Thursday, October 24, 2013

Things That I Really Don't Like, That Everyone Else Seems To Like.

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Sometimes while on Twitter I have these moments where I think, "AM I THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD THAT DOESN'T LIKE _______?!" I feel like this happens a lot. And then the other day one of my best pals Alex turned his weekly podcast to the topic of "foods you hate that everyone else loves," and it made my day to hear about all of these weird things that people don't like.

I love blogging and social media for a million reasons but one of the biggest is that we're able to put stuff out there, and find other people who can relate. And in the same moment, connect with all of these other people who see things completely differently, and that's just as awesome. And when it comes to obviously very serious topics, like Nutella or Pumpkin Spice whatever, it's even cooler.

So here are the things I really don't like, that everyone else seems to like, and of course at the end of this you have to tell me if you are with me on any of these things, and then tell me your list too. Deal?

The list:

Pumpkin-flavored things
Soda or any sort of sweet drink (besides cherry-limeades from Sonic. But only in the summer. It's that ice!)
Chipotle (the restaurant)
Caffeinated drinks...anything caffeinated. And yes, that means I don't drink coffee. I find that this is really weird to people.
Arrested Development
Cookie Butter from Trader Joe's
chewing gum
melon, but I specifically dislike cantaloupe and honeydew, and watermelon most of the time. But fake watermelon flavoring is especially bad.

That's all I can think of right now, but if I think of more I'll add some. This is kind of a weird Livejournal-esque post but I like it. And now I want to know what's on your list...

Happy (almost) Friday. xoxo


  1. I don't like Tomatoes (said with an English accent ;)) but like tomato sauce, soup, pasta sauce etc - people I know thing that's weird?? My husband is the same, it's one of the few things we agree on!

    1. Thank goodness, I thought I was the only one. I tell people (especially restaurants) I am allergic because if you ask nicely not to have tomato they give them to you anyway.

    2. my husband is the same and not because he hasn't tried and tried! He even complains that tomatoes in a sandwich just look soooo good. But he knows it's all a deception :) The closest we got to him liking tomatoes unprocessed it either in a bruschetta that has been marinating for a few days or cooking them whole on very low heat in the oven.

  2. I'm with you on Nutella, pumpkin-flavored things, and coffee. People don't understand how I'm an adult and I don't drink coffee. It's very possible, people.

    1. I'm an adult that works night shift and I don't like coffee either. haha I call it liquid dirt.

  3. I don't drink pop (soda) or anything caffeinated, and it totally weirds people out.

    I also don't see what all the fuss is about Morrissey.

    1. Yes, this. I mean, I like a lot of Smiths songs but he's just so... douchey...

      Dani, melons are disgusting, it's very sensible to dislike them. All melons. They taste like dirty water. DISGUSTING.

      I don't like bananas and people think that's weird. But the only good use for a banana is banana nut bread. Duh. I'm also not a fan of caramel or nougat, meaning I don't like most candy bars. I've only recently overcome my aversion to coconut (it's actually really yummy! who knew!) but I still think drinking coconut water is gross.

  4. Nothing caffeinated! How do you stay awake!? I sometimes just wish it came in a drip form!

  5. I can't stand chewing gum, even seeing other people chew it makes me angry!

  6. I'm with you on the melon & the pumpkin flavoured foods. I do like pumpkin though. In Australia it's a savoury vegetable. We don't use it to cook sweet foods.

  7. We're the same on melons. I don't eat any type or flavouring. And its not that I can't bare to or the taste is awful. I just don't. Also, I drink tea. But coffee is a rare sometimes.

    I am very surprised about the soda and Nutella. I wish I had your constitution (except not in the case of Nutella). I can't seem to stand water unless its cold from the tap. It's a weird thing with me.I can have it tepid if I've come from a run. Also force myself to drink it before runs and when I know I'll be cycling. I once went dehydrated and learned that lesson real fast.

    My list:
    Brussel Sprouts
    Pattypans (oddly I'm a huge vegetable fan, just not the above)
    [All of the above are eaten regularly at home, so I'm not unsure when I say this]
    Also, I don't quite get TV. I watch sometimes and I laugh like a hyena when I watch Friends (I missed it when it was running in real time, so I'm watching re-runs that are new to me). I am a reader and I'm not at all ashamed of it. But I find myself always having to explain this: I don't watch much if at all TV. We have Satellite and I pay for it, but its more for my family than me. Although, when I watch, I am one of the few people who love adverts - but for weird reasons like watching the extras or the music. I don't actually pay that much attention to TV. It's more background noise to the internet for me.

