Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2nd Trimester Must-Haves

I thought I would continue my "must-haves" series into the 2nd trimester, and then if anything changes as far as what I've been loving/needing during the third, I'll post once more. You can check out my 1st trimester list here, and as always, please feel free to add to the list in the comments. Enjoy!

1. Target's Maternity Kimono dress. I have this dress in black and LOVE it. It's the most comfortable, flattering dress in the world, and I would wear it everyday if I could. If you decide to order it be advised that at least in my experience it does run a little big. I normally wear a size small, sometimes medium and had to get an x-small in this dress.

2. Belli's Fresh Start Pre-Treatment Scrub. Luckily my pregnancy acne has cleared up but I've been left with dry, sometimes flaky skin. I've been using Belli's Acne Clearing Face Wash and the Acne Control Spot Treatment (both God-sends, seriously), and I will continue to use them, but I needed something to exfoliate too. This scrub is perfect and works so well, and like the entire Belli line it was made with a pregnant woman in mind. I am in no way sponsored to write this, so keep that in mind when I wholeheartedly say that these are the best face products I've ever used. I credit them to giving me back my clear skin!

3. Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter. I started using this during the second trimester with Henry, just applying it at night when I would put on my belly cream. I really think starting so early really helped to soften me up in preparation for breastfeeding and when it came time to do so, I had no issues with dryness or cracking.

4. Boppy Prenatal Total Body Pillow. Now let's be honest, to spend anything over say, $30 on a pillow seems outrageous to me...but when I received this body pillow as a gift I fell in love. And I think if I would have tried it before receiving the gift I might have even been inclined to shell out the cash for it. It's awesome, and it's perfect for the very end of the 2nd trimester and through the 3rd when sleeping starts to get a little tricky. However, a regular old, non-fancy body pillow would work great too.

5. Luna Bar Chocolate Dipped Coconut Bars. If you love Samoas Girl Scout cookies, you will love these. They're a healthier, folic-acid and vitamin-packed alternative to those sugary treats and my go-to when I crave something sweet. As an added bonus you can just throw one in your bag for those times when you're ravenously hungry, which for me has been most of my pregnancy.

6. Liz Lange for Target Maternity Twill Shorts. I have tried SO many pairs of shorts while being pregnant this summer, and the biggest problem has been dealing with an uncomfortable waistband. After trying shorts from ASOS, Gap, Old Navy, and a few others from Target, this pair is the best. Be advised though that the material is very soft- almost like a  tee material, but thick too so it's not obvious that it's such a soft twill. These are insanely comfortable because they have a looser and higher spandex waistband that doesn't dig at all. The shorts are also a good length, and do not ride up on my newly, bigger thighs (thank you pregnancy!) or chafe while walking.

7. Citrus anything. I had to include this because my 2nd trimester has been ALL about fruit, and more specifically, citrus! I can't get enough. If I had more room I'd also add a photo of a nectarine, some cherries, a Pink Lady apple...are you getting the picture here?

p.s. this post is completely unsponsored, but I did use Amazon affiliate and links. 


  1. Love anything citrus now, so that craving sounds like a dream to me!
    Glad to see your pregnancy is coming along well! I wonder if much will change next trimester!


  2. For sure the body pillow! My sweet husband got me one during my second trimester of my last pregnancy and I'm getting ready to bust it out again for this one. It makes such a difference! I always welcome coffee back in to my diet during the second trimester, so great coffee is definitely on my second trimester list :)

  3. I'm in my second trimester, too - second baby - and have the snoogle pillow. Last time I didn't really break it out until end of 2nd tri, but i've already begun using it. Just makes sleeping a bit easier! :)

    Megan from Chasing Davies

  4. Using nipple butter now? Genius! Why didn't I think of that! Good thing I just ordered some- and this is exactly the product I chose!

  5. WHAT would us pregnant Prescottonians do without Target?!

    Congratulations to you and your lovely family!

  6. i am currently 29 weeks pregnant with my second. i loved some of your recs! i went out and bought two pairs of the shorts and will try the nipple cream. thanks so much!!

  7. good things to keep close by when we get pregnant! thanks for sharing! that pillow looks amazing even now... sans pregnancy! hehe

  8. i'm loving luna bars. i'm having trouble gaining weight this pregnancy so i have to add them between meals. good thing they're so yummy!

  9. Awesome list, mama! Thanks for sharing with us!

  10. Great list...oh how I lived in maxi dresses last summer. They were my best friend ;)

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