Wednesday, April 10, 2013

21 Weeks

Oh baby, we're halfway there.

First of all, I have to say that I have completely given into the fact that, unless my brain does a total 180, belly photos with weekly updates will not be happening, at least not regularly. Once and awhile, maybe. But all last week I kept telling Hank, okay today we'll snap some quick photos, and every night when he got home I'd say, oh no, tomorrow would be better. And then tomorrow came and it would be the same thing. And I felt guilty! How silly, right? Guilty over the BELLY PHOTOS I kept putting off. SILLY. I mean, who cares? For some reason though I felt like I should do them regularly, like that's just what I was supposed to do. Does that make sense? Oh, blogging.

As far as the pregnancy though, I'm loving it! I'm officially 21 weeks today and smack dab in the enjoying phase, now that I'm fully out of the first trimester and have been for some time. It's still crazy to me to feel these little kicks and flips and pokes, and be suddenly reminded that yes, there is a baby in there. I can't tell if it's because I had more time to think about it before I was chasing around a toddler all day, but I swear, I just felt more pregnant last time.

Right now our main focus is getting the house ready for baby! We're changing one of the guest rooms into a nursery this weekend, and will probably get painting on Sunday. I'm thinking all white walls, and I'll share the rest of our plans once we get going. Since we bought our home just a month or so before Henry was born, I feel like I never really got the chance to get it exactly how I wanted. I love it, but now I'm just excited to get his "big boy" room up and running. Doing two rooms for two boys at once is interesting, because I gravitate towards the same things and I have to remind myself that the rooms shouldn't be carbon copies of one another, no matter how much I want to put the same curtain panels and rug in both.

It's also still WEIRD to me to imagine having two boys running around. It's not like I was set on having a girl this time, but I think my mind wandered a lot more that way than it did to the boy side. So when we heard "boy!" it took my brain a second to process it, and I'm still laughing to myself thinking of the wild chaos that will be happening once baby is here, and both of these dudes are able to run and play together.

I've gotten a few of the same questions on my IG/blog/email/Twitter, so I thought I'd answer them here, even though I've already touched on a few of these things before.

Do you guys have named picked out?

Yes!  First and middle, ready to go. Some people like to wait and see the baby before they name them, but I like being set on the name and being able to call the little one by name during pregnancy. Henry also uses the baby's name and it's just about the cutest thing ever.

Why are you having a planned c-section? Why not try for a VBAC?

I already answered this in an earlier post but I'd say this is one of the most common questions I've been asked lately. I had an emergency c-section with Henry after almost two days of natural labor and three hours of pushing, and although my doctor didn't tell me I couldn't try for a vaginal birth, I'm just not interested. I had an easy recovery with my c-section, and although the actual labor wasn't bad (up until the end when they told me NOT to push...try to stop that phenomenon from happening), I just have absolutely no interest in trying it again. So instead I'll be scheduled with the same doctor, and I'll know what day our little guy will be born. That is totally strange to me, to know in advance when I'm giving birth, but that's the plan!

Do you guys want to have more kids or is two boys it?

I would honestly have six kids if we could. Ideally we would like 4, but like my Mom says, have two and see.

Are you still working out? What is your workout plan?

Yes, still working out regularly. I'm a total morning person and usually get up super early, way before Hank and Henry (around 4:45am) and go to the gym. I usually do about 45 minutes of cardio- a mix of the elliptical, stair stepper, bike, etc- then some weights. I'm used to lifting heavy but while pregnant I don't at all; the most I do in free weights is about 12 lbs. in each hand if I'm doing biceps or something. But that's it. I also have been doing prenatal yoga and barre, and going on long walks most days with Henry. With all of that said though, some days I just don't feel like it and I don't push it. Besides our walks, I haven't worked out the past couple of days because I've been a little tired and couldn't fall asleep, and the only way I'll wake up early is if I got to bed by 9 or 9:30. Usually this is easy to do, but some days it's hard. So my motto is just do what feels good, and that's been working for me.

21 weeks has been good to me. Although I have been a little up and down with my energy levels, all food is tasting good (reeeaaal good, people), skin and hair are behaving, and I'm feeling pretty wonderful. My stomach is about the same size it was with Henry at this point, although one difference is that this baby moves a lot less. It will be interesting to see if that corresponds with their personalities, like it apparently did with my sister and me. My Mom says that I didn't move a lot, and I ended up being a super laid back kid, content to read for hours on her lap...and then my sister moved a LOT and ended up being a super wild kid. Henry moved a lot in my belly and is my energetic rascal of a boy, so we'll see if this next baby is a little more subdued.

It's hard to believe I'm past the halfway mark, and before we know it summertime and new baby time will be here!



  1. Dani -

    It's okay to admit that you wanted a girl and are completely disappointed. That is the impression I get from your blog posts. You seem so unhappy.

    1. Aw really? This next statement seems like such a silly thing to say to someone I don't know, but I promise I didn't want a girl. I was fine either way. I'd hardly describe my reaction as unhappy?! But perception belongs to the person reading, so you see what you see! I promise you though, you're wrong. ;)


    2. I think that until people experience it themselves, there's nothing that they can compare this to and can't even begin to get it. Even the spouse/partner who is not physically having the baby can't fully get it in my opinion. There's no disappointed when it comes to kids--there's just not (or really shouldn't be, I guess/hope). But! There is just getting your brain wrapped around what is actually going to happen (which is why we've found out the sex of our babies so I already know what's going on and don't have to process after labor which is already process heavy enough!). I wrote about it last month when thinking about how my expectant baby would fit into the mix

      and you seem far from unhappy. Peeps just be projecting :P

    3. This is in response to Jamie's comment above. (I never comment on these things, but I am in first trimester hormonal hell - so here goes). That is such a ridiculous comment, I felt offended and gobsmacked at the same time, and it's not even my blog. What a stupid, pointless thing to say. There is nothing "unhappy" about her post. She simply said she was shocked to hear "boy" and that she's been adjusting. Totally normal. That's it. If anything, she seems absolutely JOYOUS about her pregnancy. And secondly, why would you even say something so negative, besides to get a reaction (which I am giving you - also annoys me :).