  8. I hate watermelon flavoured things also.

    Here in New Zealand pumpkin is a vegetable we eat roasted etc.. I find the pumpkin pie/cookie/cake/pancake/everything thing strange. Because here it is savoury only. I have actually tried a few recipes off American sites to trial it.. but nothing so far has been amazing. Plus you buy it in a can??? crazy... lol

    I dislike scary movies and action flicks. People always try and tell me what I am missing. Although I did recently get into the walking dead .. which is crazy scary to me.. lol

    I don't really like icecream.
    I hate marshmallow (its the texture)
    I don't like artificial banana flavour or watermelon.

  9. Ah, I love the list haha. There are a few things listed which I don't like either.
    What most people do not understand is that I hate chocolate and cakes etc. I just do not like the taste. I can't help it. I prefer pickles haha.

  10. Nutella for sure
    Sweet stuff loaded with sugar like muffins, pie, cake.
    Chocolate. I really don't see what the big deal about chocolate is
    Ice cream

    I guess I just don't like sweet food...or bacon.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who dislikes bacon! People tell me how "un-American" I am for it!

      I also dislike peanut butter, potato chips, pickles, and spicy foods. Disliking peanut butter drives other people crazy -- no idea why!

  11. Hey Danielle,
    OMG, this is so so spot on to what I am thinking about things that others go crazy over at times!
    And just blissful to discover all you co-not so big fans of nutella. I always thought I was the only one. Seriously what is it about nutella? In my humble opinion there are other similar things just as good...(but shhh don't tell anyone I said that...)

    Other stuff I think about (but I pretend I do like because it's all stuff that grown ups are supposed to like or get used to liking):
    -Oysters (but that is really a secret actually)


    1. I too hate oysters! They're considered a delicacy in Hiroshima and when we visited the street vendors would push them onto us and I just couldn't say no nicely enough. It was the longest market street walk of my laugh. My husband was in stitches the whole time.

  12. 1. Pickles. I hate, hate, HATE pickles and it always pisses me off when I specifically ask that pickles be excluded from my meal and cooks/waiters totally disregard my request. Rage.

    2. John Mayer. Adam Levine. Justin Timberlake. I'm not saying they're not talented, but I think they're all kind of douchey, so I can't appreciate them the way other people do.

    3. I don't get the pumpkin thing either, but it does make me happy that pumpkin-flavored things on shelves means that autumn is on its way.

    4. Breaking Bad. To be fair, I've only seen bits and pieces and I'm sure it's excellent, but I can't watch sad/depressing things anymore. Same goes for most TV dramas where female characters are often physically/emotionally abused.

    5. 50 Shades. I. Do. Not. Get. It.

    6. Lots of TLC reality shows. The one with the little pageant girl? I actually find it infuriating. :/

    The Rambling Fangirl

    1. ohhh...don't know why. but john mayer rubs me the wrong way. i'm not into breaking bad either. and i don't get 50 shades.

    2. It may also be me judging him for poor life choices. Dating a barely legal (if she even WAS legal) child when you're a grown man? That's shady.

      The Rambling Fangirl

  13. I love this. I agree about pumpkin flavoured things, just no!
    I love tomatoes but hate ketchup, and I almost never have sauces on food eg ketchup/mayo/mustard, I like it plain.
    I don't drink alcohol, I dislike wine, beer, ale, cider, and most spirits, none of my friends understand this.
    50 Shades of grey, I haven't even attempted it because I don't want to.
    X factor and other reality talent shows, it just makes me angry that people get a free ride to fame when there are so many talented people that go unheard despite their trying so hard.


  14. Thank you for that one time that you linked to my Nutella cupcakes, even though you totally hate Nutella! x

  15. Peanut Butter and chinese food top my list.

  16. I'm with you on pumpkin flavored things (especially a pumpkin spiced latte), and melon! However, Chipotle is my favorite ever and I love me a cup of iced coffee in the morning.

  17. Paper straws. I just can't drink from them. They make me cringe when they touch my lips, but they are at almost every birthday party. It's like drinking from a slobbery pixie stick.

