Thursday, January 10, 2013

Girl Crushin': Sarah Fortune Gill

Yeah! Week Two of this new little series, and I'm loving it. This time I am so excited to have my bud Sarah on the blog. She's an incredibly creative and inspiring woman who just happens to be the mama of the cutest little girl in the world! I've been reading her blog and following her on IG for what seems like ages, and she always manages to make me smile with her gorgeous photos, adorable family, and witty self. Really, she's the best and a perfect girl-crush to take us into our second edition. Thanks Sarah!

Name: Sarah Fortune Gill of Blog: and on sarahfortune on Instagram

How I fill my days: I'm a mom, but I also work full-time, so my days are constantly jam-packed. Any free time is spent with my one year old, Iris, who is at the stage where she's into evvverything. From the trash to the refrigerator, she keeps me on my toes - and I love it. The world is so fascinating to her right now and all I want to do is experience it with her. In addition, my husband runs a local news/arts/entertainment website, so as a family we stay pretty busy keeping up with all things local. We love our little town (Fayetteville, Arkansas) and always try to enjoy things in our community like the farmers market, walking around the town square, and spending time with friends. As for my career, I work at Saatchi & Saatchi X which is one of the leading shopper marketing agencies in the world. I work in two different departments there - production services and public relations, so I'm constantly learning about multiple sides of the advertising world. Agency life is incredibly fast paced, so between my work-life and family-life there's never a dull moment in my day.

What I'm currently working on: I wish I could say I had some amazing things in the works, but as cliche as it is, I'm working on trying to find more time for me. I often feel like I spend my days doing everything for everyone except myself. I love blogging and traveling, so my goal this year is to do more of both. Photography has always been a hobby of mine and I've managed to keep that going, especially as I document the day-to-day of Iris (mostly on Instagram). Now I just have to start planning those roadtrips, charge my "real" camera, and save some time to blog about it.

Who or what inspires me: Other working moms that have found a way to not only balance their family and career, but also find time to have a creative outlet. As I'm still trying to find that balance myself, it's inspiring to see others who make music, run successful blogs, create art, or cook something other than mac & cheese.

3 current favorite blogs to read:

(food) Bev Cooks

(family) Dear Baby Blog

(fashion) Tulip Louise


  1. Those things you're working on are so important and definitely not cliché, Sarah! I just started following your blog and Instagram, so I'm looking forward to reading and seeing your travel and photography adventures.

    Love this new feature, Danielle! It's such a lovely and personal way to introduce your readers to other bloggers you love. :) XO!

  2. Look at those chubby little legs! Ah! <3

    xo Ashley

  3. so love this feature you're doing. another inspiring woman!

  4. Yay! My brother picked the best wife ever! I love them so much, and you definitely picked a great lady to have a girl-crush on!

  5. Such a good series, and their little girl is ridiculously adorable.