Friday, April 5, 2013

Weekend Links

First up, Winter Wear Factory sent us one of their organic, made in the USA tees and we just love it- especially Henry, doing his best "I'm a teenager" impression. Great quality, super cute graphics and prints, and they have a large selection to choose from for babies, all the way up to women sizes. This is their Pirate tee (in a size 3T for reference) and Henry was so excited about it the first time we pulled it out of the box. And here are few other items I love from Winter Wear Factory: one, two and three! So cute, right?

Next, have you guys ever been to Darling Clementine before? It's the cutest online shop, and this month I selected some of my favorite items from their site to be featured on their own page, so be sure to check them out! I picked them before we knew if we were having a boy or girl, so there's a little of everything. You can some of my picks in the photo up there too- it was so hard to choose! Darling Clementine is also offering 10% your entire purchase with code "sometimes," so head on over and choose some of your favorites too!

And now, some links! Enjoy, and have a great weekend.

Just beautiful...
Loved this video on the best hairstyles for a round face shape. Hey, that's me!
The perfect print for the new baby's room.
Beverly Hills, 90210 Style Lessons.
Have you read this book? I think it's next on my to-read list.
Spicy edamame burgers. Yum!
Throwing a party? SO many amazing things in this shop.
An interesting Times read- A Childless Bystander's Baffled Hymn.
My current desktop background, courtesy of Rebekka Seale. Isn't it lovely?
Why do "mean girls" exist after high school?
Advice to little girls.
Montessori at home.
Saw, snapped, shared. Simple.
Even though I feel like the only person in the world who doesn't like Nutella, these still look amazing.
Freaking out over this little girl's Halloween costume. Amazing!
My friend Brittany started a new blog- "When Commuting in SF."
And finally, a list of 50 things every women should know how to do by 50. Thoughts?

p.s. if you're in Arizona and would like to attend an awesome conference (and hear me speak too!), check it out


  1. Thanks for the links--I always love coming back throughout the weekend when I need something to get me through!

    My aunt posted the link to the list of 50 things every woman should know by 50 on fb this morning with her own comment of "If you have may want to make sure she is working on this list a lot earlier than 50!"

    There's still a few things left on that list that I *should* know how to do, but haven't done (like jump a car battery) and things that I want to do (travel a foreign country--I feel like Canada and Mexico don't fully count since Mexico I was mostly in a tourist friendly area). I did finally have to use a grill by myself last year, but my husband was nice enough to give me a lesson before he went out of town. I think it's a good general list though.

  2. You are not the only person in the world to dislike Nutella :)

    BTW, are you geeking out over the new "The Great Gatsby" movie?! I feel like that might be something you'd love... personally, I cannot wait!

  3. My sister is having a baby and I have to check out that darling clementine shop! All those things are so cute :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  4. I too dislike Nutella. I don't get it, it's repulsive lol. Love the links currently expecting our second as well. We just entered the second trimester! Yay! Can't wait to find out what it is, so I'm making a list of these shops for later. ;)

  5. always love your weekend links - and totally wish i lived in AZ! i would love to hear you speak and see chelsea again. :)

  6. I liked the links thanks it was nice to go and check out some other stuff

  7. I have been thoroughly geeking out over those Montessori posts! I think many of the parents of my students have no idea how our classroom works and why certain materials are important. I had to learn, too! But there are times when people clearly see no significance in the philosophy and execution and all I can see is "This is awesome. This is working. I want this for my future children." It's very encouraging to see the lessons with Birdie and to watch how everything transfers to a home school environment.

  8. My husband worked away for 7 years and, thanks to being on my own with our two kids manning the home and the family and the pets, I learned how to do a lot of things on that list. It's empowering as a woman to be able to have some mechanical know-how, to be able to roll your sleeves up and get s*&t done!

  9. Just love that tee on Henry. You seriously set the most awesome example of how fun boys can be to dress! I'm taking notes, in case we ever have one. :)

    Off to check out your Darling Clementine picks! Have a fantastic weekend!

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  11. that sweater with the fries and ice cream print is super adorable.

    always love your list of links, love discovering new to me sites. thanks.

    have a lovely weekend, danielle.

  12. I love these collections of links :D

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  14. I hate Nutella so you are not alone!

    xo Ashley

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  17. The blog conference sounds awesome. Also, report back on that book, definitely looks interesting. Have a great weekend!!

  18. All this Nutella hatred is making me sad!