Friday, August 16, 2013

Weekend Links

little man
This photo of Henry kills me. And I can't believe I get to be the mama of another sweet, sweet baby boy. Today is the happiest day!

Happy weekend, everyone! I've scheduled this post so as you read this I may already be a mama of two. Exciting! Don't forget you can follow me over on IG (check out Hank's too) where I'll post some pictures of Charlie once he arrives. I hope all of you have a beautiful weekend, and I look forward to introducing our newest addition next week.

A beautiful poem. Just watch this.

The VERY BEST news I've heard all week.

15 of the most beautiful children's books.

An interesting post about Natural Family Planning. Any thoughts on this method?

My pal Kelli just launched her new site, and it's beautiful.

Coconut mango overnight oatmeal. Yum!

A list of ten "instant-happies." And here's another little list of posts to check out.

I love positive (cheesy?) quotes, especially this one.

Sam Horowitz is my long-lost best friend. I'm sure of it.

Any short women? Here are 20 things we should never say to them (me! I'm only 5'3").

A glass house. Be sure to watch the film.

30 back to school lunchbox ideas.

Wishlist: this bathing suit, this print and these tea towels.

Check out this adorable French-inspired baby shower over on Emma Magazine.

Headbands, people! TODAY!

When I have kids I will never...

This is our baby carrier of choice, with the infant insert for Charlie. Have you used an Ergo before?

Are you bossy? Nina Bahadur is, and doesn't mind if you describe her as such.

A great read: On Resisting the Urge to Cyberbully My Middle School Tormentor.

20 things 20-year-olds don't get. Agree?



  1. Oh they make an infant insert for the Ergo? Didn't know that!
    Also I thought you were taller than that, but don't worry I'm only 4'11". It's so sad lol.
    As a 20 something year old, I find that last link to be more like advice/tips so thanks for sharing! ;)


  2. I'm so excited! Hope you're well and everything is good and Charlie is here already!!!

    Lots of love

  3. I cannot stop watching that Sam Horowitz video! Happy Charlie Day!!! :)

  4. I'm 5"1 and I get so many demeaning and condescending comments, which at 26 can be very infuriating. I even had a man pat me on the head once!! So very rude.

  5. Good luck and congrats!! Welcome to the world baby Charlie!

    xo Becky

  6. happy birthday, mr. man!
    thinking of you and thinking of you today and always, mama.

  7. Your links only work 50% of the time. It's frustrating, because I'd really like to see what you've linked to! This doesn't happen on any other site for me.

  8. i woke up thinking about you today. sending you and your family good vibes on your new little love. i hope you have a wonderful first weekend being a mommy of TWO! peace and love, sarah

  9. We use the Ergo. I didn't care for it when Logan was so little.. the infant insert made me feel like she was suffocating and made us both super sweaty and stinky. It's really great now though. We use it a lot, and she seems comfortable in it. We are looking for a different carrier though for when the next baby comes along.. just because of the insert issues.

    Happy birthday Charlie!!

  10. Good luck! Henry is going to be such an amazing holder brother!

  11. That is an adorable photo! Good luck to you today! Can't wait to see photos.


  12. Love your links! I did a weekend links post too, if you'd like to check it out :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  13. I love your links! My husband and I practice NFP. Like the couple in the link, we're Catholic and that's how we roll ;) We love it. It helped us avoid for a few months right after we got married, and helped us have our little girl once we were a bit more stable. No chemicals for me and free to boot. Good stuff all around. Congratulations on little Charlie! I was thinking of you this morning and hoping for safety and health for you both! Enjoy your sweet family!

  14. I was jumping with joy at the possibility of the FNL movie! I love that show oh so much. Most awesometastic news evah. And that article about being short - I am 5'3" as well and oh boy. I get so incredibly sick of people making rude comments about me being short. or when they say out of nowhere: "You are really short." Tell me something I don't know, please.

  15. Congratulations on the baby! Love your blog, and so happy for you and your family :)

    I am getting married in October and my fiance and I are planning on using NFP. Even as Catholics, we had our doubts before we truly understood it, but now it's the only thing that makes sense personally for us! It's kind of neat to learn all about!

  16. when you look at that picture of henry, don't you see the same boy? obviously he was so tiny and brand new but when i look at baby pictures of eddy, i see the very same boy.

    can't wait for more pics of the whole fam.

    xx, kc

  17. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS MOVIE! I haven't even had time to click through the rest of your links but I had to stop and say OMG SO EXCITED....that might be my all-time favorite television series. I was required to study it in college and fell in love. Thanks for sharing that! haha

  18. Oh you are so sweet to share Emma's French shower. Your family of four is just perfect.

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  20. Always enjoy your link lists.
    The Glass House - pretty amazing.
    And kind of flipped over the FNL movie announcement! I can't even...
    And NFP- we practice this method and it has been wonderful for us. (Grace who you linked to was actually my roommate in college!) Its difficult at times but love what its done for our marriage and family:)
    Thanks for all the fun links chica!

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  22. NFP is a totally effective form of contraception (or way to help get pregnant) when used right. It's rooted in science, and any pregnancies that happen are due to human error (which tens to be high for this method as it can be tough to nail down) - nothing else. I found the blog you linked you to be incredibly offensive. Grace (the blogger) seems educated on the issue, but some opinions, especially those of her guest bloggers on the issue of NFP, are misguided, archaic and insulting to those who cannot conceive. Also, I think that the greater population would find 3 children so close together in age stressful isn't a reason for her to get bent out of shape over. Brush it off and know you must be stronger/more patient than the rest of us who couldn't handle so many children under the age of 5.