Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Today's the Day!

Family Photos, February 2013
photo by my sweet friend Lauren Ristow
This morning we'll be having our big ultrasound! Our first priority is to make sure our little one is still healthy and doing okay in there, and second if he or she is being cooperative, to find out the sex. Ahh! I kind of feel like a crazy person being so excited about this (my tweets have probably reached an annoying level of talking about it), but I think it's just such an insane thing to find out if we're adding a little brother or a little sister to the mix- it will obviously change the whole dynamic either way but after 20 weeks, I'm ready to know! Like any mother I'm over the moon happy with either. I keep having these sweet thoughts of brothers, and then in the same daydream little ideas of a tiny me. So we'll see.

My gut does tell me one thing, and when I share our news I'll tell you if I'm right. I don't know why I don't feel comfortable typing it out there now, but I think it's just something I want to hold a little close to me until our appointment, and until I see if my intuition is correct.

Hank is thinking girl, and it's pretty much the same across that board with my family and friends but I think it's just because we already have a boy that people always think you "should" have the opposite or something, if that makes sense.

I thought it would be fun to take a look at some Old Wives' Tales and see what rings true. I don't believe in any of this stuff but it's still pretty fun to read through them.

Old Wives' Tale #1: Carrying low it's a boy, carrying high it's a girl.

I'm carrying totally different than with Henry. I can even still wear my pre-pregnancy jeans because I'm carrying so high. With Henry he was low, low, low. So this one goes to the girls!

Old Wives' Tale #2: Heart rate. Under 140 it's a boy, over 140 it's a girl.

This baby has been consistently in the 150s at every appointment. So, girl for this one too.

Old Wives' Tale #3: Skin and hair. Both looking good? It's a boy. Broken out and dealing with lifeless, dull hair? Girl, because apparently they "steal your beauty."

As I've talked about before my hair has not been looking its best and my skin has been a nightmare. Opposite of my first pregnancy. Girl again.

Old Wives' Tale #4: Chinese Gender Chart. Not necessarily an "Old Wives' Tale" but I'll still include it. See the chart here.

Boy, and it looks like with this chart I have only have the chance of having a girl during two out of twelve months in my 30th year.

Old Wives' Tale #5: Morning sickness. None, it's a boy. Sick, it's a girl.

I wasn't sick at ALL with Henry, but with this one I was a little queasy in the beginning but never threw up and I wouldn't classify it as morning sickness at all. So this one goes to boy.

So if the Old Wives' Tales are right, at 3/5 it looks like there's a girl in there. Our appointment is at 10:30am, so we will soon see. Can't wait to share the news.

Do you have a guess? Let me know in the comments!



  1. Would it be creepy if I said I hope it's a girl lol? I actually didn't have any morning sickness when I was pregnant with my daughter and the Chinese gender chart told me she was a 'he'. ;) All fun though!

    I can't believe you're that far along already! Good luck. :)


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  3. I missed the news you being pregnant again.
    Such a wonderful news!

  4. What an exciting day! I'm 28 weeks along myself and we were right in our prediction :) Though some of those wives' tales seem a little false. For me, the heart rate was fast (so that said girl, but asking doctors they say this is a complete myth. All babies have fast heart beats in the early months), my skin was HORRIBLE (they say that's girl above, but I've heard this is because of boys - testosterone), carrying low (boy). In the end.. it was a boy but the only way we guessed was from the first ultrasound photo which looked exactly like my partner. Crazy that they can be so developed so early on.

    Looking forward to hearing what you are having!
    -Vanessa from www.thelittlekicks.com

  5. How exciting! I think your having a little girl x

  6. We just found out that our third baby will be a boy! The Chinese Gender Chart was correct for us with all 3 babies. I had a feeling it was a boy because this pregnancy has been so different than my first two. Good luck and can't wait to hear your big news!

  7. i felt the exact same with boy of my pregnancies with my boys...so i'm saying GIRL!

  8. I say girl but totally because I'd want you to have a little girl. You'd be awesome with another little boy too!! Cannot wait to hear what it is!!!! So excited for your little family! xoxo

  9. Everyone thought I was having a girl when I had my second pregnancy and I knew I was having another boy and was excited. My husband was seriously thinking our second son was a girl and he was a little sad at first when they told us he was a boy but then he was thrilled. That morning sickness tale is hilarious to me. Both of my pregnancies were the complete opposite of the other. I carried really low for the first and really high for the second. I threw up like crazy for months every day for the first, and only 7 times total for the second. I didn't pay attention to the heart rate thing, but remember hearing about it. My boys both had hair though the second one had loads more. funny how the first looks more like me than my husband and he has super thick hair while the other one has thinner hair and looks more like my husband. . they switched hair as they grew because the first was born with hair that fell out right away and the second had soooo much and it was crazy but then when it finally fell out it was completely different! The lunar calendar actually was right for both of my boys.
    Happy finding out day!!!!!