    1. AHHHHHH I'm with you 100% on this and those little wooden spoons.

  18. I basically love all these things, haha. I really don't like most cupcakes though, which a lot of people seem to find weird!

    Katie |

  19. Oh my god I love every single thing that you posted except for Arrested Development. My main dislikes are along the lines of that show. Everyone is so obsessed with The Office and Parks and Recreation and all those comedies and I just can't stand any of them really. Although I do like some pumpkin flavored things, I absolutely do not understand the HUGE DEAL that everyone makes it.

  20. -Big Bang Theory
    -Arrested Development
    -Parks & Recreation
    -50 Shades of Grey
    -fake grape and banana flavors (but most other artificial flavors are okay)

  21. Since being in the US I am beginning to understand the 'soda' (Aussie here haha) and sweet things.. Why is everything SO sweet here????!!!!

    I really don't like Mad Men. People find this weird because I dress 50's/60's but other than the clothes I really don't see what all the fuss is about.
    Chocolate with fruit in it.

    I'm sure there's a million more things!

  22. I'm with you! Although I do love the cookie butter. Guilty!! I created my own list here:

  23. Haha. I don't like Trader Joe's Cookie Butter either! Or watermelon. And you are so right about Sonic's ice. It seems like the pumpkin spice thing has suddenly become a huge fad, which is weird.

    On my list:
    -Adele--now I don't dislike her personally because I don't know her, and I do think she's talented, but everyone seems to be obsessed with her, and I think we all need to calm down.

    Next you should write a post on things you do like that nobody else seems to.

  24. Brittney Spears. I mean, she was talented.. but now it's just a load of over-produced tracks that use bitch at the end. Everyone calls her Godney and it's just something I don't get. Also Beyonce. Talented, but highly overrated.
    Coffee is my favorite thing in the world and I'm not sure how people don't enjoy it.

  25. I don't like:
    -Breaking Bad
    -tea (of any variety/temperature)
    -guitar solos

    There's a lot of other things -- I guess our differences can bind us, too! :)

  26. Yeah, I'm kind of over Nutella. I used to be all over the PSL, but I seem to have grown out of that, too.

    My list:
    50 Shades of everything to do with those books
    The Office
    Haunted Houses and hay rides (I'm sorry, but you'll get punched in the face if you try to scare me)
    Ice cream cake

  27. What a fun list!! I sometimes feel so unhip because of just not liking certain things :) I'm also not a fan of Chipotle--when one opened up in our city, everyone lost their minds. I went several times with friends and kept thinking maybe I was ordering wrong or missing something and then realized that I just didn't like it. I don't like breaking bad--something about the few episodes I watched just left me with an unreasonably bad feeling.

  28. Stole this idea! Love it!!

  29. I'm with you on so many of these things!

    I dislike-
    soda, juice (unless its fresh), milkshakes, floats...pretty much any drink thats not water, coffee, tea.
    cookie butter
    pumpkin anything except my moms pumpkin cookies
    New Girl
    Watermelon flavored things
    butternut squash foods
    those wedge sneakers
    tomatoes except for salsa and marinara sauce
    and I could live without ice cream and cupcakes

  30. pinterest. for the life of me, i don't understand what is so amazing about it.

  31. I'm with you on cantaloupe and honeydew. I do like watermelon though.

    I dislike red meat, namely steak and hamburgers. The smell and the thought of them turn my stomach.

    olives and mushrooms - yuck

    coach bags

    blue and green nail polish (I will be accepting of almost black/dark colours)

    1. I despise mushrooms too. Im a vegetarian and everyone assumes veggies love mushroom! NO!

  32. Yes!I hate melon too, everyone seems to love it! But yuck!!!!!

  33. I am SOOOO with you on pumpkin flavored things - blech!
    And, I've never heard of cookie butter, it sounds weird though.

    I would add:
    Kale - I just don't get it, it's kale!
    Apple flavored candy
    Mad Men
    Grey's Anatomy
    American Idol

  34. i'm with you on the pumpkin flavored things. no bueno.

  35. sushi... i can't.
    i will eat pumpkin pie, and pumpkin cookies/cake. but pumpkin spice everything else is yuck.
    50 shades.
    chewing gum.
    candy crush... mobile device games in general.
    sweet potatoes.

