Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pregnancy #2, Questions and Answers

{about 12.5 weeks along}

So, so much to catch up on! First of all, THANK YOU so, so much for all of your kind words, congratulations, comments, messages, etc. about our exciting news! Hank and I were just blown away with all of the love you guys showed us and I just want you to know how much it's appreciated.

I also wanted to add that my friend Lauren Ristow took all of our announcement photos (she's amazing) and if you're on the West Coast and want to work with her, she's offering $20 off your package. Just head over to her website to contact her. She shoots everything from weddings, births, babies, events, you name it. She's affordable and insanely talented. Just be sure to tell her I sent you!

It's hard to know where to start, but I thought for this first pregnancy post I'd just answer some of the questions I've been getting- so many of them have been the same so I figure I'll touch on some of them now.

1. Will you be doing weekly/monthly updates? 

Updates yet, but pregnancy photos every week/month? I'm not sure yet. It's hard because I did that with Henry, but I just don't feel as motivated to take photos of myself. I usually feel awkward in posed photos like that but at the same time I feel like it's unfair to not have a ton of pregnancy photos for this little one to look back on (if they'll even think that they're cool to look back on?! haha...). But, now that I'm thinking about it, I probably will and if I do, I'll most likely begin at 15 weeks. And on a related note, I cannot believe I ever posted bare belly photos with Henry! Hats off to anyone who does, but honestly looking back it surprises me that I did that.

2. Do you want a boy or a girl?

Honestly, I don't care either way. Before I was pregnant the first time I always envisioned having a little girl, but then once we had Henry it just made sense that he was a boy. And now I can't imagine it any other way. I love being the mama of a boy and would be delighted to have TWO boys to cherish, but at the same time having a little girl would be INSANE. Both are equally exciting, but for different reasons. And you can bet your bottom dollar that we'll be finding out the gender come 20 weeks. (Impatiently) counting down...

3. Do you feel like you're having a boy or a girl?

Not really, although I had the weirdest dream which I'll talk about next week. Henry also consistently says "my baby sister" unprompted, so we'll see if his hunch is right. Do you have a guess?

4. Do you have names picked out?

Yes! We've had our girl name for seriously EIGHT years. Isn't that crazy? We've just always known that if we had a girl that would be her name. And we decided on a boy name about 6 months ago, and we're set on that too. I'm a weirdo and live in fear of a friend or blogger using the same name (even though we'd still use it), so I don't tell anyone. Maybe that's silly but it makes me feel better to keep it locked up.

5. How have you been feeling?

It's weird, with Henry I was teaching full time, so in a way I'm not sure if I ever gave myself time to feel like shit. But with this pregnancy I've been SO tired. I'm just starting to feel normal again and get some more energy. No sickness, but I have had a couple of days I felt overall queasy...but I wouldn't classify it as full blown morning sickness. The main symptom I'm dealing with? ACNE! Oh my god, it's terrible. I've always had good skin, but after I stopped nursing Henry it went all wacky. It never went totally back to normal and a few weeks into my pregnancy it went absolutely crazy. I've been dealing with blemishes like I've never had before and thankfully it's finally starting to clear up a little.  I know there are many other issues I could be dealing with, but it's still a huge bummer. On the flip side though, I'd deal with a million zits just to bring a sweet baby into the world! It's all relative...but I really can't wait until my hormonal skin stops hormonal.

6. Are you planning on continuing with CrossFit?

Actually, no. I have been doing it up until last week, but I just don't feel like I'm getting the best workout there, since everything has to be scaled. I'd rather workout on my own, and do things I am 100% able to do. My focus is on keeping the baby healthy and safe in my belly, not on doing Olympic lifts or keeping up with my pull-ups, and I'd rather do exercises I can fully do that make me feel happy and healthy. I'm still lifting weights regularly but not in the CrossFit setting. I look forward to returning though, after I recover from delivery. I'll basically just be doing the same thing I did last pregnancy (walking, cardio machines, weights, and yoga), which worked out great. I should also add that many women DO partake in Crossfit throughout their entire pregnancy and it's wonderful for them- there are some great websites full of information on how to do it safely- but it's really just not for me.

7. Are you going to try for a VBAC or have another c-section?

I had an emergency c-section with Henry and this time I am planning to go in and have another c-section. I have no interest at all in trying for a VBAC and will happily be scheduling my c-section for August. Some people have been appalled that I don't want to try, but hey, that's the beauty of being able to choose. ;) I just find the idea of VBAC scary, especially after my experience, and although I know c-sections are risky too, I feel totally okay with going for it again.

