Saturday, June 29, 2013

Weekend Links

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Goodbye, Google Reader! The day has finally come for my beloved Reader to be gone forever. If you currently follow me via that site, be sure to bookmark or add me to your Bloglovin' account via the link above, or any other feed reader of your choice.

Love this messy fishtail updo tutorial from my pal Jenny. Perfect for summer!

Love in the Time of Technology, by Julia Stiles.

Deal alert! Receive 15% off your entire order at Lisa Leonard with code "sweet15." Some of my favorite items: one, two and three.

The very best tweet I've read in awhile.

A fun peek at an entire day in Kaelah's life.

Arizona locals: have you seen the firefly exhibit at The Phoenix Art Museum yet? Henry would love this.

This dress looks like the perfect mix of comfy and cute- via my sponsor, Juniper.

Namibia. Just beautiful!

Head on over to Small Fry to check out their new series, Tiny Tourist. 

Wishlist: the perfect gray tee, this chambray maxi dress, and these sunglasses.

Super into this song, but this Vice article suggests that Miley Cyrus needs to take a class on African American studies.

Orange and poppy seed tea cake. This looks absolutely amazing.

Have you checked out Spilled Milk yet? It's an inspiring blog that brings together photos from different parents, all on the same theme. This time around the theme was "home."

A message to all the parent bullies on the playground.

This is my new favorite shop for prints.

The definitive guide to "Lady-Bros."

Google Reader favorites, via my sweet friend Diana. Love this idea for a post.

Etsy wishlist: these arrows, this quilt, and everything from this shop.

Have you checked out The Beautiful Body Project yet?

Two great quotes: one and two.

It's okay to call a guy creepy...right?

Passionfruit is changing the way bloggers do business. Have you tried it? I'm so attached to the way I currently do things, but you never know...

Instagram video and the death of fantasy. An interesting read.

And finally, some blogs to check out: say hello to Heather, Michael, and my in-real-life pal Nikki (new awesome blog alert!).

Happy weekend! xoxo


  1. Oh I'm in LOVE with iviebaby's shop!! If we have a boy I'm so buying nursery items from there. I'd want to for a girl but I already have one for a girl planned out and I don't want to change my mind anymore lol.


  2. Many moons ago, I was in love with a band. On a few occasions, I purchased/won tickets that allowed me VIP access to meet the band and (most importantly) secured my spot closest to the stage. Their bodyguard had a very important rule: Don't be creepy. Considering that 99.9% of the people at meet and greets were women, it's important to understand that women can totally be creepy.

    I hate the thought that people just think that being creepy has everything to do with being "unattractive." Maybe to some people, that's what it means but for me, it does have to do with a vibe and with certain behaviours. Sometimes guys come off as slightly creepy when they're really just nervous or shy. I believe that the nervousness/shyness will overwhelm any creepy factors though. While some may revel in hearing the honks from a person driving by and "appreciating the view," I do not. I consider that creepy. Touching, inappropriate jokes, stalking...creepy. I think we all have a level of creepy, but there are people who take it way too far. Is it kind of creepy that I used to check my boyfriend's (then crush) Facebook page to see if there were any chickies writing to him? Probably. But it's not the level of creepy that will probably lead someone to genuine fear or danger.

    What a lot of these men don't realize is that there is a constant potential threat for women in the world. I'm not always aware of it, but I definitely feel it when I'm walking by myself at night. I sometimes put myself on high alert because I need to. I have to be cautious and I have to look out for myself, be aware of my body and my surroundings. That's life for me and for most men (especially those who don't have close relationships with females), it's not even a passing thought.

    In conclusion: It is subjective, but that's just the reality of the situation. It's totally okay to call dudes creepy.

    The Rambling Fangirl

  3. so many wonderful things! thank you thank you!

  4. Thanks for sharing all of the great links! Could you maybe reply to this post with the link to the firefly exhibit at the PHX art museum?? It sounds like something that I would love to go to but the link (for me) didn't work and I can't seem to find it on the web! Thanks so much! x

  5. Awww! Thank you so much for the blog love :) Always love your lists! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. God bless Prescott -- your city is in our prayers. xoxo - H

  6. i have completely fallen in love with passionfruit. it's insane how easy they make blog advertising!