  10. My Brother has 5 children and my sister-in-law had identical pregnancies with her 3 boys and very different identical pregnancies with her 2 girls. So I am saying girl too. Wishing you all the best for a clear scan.

    P.s. I have that Anthropologie dress in red & black-so comfy and flattering!

  11. Surprisingly all the old wives tales were right with both my girls(except the morning sickness, I only had that with my second).

  12. Eeek! Danielle, I'm so excited for you guys to check on the baby and hopefully find out whether it's a boy or girl. Our 20 week ultrasound when we found out it was a boy was the first time I teared up during the pregnancy. We didn't care either way, it was just so overwhelming and exciting to find out that my eyes leaked.

    I don't have a guess for you. I was positive we were having a girl and then about two weeks before the ultrasound I really started thinking that it was a boy. I am not a good guesser! I can't wait to hear your news!!

  13. I think girl too...but I always think it comes down to one's intuition. For me, I knew even before any of the symptoms started that I was having a boy, and I was right!

  14. So exciting...can't wait to hear! My guess is GIRL!

  15. How exciting! I will say girl, but I'm usually wrong when predicting.

    Royal @ www.royalproclaims.blogspot.com

  16. I just had my baby girl a month ago and I gotta tell ya she matched all the Old Wive's tales I could find. She carried so high I wore my pre-pregnancy pants till 30 weeks. I started to look a little crazy and her heart rate was always up there. I'm guessing girl! Hope (s)he is just as healthy as can be.

    Memoirs & Mochas

  17. I don't have a guess, but how are you going to let us know? Blog post or twitter!? I need to know what to refresh 50000x today (;

  18. I have found so far with everyone I know that the one about how you carry has been spot on. I haven't even heard of any of the others! Either way, I hope your little nugget is healthy and growing well! <3

  19. They told my sister because the heart rate was high she "could" be having a girl, but as it turns out, in the first many weeks/months all babies heart rates are higher! She ended up finding out she was having a boy!

    Regardless, I hope girl!!

  20. I'm just 3 weeks ahead of you! Having a late July baby girl! Carrying high, face + hair a mess, and still dealing with "morning" sickness today. Total opposite of when I was pregnant with my boy. Chinese gender predictor was wrong for both my pregnancies.

    I'm just hoping a healthy baby for y'all!

  21. Those old wives tales are so funny - they're almost all wrong for me this time around! I'm carrying looowwww, my hair is better than ever (yay!), and her little heart beat is between 135 & 140 every time. The only thing that was correct was the Chinese Gender Chart, that predicted a girl. ;)

    I'm super excited to find out what you're having! Either way you're going to have such a precious little one. <3

  22. I always guess by the look of a womans face whether they're going to have a girl or a boy, I am not sure what it is but you can kind of tell by how they look...my best guess will be, a girl!

    I looked my best and felt the best when I was pregnant with my daughter, even after having her I looked my best, I guess it depends how hormones affect you in every pregnancy, but the old wives tale did not apply to me much lol, but I always knew what all my kids were going to be, I always had dreams about it, I am not sure what it was but my dreams always told me what they were going to be, it was pretty odd.

  23. i am going to guess girl - but you are right, you really never know. this seems to be the case with most of my friends' and sister's pregnancy - no one seemed to guess right even with all the old wives tales hints. :) so excited for you, dani!

  24. Girl! My best friend is pregnant with her first, and I really want her to have a girl. No idea why, I just do! Haha!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  25. This is so exciting! I can totally understand why you're keeping it to yourself until you find out but I think (and hope!) you'llbe having a girl because OMG! Can you imagine all the cuteness that will ensue?!!! On the other hand, I bet Henry will have so much fun with a baby brother! in any case, I think all your readers hope you have a healthy and cute baby (the last one's a given) and I can't wait to read your next post!


    (Caracas, venezuela)

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  27. I didn't have any morning sickness what so ever and I'm pregnant with a little girl. Maybe she'll be a tomboy!

  28. SO excited for you guys. Such gorgeous pictures! xo

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