Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekend Links

In the summer of 2010 Chelsea (one of the founders of P.S. I Adore You) found out that her 4-year-old daughter, Cami had leukemia.  It was pure devastation to say the least. The doctors told Chelsea that Cami had a very good chance of surviving, but they would have to fight the battle of their lives and it would need to start NOW!  Cami's battle lasted about 3 years. She had many ups and downs along the way, but we are happy to report that Cami is off treatment and officially CANCER FREE!  That is when P.S. I Adore You was born. Throughout their battle, Chelsea met many other cancer moms and their precious kids who often times didn't have a happy ending.  These are the families P.S. I Adore You strives to help.  

Together with Hello Apparel, P.S. I Adore You is donating $6 for every shirt sold from February 18th- February 22nd a. Funds raised will be given to the SLC CureSearch in honor of Cami and all her little cancer buddies. The sale ends today but the shirts (and some blue ones for guys) will still be for sale on the Hello Apparel website, with some proceeds still going to the cause.

And now, some more links to check out!

Have you tried coconut oil as a body/beauty item yet? Check out my friend Jenny's video all about it.

A fun, new way to print Instagram photos.

15 minute Thin Mints: 3 ingredients, no bake...and vegan! Say what?

What a beautiful blog full of beautiful recipes!

Have you ever tried wooden sunglasses? Aren't these gorgeous? So happy to have Tumbleweeds on Sometimes Sweet this past month.

Food tattoos!

Oscar Actress Quotes: The best things 2013 nominees have said during awards season.

Were parents better then or now? Interesting read.

The surprising last words of 11 entertainers.

How Red Velvet Cake got its name. Neat!

A few blogs to check out: one, two and three.

Have you seen this movie? I saw this trailer and thought it looked great. Luckily it's on Netflix!

THIS SHOE. So pretty.

Still Juxing...are you?

7 tips to love where you are, right now.

Dolphins are pretty amazing.

Coral foxes? Can I use this as an adult blanket?

Some strange things are happening to astronauts returning to Earth. A must-read.

"What's in my bag," Martha style.

Sweet Stacie sent Henry one of these this week. I can't wait to share a photo!

Sponsor love: this necklace, these hairpins, this movie review, and this blog.

Stop apologizing for what you like to read!

What are your broken windows?

A piñata cake. Amazing!

Okay I feel kind of bad laughing (I'd be devastated)...but it's SO FUNNY it's impossible not to.

And finally, window washers at a children's hospital. Love this.


  1. the burning hair off video made me laugh out loud. one time my hair dryer decided to randomly catch on fire and some of my hair was torched. fortunately it didn't do too much damage. but the smell was horrible! but now i do kind of get anxious whenever my hair dryer is more than a year old.

    delirious rhapsody

  2. Love your weeekend links, thanks for them :)

  3. oh my, those three ingredient thin mints look SO amazing! YUM. Have a great weekend Dani!

  4. I LOVE Take This Waltz. Just a warning, it's pretty vulgar and awkward. Also very slow. Probably not a very good movie by a lot of people's standards, but I just love it and its aesthetic!

    1. I totally agree. It was really strange but I still loved it. I think a lot of the reason is because my relationship with my husband is a lot like her and Seth Rogan. I found it to be really sweet but also a bit depressing. But at the same time just real. Thats why the awkward parts weren't completely awkward, they just felt like real life. Does that make sense?!


  5. ahh love the "stop apologizing for what you like to read" article... SO true! Also, Take this Waltz was one of my favorite movies from last year!!

  6. Awesome links lady! I think i might have to order some insta pics based on their pakaging alone!! And the 7 tips...i can't tell you how much i needed this. I think i may have to craft together a reminder of these things somewhere i can see them every day.

    Xo the rebel

  7. Great "new way" to print Instagram photos! Thanks for sharing!

  8. The fun,new way to print instagram photos is awesome!
    Also those thin mints look so yummy, and super easy to make :)
    Happy weekend.

  9. As soon as I saw the description of the video I knew it was the girl burning her hair off. So funny, but poor girl!
    And the picture of the window washers kind of melts my heart.
    Happy weekend!

  10. that movie about our earth just blew my mind and make me cry. It's all just so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  11. These links are great! Yes to Thin Mints, those pretty shoes, and to stop apologizing for what you like to read! I'm in graduate school for Creative Writing, so people feel like they should be reading classic and literary novels all the time. They apologize for reading fun novels or bestsellers that aren't literary or YA novels. I'm going to stop apologizing for reading what I love! Thanks for all these links!

  12. I didn't love "Take this Waltz," but I also don't think I gave it much of a chance. I was a little distracted when I first saw it. I'm curious to know what you think if you watch it.

    I think I have to add Tiny Buddha to my blog roll!

  13. going to look into that movie on netflix this weekend and yes, THAT particular you tube video. you can't help but laugh - but yes, poor thing! p.s. thanks for the blog love. you rock! :)

  14. i say def check out Take This Waltz. It's definitely a little different and awkward in parts, but true to real life and it's ups and downs and twists. i'd like to see what you think of it.

    thanks for some blog lovin this week =) did you watch it? such a sweet documentary. i cried and was so sad when i heard he has since past away and didn't make it to 100. =(


  15. I love your weekend link posts! That poor girl burning her hair! Although a friend did a similar thing with a straightening iron on her fringe, so that was kinda worse! The window cleaners are so adorable! And those food blogs... Thanks a BUNCH. I'm trying to be healthy, not eat delicious mint thins! haha. Thanks for the shout-out too! So much <3

  16. I love the 7 TIps To Love Where You Are! I need to keep all of those in mind! You always have the best weekend links. ^.^

    xo Sara from

  17. My sister and cousin were both diagnosed with childhood leukemia. It is hard and I am so glad to hear Cami is cancer free!

  18. I can't even imagine that horror, and the relief when it goes away.


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