Saturday, September 28, 2013

Weekend Links

Before I get into the links: if you're interested in working with me on Sometimes Sweet in October (the best month ever), check out my advertising page then contact me to receive my current ad sheet. I'd love to have you on board next month.

And now, links! So many good ones this week.

How to make your own hot apple cider. I definitely want to do this this fall!

I sure love me some Real Housewives, but this is just gross. And sad.

So many cute things for little ones!

A new Mommy blog to follow, about a darling girl named Lemon.

Have you seen Ergobaby's new swaddler?

The definitive guide to homemade hummus. We are big hummus makers (and eaters, of course) around here, and this gave me some new ideas.

Some "Currently" posts around the web: Liz and Steven.

My Charlie Lion needs a Charles the Lion of his own!

Check out my dear friend Alex and Kim's new podcast. So good.

To Dream a Little Dream.

Banana Walnut Granola. Or how about Pumpkin Twinkies?

A great read over on Elizabeth's blog.

Like coffee? This is the stuff Hank gets every month- he loves it!

New US law lets minors delete online history. Interesting.

George H.W. Bush, surprising me.

Tips for decorating your holiday mantle, over on Rachel's blog.

Love these DIY party hats on Kelli's blog.

How true is this?

Honey Balsamic Chicken Tenders. These look easy to make- and delicious too.

"Insane Restaurant Shitshow Stories." Awesome!

TAKE ME HERE. (all caps is necessary)

A good read about Ashlee's fears about having two kids.

Sunset at one of my favorite places on Earth, over on my talented Uncle's blog.

And finally, a links post in a links post. So many good things over there to check out once you're done over here!


  1. now I want to go and make hummus! and I agree about the RW thing. I loooove that show (probably a little too much) but jesus christ...that book is sad.

    1. If you make some...send some our way! ;)

      And so glad you love shows ever, but that is just so sad!

  2. Oh my God...That book is the saddest thing I've heard of all week...

    1. Right?! I had heard about it from watching the show, but I have to admit that I am actually SHOCKED after reading some of those excerpts. Just horrible.

  3. Love the links. In ten years you'll probably look back and find it interesting what ideas and products were trending at the time,

    1. That's so true- I actually never thought about it like that but it's a great point!

      Thanks for reading, Kristin :)

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  5. great links! real housewives is always sure to be weird and dramatic. but yah, that is crossing a line