8. How is this pregnancy different?

It's funny- with my first pregnancy I felt like I was the first person to ever be pregnant, like everything revolved around my pregnancy and me being pregnant. It's kind of embarrassing to look back, but also kind of sweet in my naivety. I was also OBSESSED with being pregnant- I would look at pregnancy apps all day long, read every pregnancy book known to man, scour websites, bookmark nursery inspiration, visit message boards...and this time, I'm just pregnant. At least when I remember I am! It's so funny to me, and totally different. Outside of that, I'd say that my pregnancy with Henry was super easy. I felt normal the entire time and this one I feel very "blah" most of the time. But again, who knows if that's my mindset because I have more time to think about it this time around. Either way it's JUST as exciting, but really different. As far as physical differences, I'm still not showing but I do feel like I'm thicker around the middle already, which I noticed in our pregnancy announcement photos, and in the way my clothes fit. That would be the major thing so far.

On a side note, would you agree that there is major blogger baby boom happening right now?! I'm so excited and happy for so many of my friends who are expecting! Two of my most favorite girls are due right around the same time as me, so hop over and say congrats to Mandy and Diana. So exciting.

p.s. all of these were asked either via comments, emails, tweets, or IG comments. If you have anything else you'd like to know, leave a comment below and I'm happy to answer! xoxo


  1. I hear you about the burden of belly pictures. You're right, however, that they will be great for your little one to look back on. Especially if you have a girl. My mom took zero pictures of herself pregnant and it drove me nuts when I was expecting our daughter. I was just so curious about how we compared.

    My gender guess is GIRL since you're not feeling as good as you did with Henry. I was sick as a dog for four months with Vivienne... That's one of those wives tales that seems to hold up.

    Anyway, congrats again. I'm just so thrilled for you!

    1. Thank you so much Carly Anne! My Mom also thinks the same thing about feeling so off with this one, but my friend Andy just had her second son and felt SO sick the whole time and was fine with son #1. It's so hard! haha. I just want to find out now.

      Also I have to say that I have been loving following along with V. on IG. She is the CUTEST!


  2. Hi Danielle! Omg hubby and I were/are so neurotic when it came to sharing the names we picked out. Well before Cash was even conceived, we had his name picked out (as well as a girl's name, if we ever have one). We actually didn't tell a single person his name until he was born! The suspense was exciting (for us, anyway!)... We nicknamed him "The Cashew" and kept everyone guessing the whole time. I'm actually impressed that it never slipped out...

  3. Hi Danielle! I'm curious how you told Henry the great news, and what his reaction was?

  4. I had such an easy pregnancy with my son, and this time around I've been so sick! It's funny Henry made the baby sister comment, before I knew I was pregnant (we weren't trying) my son told me I had a baby sister in my belly. It was really crazy when two days later I was late and had a positive test! I had a really scary labor with my son, so like you, I will be scheduling my second c-section at the end of July. Good luck!

  5. Oh lol I know how you feel about the bare belly photos. Kind of embarrassed I took them with my little one (not doing that again with #2). I definitely know how you feel about the names though. We have a girl name picked when we try for #2 but no boy names and I won't be sharing them next time around either.

    I'm so on the fence about having a VBAC though. Part of me wants to but part of me finds it will be a lot easier and I'll have a lot more peace of mind by just scheduling another c-section. Plus we're both done after #2 and I'm pretty sure I want to get my tubes tied so who knows what will happen.

    Congrats again! Oh and yeah I'm definitely noticing the blogger baby boom happening right now and I'm having major baby fever lol. :P


  6. "...and this time, I'm just pregnant."

    Ha! Great way to put it :) I'm a reader, and I just had my second 3 weeks ago (a girl 16 months after my boy). I felt that way a lot of the times, too, since I spent so much time chasing my little one and being wrapped up in him! Like everyone says, 2 DEFINITELY changes things ;) But I've never felt so strong, powerful, inspired as a woman now that I have NO time to waste, so I make the most of every moment I'm blessed with them. Good luck!!


  7. I'm so happy for you guys! It's so exciting to think of having another tiny baby around, isn't it? I have to say, if Henry's saying girl I'll be surprised if he's wrong - Kaetana called this baby her sister from the day we told her about it and she was totally right! :)

  8. I've heard anecdotally that sibling hunches are usually right. We'll see in a few weeks! Yay, baby!

  9. The second time around is so different than the first! I did bare belly pics with my first and agree with you- I can't believe I ever did that! Not this time! :) I was worried that I wouldn't get as much exercise this time around since I'm a stay at home mom but sheesh, my little one (21 months) is running me raggad! :) Good luck!

  10. I felt like my pregnancies were very different in the same way. I was on cloud nine and so excited (and obsessed) the first time around. With number two? "Whatevs". I doubt there will be a number three though, so I kind of wish I would've been a little more enthused about it.

