Tuesday, June 11, 2013

He is mine. And I am his.


You know what I'm especially grateful for? That even when I'm having a sad day, the kind of day where you wake up just feeling blue, there is that smile. And that laugh. And I know that no matter what mood I wake up in, what side of the bed I find myself on, Henry is waiting for me to come get him, to do all of our everyday things, breakfast and books and trucks and trains. And even when that bad mood still might not shake off right away, and I am snappy and impatient when he's trying to do things in his own time, he just looks at me with those big brown eyes with those long, dark lashes, understanding so much more than I give him credit for, and says "Mommy, are you okay? Here, let me get you my favorite alligator! That will cheer you up." And guess what? It always, always does. And that's what I'm thankful for. For this little sunshine beam of a boy, this child who I somehow have the privilege of calling my son, the sweet, spirited human I get to spend all of my time with. Thankful, grateful, in total, absolute awe that he is mine. And I am his.


  1. Beautiful! So true how they just light up our lives, couldn't imagine my life without them!

  2. Makes me want to have my own kids next time..

  3. I wrote a poem for my mother this mother's day that echos a similar sentiment.

    Mother, Daughter, Mother, Son

    The gifts you have given me are innate
    Passed down from the deepest essence of you.
    I am you, you are me:
    A loud, quick laugh,
    A generous heart,
    No tolerance for cruelty,
    A passion for justice,
    The objectivity to recognize what is right,
    A creative temperament often masked
    In piles, lists, or scatter,
    Deft hands,
    An awe of Nature and Her beauty,
    A fierce love that protects, but also lets go
    Sturdy feet planted with a direction always in mind,
    An ever evolving appreciation of our faults, limits and abilities.
    These and many more are a bond
    That connects us forever,
    That links my child
    In a loving circle of love, humility and loyalty.
    I am you, you are me and he carries on we.

  4. So sweet! It really is amazing how observant and understanding a 2 year old can be. Yesterday we had some pretty bad thunderstorms and my daughter told me "It's ok mama! Don't be afraid!!" while rubbing my shoulder because she knows they terrify me lol. It's those little moments that will always turn a not so great mood into an awesome one.


  5. beautiful words. my 4 year old niece told my pregnant sister that she loves her heartbeat as she rubbed her back, my sister and pregnancy don't mix so it was lovely to hear my niece being so sweet to her

  6. Nice post, Danielle.
    Sometimes on those bad days all you need is that little reminder and it makes all the "blues" go away :)
    Have a great day!
    P.S. you watching bachelorette?!

  7. Totally unrelated to a mom and child relationship, but since my daughter was born I have sang Lucy Shwartz' 'when we were young' to her and she loves it. There's a line...' I can't believe you're mine' and your post reminded me of it. It is truly a gift the bond we share with our first baby. We will be welcoming our second in October, so we are soaking up our time with our first little ray of sunshine.

  8. So cute. Kids get it more than us, I think.

  9. This is truly beautiful. I can't wait to one day feel like this xx

  10. Lovely words. I can only imagine what being a mother must feel like... hopefully one day I will get to know :) Thanks for sharing.

  11. Love this. I love pics of kids in mirrors, too :)

  12. So sweet Dani...we are lucky ladies!

  13. Awn! Adorable post!
    Can this kid get any cuter?! :D


    PS: Were you paraphrasing "A Song of Ice and Fire: A Storm of Swords"??