Saturday, June 8, 2013

Weekend Links

 Doesn't this image just make you want to get in the car and go on a roadtrip?
My grandpa had this car and it definitely brings back memories. source

Susan over at Fleurishing blog is having THREE giveaways this week. Seriously, head over and check them out! She has a giveaway for everyone: for design lovers, for the mamas, and for the francophiles. Enter one, or enter them all.

I chimed in some marriage advice in this month's issue of Emma Magazine.

THIS TOP! Love. And how great are these state map chalkboards?

Loving this mobile.

Check out Rachel Antonoff's home tour.

Have you ordered any Stickygrams yet? Click here then enter code "FRIEND0IA9" for $2 off your first order.

Enjoyed reading this in-depth review (actually it's more of a study) of Gwenyth Paltrow's new book - It's All Good.

Loved this post on National Parks- and love that first map!

7 awesome female villains in film.

A recipe for DIY Dole Whip. Oh man.

Like coffee? Then check this out. Amazing Father's Day gift too- it's Hank's favorite.

Go check out the new additions to the Petit Joy Vintage shop. They sent me a lovely dress this past week and I'm just in love with that little corner of the internet.

The new season of Switched at Birth is starting soon! And yes, you have full permission to make fun of me for this.

This quote.

Breakfast cheesecake cupcakes. Yum!

What are your thoughts on automated blog sponsorships, either as a blogger or an advertiser? Have you tried out Passionfruit yet?

This strawberry picking post brought back the best memories! We grew up doing this.

Such charming children's art from a new sponsor of mine, the talented Jane Heinrichs.

If a set of pencils could be considered cute, these are them!

Dry drowning? I've never heard of this until today when Jess tweeted the link. So upsetting.

Wishlist: this bag (the perfect summer tote!), these leggings (for Charlie), and this blanket (if only spending $170 on something like this was acceptable, or doable! ha).

3 ways to redesign your life: shedding the excess

A long-time favorite blog I love to get lost in. Sarah takes the loveliest photos.

And finally, one more beautiful blog to enjoy.


  1. Does motorcycle trip count? That's what we did for a week. Its great to be simple and take off. I do want to try road trip (maybe one day...)

  2. dry drowning?? thats a thing?
    i was a swimmer for 10 years and never heard of such a thing.
    how scary.

    Liz of Gypsi

  3. I'm so glad I clicked on the Jane Heinrichs link! I'd never heard of her before, and charming is the perfect word for her illustrations. I love her style and just ordered the lovely print of a little girl flying a kite. Thank you for sharing her blog/shop!

  4. i tried passionfruit in the beginning. but they charged the sponsors an extra fee, so i stopped using them. although i think they changed that?

  5. Yes, I saw an article about dry downing on 60 minutes! Scary stuff.

  6. I must be reading your blog a lot because last night I dreamed I was pregnant with a baby boy and already had a toddler son (I do not have any kids in real life). I can only rationalize that dream from reading your Charlie entries! I hope you have a smooth and wonderful rest of your pregnancy!

  7. I remember hearing about dry drowning when this first happened and it has had me worried ever since. I'm constantly trying to evaluate my kids after a trip to the pool. *sigh*

  8. Thanks for sharing. :)
    I always look forward to these posts.
    And breakfast cheesecake cupcakes?! Yes please!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing the giveaways Dani!! xo

  10. Ok something funny that happened: I'm from Venezuela, but I learned English in England, so when I read about the "mobile" that you loved, I thought you meant a phone! I clicked 3 times thinking that the link was broken when it "rerouted" me to a baby mobile before I realised what you actually meant!! Hehe, isn't that funny?

    Always love your links :)


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