Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekend Links

First of all, Phoenix people, I wanted to share the coolest thing ever with you. My friend Gabe works for Uber, and this Valentine's Day they're doing something really special that makes me kind of, sort of wish we lived in the Phoenix area. Drumroll please...Uber is making it possible for you to send your sweetie on-demand roses delivered by barbershop quartets. Ahhh! Here are the details: for $75 you get a bundle of fresh red roses, one song from a real Barbershop Quartet, and a personalized Valentine’s Card. This is happening between 9am and 6pm, with the quartets pulling up in Uber's black cars & SUVs.

You can request the service right from your Uber app, set the location you want the gift to be delivered. You’ll receive an ETA and be able to communicate with the driver delivering the gift. The Barbershop Quartet will arrive to your desired location, deliver a rose & perform a love song for your sweetie! One thing: if you do this PLEASE tweet or IG me a photo. I'm so sad to miss out and really want to see the quartets in action.

And now, some links-

Filming the imagination of a 6 year old, literally.

S'mores hot chocolate

Always love Denene's blog, and especially enjoy her round up of links.

On my Etsy wishlist these- hairpins (in coral!) in the Acute Designs shop, and this gorgeous print that would look amazing in any kitchen.

And how about this dress? Wishlist material for sure.

Some great web fonts for download.

Did you know Friday was National Girl Scout Cookie Day?

So many beautiful kids items.

Click through to see what Diana's learned from social media

20-somethings- can you relate?

Always love Megan's Currently posts.

Stage Left. A post about the little things we do for ourselves.

I'll be participating in this game from Trisha's blog next week.

Honestly DYING over Missy's babywearing video. Seriously laughing out loud- I love her!

How to see if your images are being used on another site. 

Oh Katie, always such a doll!  

What Janna really wants. How about you?

The perfect summer drink. Definitely bookmarked this one for warm-weather get togethers.

A simple, beautiful hairstyle

These sunglasses! Swoon! 

Are you on Vine yet? I posted my second compilation last night- loving these little videos. 

Adore this quote...especially printed like this. And for $5 too.

Frank Ocean can fly. Will you be watching the Grammys? We will be. So excited.

Some blogs to check out: The Baby and the Artist (a sponsor this month)...and is it okay to still link one of my favorite blogs of all time, even though she doesn't blog anymore? 

And finally, A Valentine for my Gay Ex Husband. Beautiful.




  1. I always love reading your links! Thanks for including me!

  2. that what's it like to be 20's article - i couldn't stop laughing! so true and good movies to quote from. :) i too can't wait for the grammy's tonight! and i always look forward to your weekend links, girl! thanks!

  3. Love the 20 something GIFs!!! The Girls ones are the best and so hilarious and kind of relatable hhahaha


  4. Love all the links you chose this week!

  5. Thank you for including me! I love the 20 something GIF's and I wish we lived in Phoenix, lol.

  6. Aw, I really really wish Aura Joon was still blogging!

  7. ohh, that valentine for my gay ex-husband was so touching.

  8. also love megan's posts. Aura joon is lovely-will enjoy reading the posts from the past

  9. Yay! Glad you enjoyed my video! Let's hope I win!

  10. Love the twentysomethings post. The best movies(& show) for it!

    xo Ashley

  11. i am so excited you are going to take part in my random questions - i tried to come up with some odd balls that don't normally get asked! i always hate "tagging" people because i never know if people will be mad haha so i like to try and leave it open to those that want to join along to do so! thanks for joining in, can't wait to read your answers!


  12. Oh my the 20-something post! Nothing has ever been more relevant to my life ever and I've only been 20 for 4 months! Haha but I love all these links!

    x Sara @