Monday, April 22, 2013

Our Weekend in Numbers

Our weekend in numbers:

25: the number of minutes we waited to be greeted by a server at dinner before the show. Good thing your food is so good, Cibo!

3: the number of songs that made me tear up at The Postal Service show. So much emotion, so much nostalgia! ...and so many pregnancy hormones.

7: the number of times Henry said "THIS IS SO COOL!" while at the Children's Museum on Friday morning. He was in awe, and so so excited to explore every nook and cranny of the place.

1: the number of Big Wacs consumed. The Big Wac is a vegan version of the Big Mac at one of Hank's favorite restaurants. Awesome, right?

1: the number of meltdowns had. Sadly, this meltdown was my own. To make a long story short, we ordered our crib and it arrived a couple of weeks ago. I had asked Hank to open it up when it came to check and be sure it looked okay so we were ready to assemble it when my parents arrived this past weekend. Like even the sweetest of husbands sometimes do, I was ignored and while my Mom and I were out grocery shopping my Dad and Hank decided to put it together. We arrived home to a fully-assembled crib (yay!), but then I noticed a huge gash in the front of the wood (ugh!). I got upset, walked into the next room, promptly tripped over Henry, fell on both of us, and started crying like a toddler, right there on the floor. Henry was a-okay by the way. I pouted while Hank and my Dad disassembled the crib but eventually decided to stop acting so ridiculously. Not my proudest moment but we can laugh about it now, right? ...right? ;)

6: the number of hours we spent in the car this weekend. To Phoenix and back, then a few little trips.

4: the number of minutes we spent hiking before we realized that the trail was not fit for a stroller, even our tank of a BOB. We turned that puppy right around and hightailed it for the swings.

7: the number of ducks I was SURE were about to attack us while we were at Goldwater Lake. If you didn't know, I have a weird fear of birds and ducks. Usually it ain't no thing and I don't make a big dramatic deal about it but this time there was a HUGE swan-duck-dinosaur that kept coming at us, making the most horrible screeching sound I've ever heard. It was followed by it's little duck soldiers and I was terrified!

1: the number of delicious pizzas ordered and eaten on Friday night. We always get the same thing from our favorite place- a large cheese pizza with Bill's sauce, which is half tomato sauce and half pesto. To die for amazing.

12: the number of donuts we (over)ordered on Saturday morning. We should have stuck to the original plan of one per person, instead of a grand smorgasbord of sweetness, which resulted in stomachaches for all.

3: the number of beanies worn. Summer's almost here which means no more beanies, and I'm not sure who is sadder, Henry or me!

2: the number of frozen yogurt cups Henry ate in one sitting during our Saturday evening trip (he stole mine).

4: the number of home projects we tackled! We made a teepee for Henry, finished painting Charlie's room, put up reading shelves for Henry, and put together (then took apart) Charlie's crib.

1: the number of sandboxes that were delivered for a certain little someone!

1,987: the number of times I felt so thankful for this crazy, wonderful family of mine.

And now, photos! These are iPhone pictures but not Instagrams, so that counts for something, right?


Weekend Fun 4/19-4/21 Weekend Fun 4/19-4/21 Weekend Fun 4/19-4/21 Weekend Fun 4/19-4/21 Weekend Fun 4/19-4/21 Weekend Fun 4/19-4/21 Weekend Fun 4/19-4/21 Weekend Fun 4/19-4/21 Weekend Fun 4/19-4/21 Weekend Fun 4/19-4/21 Weekend Fun 4/19-4/21 Weekend Fun 4/19-4/21 Weekend Fun 4/19-4/21 Weekend Fun 4/19-4/21 Weekend Fun 4/19-4/21 Weekend Fun 4/19-4/21 Weekend Fun 4/19-4/21 Weekend Fun 4/19-4/21 Weekend Fun 4/19-4/21 Weekend Fun, 4/19-4/21 Weekend Fun 4/19-4/21 Weekend Fun 4/19-4/21 Weekend Fun 4/19-4/21 Weekend Fun 4/19-4/21


  1. What a fun way to capture your weekend, I'll have to give that a try!

  2. such a cute post! i'm terrified of birds as well (attacked by ducks when i was little at the zoo) and i actually got attacked by a bird at the grocery last week! twice. once on the way in and once on the way out. no kidding, it was awful. i may have to find a new grocery store.

  3. I seriously cracked up at the bird thing! I'm the same way!! Those darn ducks will peck your face off...well, at least that's my fear. And, we have some nesting ducks in our back pond - aka: my worst nightmare.

  4. I just saw The Postal Service and it was so amazing!

  5. Ugh, the ducks at the park my fiance and I like to have picnics at are so vicious, too... I always think they're going to attack me!

  6. You guys are way too freakin' cute.
    Ducks are so bold. I had one nip at my toes when I was reading in the park alone one day. Cue solitary laughing and shreiking.
    Less scary than the pelican who tried to streal our lunches at Fota wildlife park in Ireland a couple of summers ago though!

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  8. WOW that looks like a fun weekend! I'm jealous. I spent my weekend at airports -.- boooring.

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  10. you forgot something ;)

    100: the number of percent how perfect this weekend sounds.

  11. your weekend sounded amazing, i'm jealous of you getting to see The Postal Service - that brings back some memories.

    and we all have to have melt-downs once in a while (pregnancy hormones or not!) they do normally make for great stories afterwards.

    i loved the setup of this post, i may have to steal it and use it some time soon ;)


  12. Love the name Charlie! Congratulations!

  13. my husband and i went and saw death cab when i was pregnant with our first son, although i didn't know i was pregnant yet. i kept tearing up and i couldn't figure out why.

  14. You had a busy weekend! But a fun one it looks like!
    That's pretty awesome that you got to see 'The Postal Service' in concert! I didn't realize they were touring. Or maybe that was a one-time show.
    I've been to the Children's Museum myself a few years ago(with kids of course!), and it's a pretty cool place to go. I would have loved to go somewhere like that when I was a kid.
    That's too bad about the 'beanie' time almost being over. Although maybe Henry could still wear them inside?

  15. You´ve got a lot done - and some stomach ache could be worth it when eating donuts! :-)

  16. Henry is way too cute. It looks like you guys had a pretty crazy weekend, but looks so fun! So sad about beanie season being over... Now we've got to actually do our hair!

    Dani Rose
    Sincerely, Dani Rose

  17. WOW! well you just lost one regular reader tonight, I have to say I am a bit shocked. I thought you were so sweet, I suppose I should have noticed the sometimes.

    1. Please tell me you are not the sweetest girl who ended up being our server at Cibo! You were so sweet too! This comment confused me and when I reread my post I realized that maybe you could think I was making a comment about YOU! Ahh! So sorry lady. Not my intention at all. You were wonderful and it was so so nice to meet you!


  18. The moment The Postal Service started playing, I immediately started tearing up. I felt so silly in the moment, but those songs just mean so much to me. I'm glad someone else reacted so heavily to them too. See you this weekend!

  19. I love posts like this! Also you had me laughing outloud at the "there was a HUGE swan-duck-dinosaur" haha too good!

  20. Ooh this was fun. I was convinced that I was going to be inspired by Elise's post that I just read for tomorrow, but I love this one a lot too. Engineer's love numbers. I'm going to have to sleep on this.

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