  36. Having a nut allergy automatically counts out nutella for me, so at least I now know everyone isnt obsessed with it.
    I HATE pumpkin things also, but love apple things for the fall.
    Pink/red staburst
    coke/pepsi other colas
    I also HATE chipolte, I can't get the hype behind that awful place with their cilantro everything.

  37. My list:
    - Breaking Bad (tried watching it...just couldn't)
    - 50 Shades of Grey
    - Chevron (maybe ONE thing Chevron in your house is okay..anything more..puke face!)
    - Weird patterns on clothing like plus signs and triangles
    - Color blocking
    - Tom shoes
    - Twitter
    - Beyonce...Michelle is way more talented and 10x prettier!

    1. Thank you for mentioning the horrible-ness that is TOMs shoes. They're ugly!

  38. I love this! That is definately what is cool about social media:)
    Here is mine:
    I agree with Ashley above - can't get into Breaking Bad believe it or not.
    Anti - Pumpkin Spice Latte
    Never read 50 Shades of Grey and have no desire too.
    Can't get on board with birkenstocks but don't judge anyone who wears them:-)

  39. -Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (or anything that combines peanut butter and chocolate) I love them separate, but definitely not together!

  40. What a fun post! Some of the things I dislike:
    Onions - I'm always picking it out
    Cilantro - can't stand it
    White chocolate - it's not real chocolate
    Bananas - not even the smell! Yuck!
    The whole zombie trend
    Rap/hip hop solos in the middle of songs
    And I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch...

  41. I get an unbelievable amount of flack for not liking ketchup.

    Also: artificial grape flavoring, onions (especially raw), tea, and kale (it tastes like despair).

    1. I love ketchup, but hate mustard and mayo... so, to each their own ;)

      As for the rest, I could not agree more. All are just... blech!

  42. I used to loathe mushrooms and blue cheese, but now I adore them - in small amounts!
    Anything with artificial flavorings/colors make me cringe (this includes pumpkin flavored coffee)
    Anything that comes out of a can ready to eat (thinking: Spagetti-O's, corned beef hash, and the like)
    Anything from a fast-food "restaurant"
    Sun dried tomatoes (love fresh, cooked, stewed, roasted, etc) just don't like sun-dried
    Truffles (truffle oil falls into the artificial flavoring category, but even if the truffle oil has an actual piece of truffle in it, I still don't like it.)

  43. Chewing gum makes me gag! I just can't have something in my mouth for that long... Not one thing. HA!

    I don't like, but everyone else loves, APPLE PIE. I wish I did, I try it once every couple years. Please tell me I'm not American!

    1. If you're not american, I'm not either. I mostly can't stand it because of the mixture of crunchy crust with mushy filling, but I'd much rather just eat an apple.

  44. with all this "autumn mood", i thought i was the only who doesn't like all the pumpkin flavored things .. but it's good to know that I'm not alone

  45. Arrested Development (the TV show) - Me no likey
    Arrested Development (the band) - WILL LOVE UNTIL THE END OF TIME

  46. I hate pumpkin spice everything, and I ESPECIALLY hate the hype around it. I'm happy there's a backlash, haha.
    avocados, pickles, bananas, are all barf city to me
    reality tv shows of any kind

  47. pumpkin spice everything (seriously, pumpkin spice candy corn?!? why!?!?)
    sodas, coffee, tea
    tomatoes & ketchup
    teriyaki sauce
    mad men

  48. haha dani! i love this... i used to love everything pumpkin, but then it ALL turned to pumpkin and now it just grosses me out. but i do looooove coffee :) i always love your posts!

    mama daze blog

  49. Ohhh I love this post idea. How fun would to be to do one again, this day, next year! See if it's the same or if anything has changed.

    My biggest dislike would be mint flavored things! I can't stand it, not even the smell. Nothing else really compares to how much I dislike it. >.<

    <3 Sara from

  50. I think being anti Pumpkin Spice is a legit thing. I bet it has a hashtag. Speaking of hashtags, you should do a "things I love that everyone seems to hate." #ihearthashtagsandidontcarewhoknowsit

    I'm with you on the pumpkin thing, caffeine, soda, and gum. And melon flavoring, along with grape flavor (it tastes nothing like grapes!!!). Or actually pretty much any synthetic flavor.

