Friday, May 31, 2013

Weekend Links

unsure of the source. anyone know?

Happy Friday, everyone! This weekend we'll be celebrating both of our birthdays and our anniversary so I'm signing off, but here are some links to check out. I'll be back Monday with some fun weekend photos. Enjoy!

This is the dress I've been LIVING in. Amazing quality, loveliest print, perfect for pregnant gals and non-pregnant gals alike.

I would LOVE to own one of these gorgeous quilts

As a former teacher, I especially enjoyed this article about teachers who got the last laugh.

Love this, especially Connie Britton.

A great Etsy vintage shop- so many gems!

Can't wait to try these new bars- they look awesome.

These images of summer make me SO happy.

Wishlist: this bag, this dress, this plant stand, and these sunglasses.

My pal Angela shared these no-bake cookies via Twitter via Pinterest (make sense?) and they're now on my must-make list.

Farro Salad. This looks great!

The sweet folks over at The Wishing Elephant sent Charlie over this cute onesie and hat. Star Wars love!

A fascinating read: 7 reasons child stars go crazy.

How great is this baby blanket? And this tee too!

Enjoyed this little post about not being perfect over on Elsie's blog.

Jessie of Style & Pepper is bringing Pepperologie to Phoenix this October! Will you be attending?

Waiting for this little number to arrive in the mail!

Reading the final installment of this trilogy and LOVING it. Such a good series.

And finally, I love Busy Philipps, and I love this clip of her speaking about body image.


  1. I just finished reading the Delerium series this week! I loved the way it ended (I would say more but I don't want to spoil anybody!).

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  3. I haven't looked at the links yet, but I LOVE the quote! I'm trying so hard to practice gratitude, and it's making such a difference to my state of mind. Thanks for another quote to love!

  4. Another quote lover here! It is such a great sentiment and so shocking that it is something we generally find hard! I've been trying really hard over the last couple of years to be more positive and seek out the good in life ( blogging is an awesome tool for this!), and it has ( excuse cliche!) chaned my life!

  5. I also love that quote- such a little thing that goes so overlooked as a key to happiness! I also adored your links- those quilts?! Oh my gosh, YES. And then I kept scrolling...and scrolling and read that Pepperologie is coming to PHX...thanks for clueing this girl in! Can't wait to (hopefully) attend!

  6. Thanks for linking to me. Your blog is lovely! xoxo, Summer

  7. I love Elsie's blog :) And the chevron maxi from Kintage!

    xo Ashley

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