Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend Links

First off, check out my friend and hairstylist's new tutorial! I just love Jenny and how creative she is. Another amazing video.

Next, a great sale from P.S. I Adore You worth checking out. If you don't already know, P.S. I Adore You is a daily deal site that donates to childhood cancer prevention. Today this sale ends, where you can pick up an adorable, handmade skirt.
Henry needs this sweatshirt! Isn't it awesome?
So many beautiful choices...
Drugstore dupes: drugstore finds vs. your favorite department store beauty brands.
And on the topic of beauty, I always enjoy Ashley's videos.
Guess what? Jux's app is coming soon! Awesome news!
The sweet Anissa interviewed me- check it out here.
Missing Vermont so much!
Let Them Be Little. So cute.
Great recycled t-shirt beanie DIY over on Small Fry.
If you loved Seinfeld then, you might love Modern Seinfeld today.
Dating advice for the "modern 1950s woman." Ha!
Pretty photos from the Hill at Hopewell: Easter on the Farm.
3 questions to help you get happy.
Etsy love: this phone case, this hat, this print, and this garland. Half of those were from shops that are sponsors this month- amazing finds, right?
And speaking of sponsors, Hazel2Blue is new here- check them out, then enter code "April13" at checkout.
The Ideal Bookshelf. What would yours include?
Weekend brunch never looked so good.
Early 20s vs. Late 20s
Food and type: all three of these are awesome, but I especially the love "Eat Seasonally" one.
What a neat idea!
Love this arrow necklace.
And speaking of neat, check out this online shop. So many cute things.
Junior League Cookbooks- little tastes of the community. Love the idea of picking one up during your travels.
The Wu-Tang Clan's 20-year plan.
My pal Mia opened up a new shop called Farewell Trading. Check it out!
My favorite blog post on the internet this week.
And finally, "Don't let anyone's criticism or judgment define who you are." Loved this article.


  1. A bunch of great links there, thanks! :-)

  2. Modern Seinfeld is one of my favorite twitter accounts. I can totally imagine the characters doing all the things.

  3. i'm going to go broke! so many great little shops!

  4. that harper's happening article is absolutely perfect. thanks for bringing it to my attention

  5. I am cracking the heck up at the early vs late 20's thing. I just turned 27 in February and my brother is nearly 22. Those few years make such a big difference. Though judging by the gifs, I've been a "late 20s" person for a while now.

    My brother actually told me that he intends on spending the next few years going crazy, "Smoking cigarettes, doing drugs, and f**king up my body as much as possible...until I'm 25. That way I'll know I got it all out of my system." Or, you know. You could maybe not do that stuff and lower your chance of dying. IDK.

  6. Love that etsy print :)

    xo Ashley

  7. The Junior League cookbook from New Orleans is absolutely incredible...

  8. Thanks for sharing. :) Will definitely be checking some of these out.

    Dani Rose

  9. have you heard about the science-themed album GZA is making? it sounds like it's going to be awesome.