    The biggest thing I don't get that everyone seems to love... is gluten-free baked goods. I follow all these paleo/gluten free blogs, and ALL they seem to post are recipes for gf bread, gf cookies, and (double whammy) gf pumpkin bars. Dude... I didn't give up wheat to eat more pastries, I want recipes for veggies! I guess I'm just not a bread/cookie/cake/muffin person.

    1. I completely agree with the fake flavor thing. Although I prefer cherry flavored things to actual cherries... but grape flavor makes me feel sick and I LOVE actual grapes. Same with apple flavored things... yuck.

  51. I'm excited to go through all the comments to see what other people dislike, but I'll post mine first. I am a very picky eater with a texture disorder, so most of mine have to do with that, but in general I'm considered a freak for the foods I don't eat... which is actually a topic that I am working on a blog post about right now! Ok, so here we go, judge me hard ;)

    I dislike/can't eat:
    Ground meat of any kind {no bugers, no tacos, no meaty pasta sauce... nadda}
    Cheese, other than when it's on an extra sauce pizza, a tiny amount on a grilled cheese or parmesan on spaghetti
    Oatmeal {love the taste, but the texture makes me gag}
    Vanilla flavored coffee.. yuck.
    Pie, other than chocolate, pumpkin or cheesecake. Basically, a crust with goopy fruit in the middle.

    There's more that I can't even begin to think of right now, but that's a good concept.

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  52. I find this so interesting! I used to be so picky. I hated pie, especialy pumpkin. Hated chocolate ice cream.

    I don't really hate anything, come to think of it. Except the smell of fish, but I know a lot of other people are in that boat. I don't like the taste of alcohol very much... OH. I despise oatmeal. So, there's that.

    But otherwise I'm pretty much a food vacuum.

    Sincerely, Dani Rose

  53. I don't like anything pumpkin-flavored either!!! And this pumpkin-everything trend is getting to be ridiculous to me! But I also don't like soda or anything carbonated, I don't like the bubbles! But Chipotle... omg that is my absolute most favorite place to eat. I don't know what it is but I love it!
    Hmm... I also don't like tomatoes or anything made from them like red sauce, ketchup, etc.

  54. I'm with you on a lot of those! HATE sweet drinks, Chipotle literally makes me sick every time I have tried to eat there, and a big NO to the cookie butter! But I sure do love me some caffeine (coffeeeee) and Nutella! ;)

  55. Ha! There are so many "I love ...." posts so I like that this one is kinda different in a fun way!
    Im with you on the chewing gum thing, except I can handle fruity flavors sometimes but never minty ones. Also the pumpkin spice flavored things have gotten way out of control!
    I think my main ones are:
    anything tapioca like

    also beware if you ever go to Europe... a lot of chocolate things they have there are nutella!

  56. Twilight books/series and movies

  57. I love this! My dislikes that other people like are:

    ice cream
    rubber bands
    fruit in desserts
    beer (except Guinness)
    pizza, unless it has white sauce
    anything rose flavored
    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    Parallel universes
    Five Guys Burgers & Fries

    Things I like that I don't think anyone else does:
    the smell of skunk
    the smell of burning plastic
    pickle juice (drinking it, I'm gross)
    tomato sauce scrambled eggs
    filling out forms

  58. I really hate eggs. I usually just tell people I'm allergic so I don't get weird looks.
    Also Chinese food. Don't understand why people like it so much.
    Most seafood
    Water unless its been filtered
    Ice. Ugh I can't stand it when I have two drinks and my drink is gone but I've got ice for days left in my cup. I also prefer my drinks to not be super cold.

  59. OK, so here's mine.:
    Tomatoes- fresh only, I love them in sauces, ketchup, salsa, etc.
    Cantaloupe and honeydew- I LOVE watermelon
    Reality television of any kind
    Skinny jeans
    Tank tops
    "What Does the Fox Say"
    Enormous flowers and bows on the heads of little girls, especially infants
    Tea- all types, all flavors, no matter how you try to doctor it up. BARF.
    And the biggest one that most will think insane...
    Any alcoholic drink. Seriously disgusting. I especially hate the smell. I cover my nose going into the grocery because the bottle return smell makes me gag.