      I'm in awe of Dani's positive response to this commenter!


      ps: I'm already regretting posting this comment, but here goes.

  2. have two and see - i love it! totally makes sense. we just had our fourth and last but totally paused after the second to enjoy it for a little bit :)

  3. I don't think you sound unhappy! I thought I was having a girl too but, I have two little boys. Now I cant imagine it any other way.

  4. I just found your blog and it sounds like it was perfectly meant to be! I am 19 1/2 weeks now. Just found out we're having a second boy, and I had the exact same experience processing the news that you did. I decided very early on I wasn't going to blog about my pregnancy all the time or post belly photos every week, but I also feel guilty-ish about it. I decided on an every 4 weeks schedule but I didn't get started on that until I was 16 weeks. Two boys are going to be so fun together!

  5. I'm only two weeks ahead of you and I am so huge! You have the cutest little baby bump. I'm also much bigger than I was last time with my son... I'm choosing to blame it on the fact that this one's a girl :) glad you are feeling well and enjoying the pregnancy.

    xox Lilly

  6. I have two boys. my youngest is now almost 6 and we are still waiting and seeing. hopefully get my girl next time. Cool thing about two boys is they can bond and if you have a girl later she will have awesome big brothers.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  7. I, too, had an emergency c-section with my daughter (just turned a year!!) and am hoping for round two VERY soon. And I, too, am not interested in a VBAC at all. The emergency c-section was SO traumatic and scary as Alice was in distress so I'm not sure I could get in the right mindset to try doing it that way again.

    I'm sure once I am pregnant (fingers crossed!!) I'll get that 'But why not?' question a lot. Glad I'm not alone!

    Love those shoes!

  8. When in summer are you due? Asking because my birthday and my husband's birthday are in the summer ;)

  9. Love your shoes! Where are they from?

  10. You are precious and so tiny! I'm a week behind you and my belly is the size of a beach ball!

  11. you are pregnant!! where have i been? congratulations dani!! xoxox elizabeth

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  13. Baby updates are fun! We have four lovely ladies at work who are pregnant, so it seems like there's baby talk happening all the time! I have a student whose mother is pregnant, too!

    I actually came in to fill in for a teacher who has a high risk pregnancy. My little preschoolers sent her an email yesterday with a few relevant questions (What are you doing to get ready for your baby? What is the baby's name? What does your baby look like?) and some random ones (What does your car look like? What color is it? Do you like ice cream? What sound does your cat make when it meows?) At least your questions were on topic. ;)

  14. Danielle, I really enjoy reading your blog. I have been reading for years now and don't comment much. It may seem silly, but you're one of the only blogs I read from top to bottom. On most, I skip all the words and just look at pictures. Anyway, I really do enjoy your perspective and honesty.

    Have a great Thursday! <3

  15. You are just darling. Such a good mama. I can't wait to see you as a mama of two

  16. I just recently found your blog! I also turned 21 weeks on Wednesday! Is your due date August 21st!? That's amazing if it is :) we are having a baby girl. Congrats to you and your family!

  17. I actually think my boy was easier then my girl! Although he can get crazy he doesn't have the attitude that comes along with a girl!! Glad you are in the "enjoying" phase of pregnancy!!

  18. I TOTALLY understand the guilt felt over not taking belly photos. I don't have a single belly pic of me when I was pregnant with my son; only 1 when pregnant with my middle child; and barely 7 or 8 when pregnant with my oldest. I feel so guilty on the daily (more here:, and I think that's why I'm so obsessed with taking pictures All.The.Time. now. Seriously, like a few hundred a week. Making up for lost time, I guess.

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  20. I have two boys and couldn't love it more! You're refreshingly unapologetic about your c-section plans. It feels like women pressure each other to do it "naturally", but it's your body and your baby. I personally think it's important to consider the recovery period as much as the delivery itself. Best of luck with it all!

  21. I get so excited about baby names. Can't wait til you guys share! (We didn't come up with a name for either of our kids until I was in labor!)

  22. I don't get why people are apparently shocked that you are having a planned c-section.. first of all it's a private decision. also it seems a little rude to suggest that you should consider something else.. I mean, it's your baby and your body! and second of all a 'natural' birth can be pretty awful and dangerous for both mother and child.
    also a set date is just really neat :)

  23. Hooray for two little boys! My two boys keep me so busy and happy. We are always on the move, but it just makes the quiet, cuddly moments that more special.
    So exciting!

  24. I'll be so interested to hear how the 2nd c-section goes! I also had an emergency c-section with my first (10 months) and I'm barely pregnant again right now. I would love a first-hand account of the experience from a blogger mama I trust because I have no desire to try a VBAC either!

  25. I haven't been on your blog in a while but I just saw this post and wanted to share that I too had an emergency c-section the first time and just couldn' the second. I just wanted a birth that was smooth and what I had expected and maybe even to be in control. So with my second daughter, I planned the section, drove int hat morning, and everything went beautifully. They stitched me up, handed me my baby (which didn't happen the first time) and she stayed with me, nursing and cuddling, from that point on. It was a wonderful experience and I don't regret not trying for a VBAC at all. Hope yours is as good.

  26. LOVE your shoes! Would love to know where they are from!!