  11. Similar experience for me... My pregnancy with Henry was easy peasy, I worked full time and don't remember being so exhausted. I never had full on morning sickness with either, but had bad food aversions with Henry. Not this time, just a few days of queasiness, but the biggest thing is how absolutely EXHAUSTED I felt. I agree that being home is probably a huge part of it, and also I think parenting and chasing a toddler around, or even just playing and interacting all the time makes us a bit more tired. Who knows! I showed way later this time but was "thick" quite early. Even now my belly plays this weird disappearing act... mostly due to placenta! Rambling now, but I love reading your experience!

  12. Oh! And my guess is girl. Just for fun.
    Henry (my H) had the right hunch, but that's not why I'm guessing for you, just random!

  13. Congrats to you guys! You will be pleased with your 2nd csection. It is so much easier the 2nd time around and so nice to schedule it. I have had 3 :o)

  14. So exciting! There is a serious blogger baby boom. I was just thinking that all my favourites were so quiet recently then they all announced their pregnancies, I guess thats a good excuse!

    Bettina @

  15. I had and emergency c section too and will definitely be having a scheduled one next time. Don't let anyone make you feel funny about it. I recovered better than my friends who delivered vaginally and I enjoyed the whole experience of birth, and most of them didn't.

  16. Big baby boom but its so exciting! Congratulations :D

  17. I had absolutely insane skin (after never struggling with anything like that in my life) between my first and second boys. It was definitely a hormonal thing because it just came on and attacked me out of nowhere; I still have a bit of mild scarring on my cheeks, (discoloration and slightly rougher texture), that is healing year by year, but still. Whew.

    I started washing with Dr. Bronner's every night and sleeping in a mixture of coconut oil and aloe vera as lotion (I think it was 3 parts to 1 part, respectively.) I also wore that lotion during the day. It helped almost immediately, and though it wasn't miraculous, it did lift my spirits and help my skin. I also started eating loads of coconut oil, taking cod liver oil (all info on Weston A Price website), and laying off of unnatural makeups.

    Anyhow, I'd never met anyone who experienced sudden, awful (for me) acne in their childbearing years. It can be really confusing and somewhat devastating, if you've never dealt with more than a stray zit or two during the high school years.

    Well, congratulations, of course , and good luck to you and your family.

  18. funny - when we picked our son's name i felt like telling everyone the name was insurance that no one would steal it. my fear was that i'd keep the name to myself and in the meantime someone would unknowingly use it and then i would look like the name stealer!

  19. I'm not sure if I'm noticing it more because I am pregnant, but so many lovely ladies seem to be pregnant at the moment! I'm so excited by all it, I'm going to love reading your updates, as well as all of the other lovely bloggers who are pregnant at the moment. I'm 6. 5 months and completely unorganised! So these upcoming posts might make pull my finger out soon!

    Congratulations Danielle! And I'm keeping my baby name on the down low online until she's here!


  20. Hi Danielle! Just wanted to pop in and say hi and congratulations again. I've been reading since before Henry was born but am not much of a commenter. I'm a nurse in Canada so I'm unsure about how things work in the States but if you are not offered a counselor to talk about your c-section choice, I would encourage you to seek one! There is a lot of important information out there about VBAC which you might want to consider, such as how much easier it is to labour the second time around, and the concerns around a baby's lungs with c-sections. Even labouring for a while before a scheduled c-section is beneficial to the baby and reduces time spent in the NICU! Anyway, with respect to you and best wishes, I hope you are able to access the resources to make an informed decision about your birth! Unless you already have which is totally cool :) Can't wait to find out the sex! I have a hunch both you and Mandy are having girls...

  21. Many Congratulations Dannielle. Wishing you and your family a wonderful happy healthy pregnancy. I look forward to following along with it. I missed your first time around, joining your blog when Henry was already a "rea" person.

    We don't have children yet but I always think that whaever I have first I'd like second too-two brothers or two sisters just seem to have the most lovely friendships.

  22. i laughed at your comment about how with henry you thought you were the first pregnant lady, ever. i think most of us feel that way. i did so much research with my first pregnancy. with my second? sometimes i forgot i was pregnant. and then after my second son was born i was so much more at ease, like i was a seasoned pro or something.

    i'm guessing girl. but just because i felt so similar during both of my pregnancies and had two boys. obviously only a healthy baby is what matters, but it's fun to guess!

  23. Have you read "Waiting for Birdy" yet? I read the first page, and I was hooked. It is her personal journey of her second pregnancy.

    Congratulations! :)

  24. I know that with crazy hormones, there's only so much you can do, but I wonder if you noticed any improvement when you went paleo for your Crossfit gym's challenge? I know some people have improvement when they stop eating wheat/grains.