  60. Definitely agree with soda, Chipotle, & gum. Ugh. Basically any fast food unless it's Del Taco (seems to be a family thing for me). Yes, that includes me not really liking In n' Out - I know that's sacrilegious to my Californian roots. I can't eat things with high fat content either, I make an exception for avocado. I don't know what cookie butter is, but it doesn't sound pleasant. I can't handle super-sweet things, & the smell of vanilla isn't a preference to me. I don't dive for vanilla scented candles. Hm ... I guess I've become less picky than I used to be, but more picky with certain things. OH! I'm not a vodka girl ... Give me whiskey, rum, tequila, wine, or beer, but I'll say no to vodka. & energy drinks. Both. Hm.

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  62. I love this, so funny!! I think I might be the only person in the world who doesn't like Target. I actually hate that store. I also dislike Trader Joe's...too much packaged food. I don't care for honey either. I used to hate walking past large Department Stores that sold a ton of different perfumes because the mixture of all the different scents smelled like bad breath to me.

  63. This is funny! I dislike every single thing you posted except for chewing gum. But I always look like such a weirdo because I don't drink coffee or pumpkin lattes. Gross! No idea when caffeinated beverages became all the rage.

  64. I am with you on the Trader Joe's cookie butter! I dislike it so much I don't get what people loved about i!!

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. I think I love just about everything on your list hahaha!!! However, I can get behind your dislike for Chipotle. It's not that I dislike their food (I think it's decent, but nowhere near as amazing as most people seem to think); I just think it's overpriced and overhyped!!!

  67. Hate list:

    McDonalds (even though now most people pretend to hate it anyway)
    The magazines with iPad versions that use up half my memory per issue (delete)
    Homemade/housemade ketchups (why are restaurants doing this? Heinz, please.)

    And I'm soooo with you on the soda. It's far too sweet. Every time I try it, on long road trips I'll occasionally surrender to a sip of someone's and it's always, always just as terrible as I remembered.

  68. I like pickle flavor on my burgers, but not the act of biting into one. I wish they could just spritz some pickle juice on there instead. That's gotta be weird, right?

  69. I don't like fancy cupcake frosting. Or mustard. I am actually super picky. But I do like Chipotle.

  70. Dave Matthews Band

    And I'm with you on cantaloupe, affectionately referred to as barfaloupe in my house.

  71. Such a great idea! I know I get weird looks when I say I do not like certain things
    Carbonated drinks
    Alcohol - I swear I can taste it in anything
    Onions - it is a texture thing I can handle the power and if it is pureed
    Cake - I am more of a pie fan (we had pin instead of cake at my wedding)
    Flowers - pretty to see not smell, give me an edible arrangement instead please
    Jewelry - especially diamonds and blingy things, if it wasn't for my ring being heirloom I would have just done with a plain band or a pearl instead of diamond

  72. DEF hate soda, also PSLs from Starbucks, never had Cookie Butter because I'm GF, and I hate Arrested Development. Also, I HATE chevron. xo

  73. I'm not a coffee person either and I absolutely hate soda! I also don't like alcohol lol, more specifically beer. I'm just like how do people drink this stuff?! I don't like long nails or watching most shows on TV either. I absolutely loathe summer, even as a kid I hated it. Can't stand tea either, I've tried, just never happens. The only thing pumpkin that I absolutely love is pumpkin pie. Any other form of pumpkin flavoring I can't stand. Oh and Christmas candles/scentsy scents. Make me so nauseous!

  74. Arrested Development?! Impossible!!

  75. I love this post! I agree with the melons, Honeydew and Cantaloupe, they have weird textures and make me gag when I eat them. I do love soda however, happy hour at Sonic is the best!

  76. The only pumpkin thing I like is pumpkin pie. I don't understand everyone's obsession with pumpkin-flavoured things! I also agree with Nutella - never have been a fan - and Arrested Development (never watched a single episode).
    I also have never watched Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, or have read 50 Shades of Grey or any of the Twilight books or Hunger Games. And I find kale to be repulsing. Annnnd I don't quite understand this new craze that's been happening about bacon. I mean, yeah, it's great, but bacon-flavoured everything? No thanks.

  77. I laughed so hard hard when I got to coffee and ALL melon, mainly because I am drinking coffee and eating a bowl of freshly cut mixed melon (I live in Australia and their appearance in the markets means Summer is finally coming!) I personally am not a fan of all things fake strawberry - flavourings, gum, milkshakes etc and really dislike macaroons. I just DON'T get them! And cheesecake (which devastates my husband as it's his favourite thing on the planet to eat)

    This was such a a good laugh, Thank You!

