursday, January 17, 2013

Girl-Crushin': Marlyn of Little Red Bowtalk

Another week, another fun lady to share with all of you. Marlyn is a new friend of my and I adore her cheerful photos on Instagram daily. Her blog is also a new favorite of mine too! I love her adorable style and enjoy following along with her everyday- her site is a sweet place full of positivity, and the world definitely needs more of that. Thanks for taking part, Marlyn!

Name: Marlyn Pena of Little Red Bowtalk and littleredbowtique on Instagram

How I fill my days:
I try to stay as busy as possible everyday. I usually have a to-do list of the places I need to go and the things I need to do. Most of the time, I stop by the post office first thing in the morning to drop off my orders for my shop. Throughout the day you can find me at home working, cooking, cleaning, planning, and blogging. I love to turn my records on and just get stuff done! At the end of the day, you can find me relaxing with my hubby watching a movie. That's definitely my favorite part of the day. Staying busy is important to me. I believe that the busier I stay, the happier I will be. That way I will have no time to sweat the small stuff.

What I'm currently working on:
I am a tax preparer, and as all of you know tax season is coming up. So I'm getting ready for that. I am also looking to make a big update to my online shop. I have so many ideas on things I want to make and things I would love to sell. I also have been coming up with many new ideas for my blog. Last year, I left my blog idle for the longest time and that was no fun. Now that I have been blogging regularly, I feel like I'm working towards something that I love. Something for me.

Who or what inspires me:
I have been inspired by so many things lately! I love seeing the creative ideas that people come up with! It makes me want to create different things myself. However, much of my inspiration comes from blogs that I read. The blogging community has some of the most talented and creative people. I love the outfits, recipes, DIY projects, and lifestyles I see!

3 current favorite blogs to read:
M Loves M, Selective Potential, and Skunkboy Blog.


  1. Yay! I love Marlyn and her Instagram photos really do put a smile on my face :)

  2. Marlyn is super cute and I like the look of her blog too! Will have to check it out. Also Marlyn, I commend you for tax prep being what you do. I do my husband's business stuff tax prep (he's a tattooer), and I LOVE it, but it's a lot of work!

  3. Marlyn is the cuttest, i follow her on instagram and always made me smile with her pretty pictures and her hairstyle!!!!

  4. She is such a sweetheart and a long time Insta-friend :)

  5. What an adorable outfit! Can't wait to start following her on IG as well! :)

  6. Loving this new series. Such a beautiful thing to be sharing the love of other blogs/girls

  7. Going to check this gal out right now!! Love her tights & am totally jealous of her life! haha.

  8. I had no idea she had a blog! I follow her shop on instagram and she has the cutest, I mean cutest, clothes!

  9. she is so lovely! i love her tights!

  10. What a sweet blog! Thanks for introducing Marlyn, Dani. I am now following her.

    Harriet x