    So excited to read your updates. I am taking things one step at a time (married next year, we'll think about babies sometime after that!), but it's still so, so exciting to hear about the pregnancy "process" with other people. I can wait (but barely want to) to go through this myself :)

  25. You truly are a beautiful mama <3

    Xo the rebel

  26. haha I think that is how everyone is about the first and second pregnancies. . .how the second time is just all, "Don't need to look anything up and be obsessed like last time!" Also the second pregnancy goes by faster with having a little one to pay so much attention to as well. I have two boys. It is fun. I understand how you would feel weird saying the names you have picked out up on the net already. My husband and I wrote down name ideas when we started dating 12 years ago, and we have only used one of the middle names we had picked out and one of the first names picked out. . .but two names we REALLY wanted, we still haven't used. haha. Hope all goes well in your pregnancy and that you get lots of rest!!

  27. Ha, Danielle, I'm having same problems with skin & what worries me it's that I feel weaker this time. But on the other hand I'm running after baby no 1 the whole day ;) I'm thinner, however already showing a little bump (which looks like post-pregnancy bump... like I never lost it). And yes, similar to you, I'm not as obsessed as I was with first pregnancy :)

  28. For your skin, I SWEAR by Belli Skincare's anti-blemish facial wash and fresh start pre-treatment scrub.They aren't super cheap, but they've made a HUGE difference in my skin while pregnant. And Kiehl's Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion has been really helpful as well. :) Congrats on the pregnancy!

  29. Congratulations Danielle. I'm very happy for you and your family.

  30. I totally relate on locking up baby names. I am dead set on a certain boy name for when me and my husband have our own and I'm terrified someone will take it, even though it's not really common at all. I know so many pregnant women right now and all I think is "OMG what if they have a boy and name him ---- !!" So stressful hahaha

    Can't wait to find out the sex!!

  31. so very happy for you all, congratulations!!

  32. Don't know if you've heard of them but I am planning a gentle c-section for the end of march you can watch one on you tube to see what they are like. I'm excited to have a more personal experience this time, I wrote a post about it. Just thought I'd mention it. Congrats!

  33. I totally get not wanting to tell anyone the names you picked out. It's so nice to surprise everyone with the name when you announce the birth x

  34. I think keeping names secret are great. Especially with the current baby boom.

    Bonnie Rose
    The Compass Rose

  35. I'm so excited to follow your pregnancy journey as I go through my first! I go back and forth on whether to blog about my experience since it seems so many people already do. I totally feel that "world revolves around my pregnancy" happening to me though, mostly with my obsessive reading/research... but that's just in my personality. When I get a new interest I dive RIGHT in so this is no exception. Just like being a bride, I am constantly mindful of how much I'm talking about it, and if I really just want to gush nonstop I call my mom because she's happy to talk about it ad nauseum.

    I'm glad to hear you are feeling good, and I love that Henry has a prediction for the gender! We are going to find out the gender but not tell anyone until our gender reveal baby shower. This has already caused some tension with my overzealous MIL who feels she is already behind on shopping (for what, I have no idea as I'm only 14 weeks). I like that you are keeping your names a secret, I think we will too since so far I've gotten a shocking amount of negative reactions from friends when I share some possible names.

    I'm also glad to hear I'm not the only one who isn't showing but still feels "wide" as I like to call it! I am a slightly curvy girl to begin with but this has been the weirdest part and I'm hoping this belly pops out soon so I can think "baby" instead of "too many burritos" every time I undress.

    Sorry long comment but I can't contain my pregnant excitement!

    Strive to Thrive,

  36. Congrats!! There does seem to be a big baby boom for this summer. I am 20 weeks along with my third, and will have my third c-section the last week of June. Here in FL it's the law that once you have a c-section you have to always have one. I completely agree with you about the risks either way. After my last c-section my Dr told me right after it that he could tell I was at great risk of a rupture.

  37. My sister in law is a few weeks ahead of you with her 2nd and my nephew keeps calling the baby his "sister" and saying he wants to name it 'Cindy Lou Hoo'...but they just found out it is a BOY!

  38. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I am so happy for you and your family! I can't wait to see how your pregnancy progresses and the newest edition to your family when they arrive!

    Quick thing - not to sound like the P.C. police or come off as trolling, but I just wanted to let you know that sex and gender are actually different though people often use them interchangeably. When people say they are 'finding out the gender' they really should be saying 'finding out the sex' because sex is this refers to the biological/physiological characteristics of a person, whereas gender is socially constructed.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) puts it simply as, "'Male' and 'female' are sex categories, while 'masculine' and 'feminine' are gender categories."

    I really hope this comment doesn't come across as rude, because that is absolutely not my intent. I figured since you've been vocal about LGBT rights in previous posts, and you were an English teacher, you might be interested in that distinction.

    Congratulations again! I love your blog!

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