  78. hahaha! brilliant! I'm with you regarding melon and arrested development but I'm guilty to flowing with the masses on everything else.

  79. Great idea! I loike those lists more than the "things I love"-ones.
    I'm kind of with you on the coffee-theme. I only like coffee with milk and caramel. I love the mix.. but plain coffe - no thanks.
    I hate spicy things. I really do. And I'm really oversensitive in eating food, thats even a little bit spicy...
    And on the pumpkin-spice-topic.. It's not that big of a deal in Germany.. We have Starbucks, that sell pumkin-spiced Lattes but most of the other Coffee-Shops don't.. I made pumpkin soup. And I liked it. But I can't imagine other foods with pumpkin spice..

    xo, Marie

  80. we all have different things that we don't like. and you shouldn't feel like you need to change your opinion or whatever because you don't like something. we are all different and we are all unique.

  81. Dani I am right there with you! I dont like
    - pumpkin spice
    - chai
    - cookie butter
    - any melons at all
    - apples that arent green
    - blueberries ( love in smoothies but on their own i have a texture problem)
    - arrested development.

    other things i dont like:
    - New Girl
    - breaking bad ( sorry!)
    - twitter
    - tumblr
    - ketchup
    - desserts and baked good with fruit in it
    - cake
    - ice cream
    - TOMS shoes ( i got some for xmas and the arch was in the totally wrong place for me- so uncomfortable)

  82. danielle! i'm not really sure if you're human...

  83. This is a great idea for a post. I'm SO with you and I have a list of my own:
    -Bacon (why does everyone freak out so much over bacon?)
    -Katy Perry
    -Ombre hair

    That's all for now!

  84. Let's see...

    - bacon. blah.
    - maple (I'm such a bad Canadian.)
    - caramel, unless it's in a twix bar.
    - curry
    - ketchup chips (but I loooooove ketchup!)
    - coffee. Don't like the taste, and when I drink any (sometimes I like getting a white chocolate peppermint mocha or whatever it's called) it makes me feel like my head is buzzing & I get really dizzy and light headed.
    - pepsi/coke. Most pops... sometimes I'll have a little bit of root beer or cream soda (in mixed drinks, mostly.) but if I drink even half of a glass I feel so gross.
    - The (American) Office. The British one is so much better...
    - Zooey Deschanel or whatever her name is. I don't hate her, I just don't get why everyone is so obsessed.
    - Ryan Gosling, same thing with him. I think it's because to me he will always be the dude from Breaker High... (Not sure if that was strictly a Canadian show or what.)
    - cats... okay, I don't hate cats, and if I am at your house & you have a cat I'll probably talk to it & pet it... I would just prefer a dog. Dogs are the best. Cats, eh.. I've never had one. I'm a dog person.

  85. Here's mine!




    Hunting (I do have varied thoughts on this)

    "Dieting" - I believe in just being all around healthy

    Fat/Thin acceptance - I believe in *body* acceptance. No one is unrealistic, no matter their size, and everyone is beautiful!

    The Big Bang Theory. Such a good show, until the writers proved that they didn't know much about actual geek subjects

    Any food that's still on the bone :x

    Reality TV most of the time - I do like Mythbusters, Hoarders, My Cat From Hell!, etc. but loathe Big Brother, American Idol, and all of those.

    Wearing dresses - I have *one* that I like.

    Wearing skirts! They're so pretty, but yeah.

    Anthropologie/Free People/Urban Outfitters - outside of Urban Outfitters stealing people's stuff, I found out that the owner is *very* anti-LGBT, and I can't stand that.

    and I'll stop there!

    I love learning more about you, lady! From your list, I agree with Arrested Development. I've seen some before, and did enjoy what I watched, but it's never been a super big thing to me. Also, chewing gum. I can't handle that, mouth wise, but I've also found gum will make me dehydrated feeling!

  86. OH! ALSO! Any sort of "tear jerker" movie, or book. No. I watch/read for pleasure, butttt... not that kind of pleasure, because I prefer no romance watches/reads as well. ;) OH and, haha, Twilight. Cannot get into that series.

  87. Totally with you on the Nutella! I especially hate that people put it on toast. I hate melon and yes!- Things that are pumpkin flavored. I hate when I order a coffee in the Fall and they ask if I want it to be pumpkin flavored! Blech. I also like cold desserts… cold candy bars, cold cheesecake, cold pie… this is weird to a lot of people… and really annoys my husband. :)

    1. Cheesecake has to be ICE cold for me to eat it. I refuse to eat room temperature cheesecake.

  88. I'm with you on disliking melon and most pumpkin flavored things (the exception is pumpkin-spice latte's from Starbucks and that's about it).

  89. I really dislike peanut butter, but I have yet to find another person that doesn't like it either. I feel like I'm alone on this one, ha ha.

    Caitlin x

    1. i'm allergic to peanuts and peanut butter, so I'm with you on this one!! ;) xo leanna

  90. breaking bad
    people standing up at concerts-I just want to relax and enjoy the music!
    low cut booties-they look clunky to me (sorry)

  91. haha this was a hilarious thread to read! here are my things I dislike (that 'everyone else' seems to love):
    . james patterson's books
    . cilantro
    . cooked corn that's not on the cob (I love corn on the cob)
    . bruno mars
    . cut-off t-shirts
    . tim horton's coffee (fellow canadians are especially obsessed with it, and I have never understood)
    . red meat
    . salmon
    . adding baileys in your coffee

    xo leanna

  92. I don't like...
    candy - excluding chocolate of course

  93. I loved this post!
    You inspired me to think of a few myself and write a post.
    The biggest shocker to people is Tea (As a british person i'm scared to even say that I don't like it out loud!)

  94. i am probably one of the fussiest eaters on earth - so everything you wrote i totally agree with. i also do not drink soda and have not had anything with caffeine in it since i was maybe 11? and even then it was only a random handful of times that i had drank soda. people think this is super odd when i meet them. i get the whole "you ONLY drink water?" in amazement question over and over. i always joke..that i do also drink lemonade if its handmade, fresh squeezed during the summer. but thats my only side track from drinking water.

    sooo many other things i don't like - but that list would take me all day to write ;)


  95. Coffee?! You are truly the only person I have ever met that does not like coffee. Insane Danielle!

  96. Although, to be fair, I am probably the only person I know who does not like/ does not have a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram... nothing! Although, I used to have a blog. I fear the internet a little... just the mean/strange people out there who propagate negativity.

  97. Ahh yes!! Finanlly someone else who doesn't like Nutella. It's so weird to me. I'm half and half on pumpkin flavored things- but melon flavored anything is strictly out of the question. So gross. I am probably all alone on this, but I don't like mint flavored things. Never have, probably never will. I don't like bananas but sometimes I make myself eat them for the potassium...

  98. Oh man, I love Nutella and all melons, haha.

    I just made my own list here:

  99. Most of those things I don't think it's weird that you don't like, except. Maybe you just need to get to know it better... ;)

  100. It is so fun to read posts like this! I don't like coffee, tea, meat, snow, pop music, or most television shows. I get some crazy looks from others over it, but to each their own, right? ; )

  101. I also don't like pumpkin ANYTHING, Chipotle, coffee, or Arrested Development. You are not alone!

    xo Ashley

  102. I've never seen Arrested Development (is it on Netflix?), so I can't speak to that. I don't like Chipotle, either.

  103. WOW. LiveJournal. I haven't thought about that in a while. I completely agree with you on Chipotle and pumpkin flavor. If I want a "fall" flavor I'll reach for cinnamon.

  104. Trader Joe's cookie butter is on the top of my list for huge disappointments on a hugely hyped item!

  105. So, I skimmed all the comments and did not see my top two things I do not like:

    1. Disney.
    2. Pizza (this makes most get-togethers kind of awkward for me, you can imagine...).

    That is all.

    1. especially if it was a disney-pizza-party get-together!! ;)

  106. we all have our list...but i could easily change your list to "my favorite things" haha, except chipotle, i agree

  107. • Quinoa, I can't stand the texture
    • Nikki Manaj...or however you spell it. Also Bruno Mars, douchey and whiney love ballads...bleh!
    • I'm with you on honeydew melons, and cantaloupe
    • Greek Yogurt
    • Crocs see also ugg boots
    • Coconut
    • Raisins
    • high-waisted jeans...its not cute ladies, and after taking a poll with my guy friends...they definitely agree
    • ombre hair

  108. oh one more.... The whole painting your nails one color and leaving just one painted differently. My brain does not like that.

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