Saturday, October 19, 2013

Weekend Links & Charlie's Birth Announcements

Before I get into this week's links I wanted to share Charlie's birth announcements with all of you. Tiny Prints graciously gifted us some to send to our friends and family and they turned out so, so well. I had a hard time choosing just one favorite (I also loved these two), but ultimately I ended up picking this one because I could add a few photos...and STRIPES! I wanted to share them here because one, I was really happy with Tiny Prints' service and the quality of the cards, but also because I feel like they really have a great selection of invites and cards at a great price. I'll be working with them again soon and I'm looking forward to sharing some of their amazing holiday cards in the future- they have a ton. And on a side note, it's positively insane to talk about anything holiday related, even though it's only two months away. Craziness. In the meantime, here are some links to enjoy:

This sweater is perfection. It's on my wishlist for Henry, for sure. And for Charlie, this romper is amazing.

The Insidious Power of Not-Quite-Harassment

More Delia Ephron. <3

Deal alert: check out my pal Sara's Etsy shop, and use code SometimesSweet for 10% off- expires 10/31. 

Vermont in the fall. My favorite.

College Men: Stop Getting Drunk.

Be Kind. And while you're in shopping mode, check out Kindred Oak's Fall/Winter line.

Apple picking never looked so good.

Love this "Rodarte braid" hair tutorial.

A powerful read- Justice for Daisy.

This is one beautiful ring.

I want to try these! Lemon anything is my favorite.

15 great cookbooks for fall.

Hocus Pocus meets Sex and the City. YES.

Wishlist: these boots, this ring, and this book.

"Good and Ready." So super cute.

This post has me aching to take a trip.

One of my favorite blogs, ever. Such beautiful photos and great words.

Overnight pumpkin butter. This looks great.

A must-share: 26 truly thrilling grilled cheese sandwiches.

Going to a festival like this one is on my must-do list.

OBSESSED with this bag and everything in this shop.

Gloria Steinem and Miley Cyrus.

And finally, did you know that Japan has "internet fasting camps" to help screen-addicted kids? Wild.

Happy Weekend! xoxo


  1. Such lovely announcement cards :)

  2. Aww! Charlie boy! I really like the color combination on that card!

    There was an episode of Studio 360 (one of my favorite podcasts) that was focused on Japan and Japanese culture. A huge part of it had to do with the Internet. I thought we had it bad in the States, but it's a very serious thing in Japan. I was shocked.

    The Rambling Fangirl

  3. Cute announcements! I just had my baby shower yesterday and those were my colors! Lovely.

  4. First off, those cards are absolutely fantastic! The stripes are to die for.

    Secondly, I want to thank you for posting an article in response to Slate article on alcohol and sexual assault. I work as an advocate at a campus-based sexual assault crisis center and it is great to see my favorite blogger addressing the topic. Thank you!

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  6. With Magnet Street, we got to bring our vision to life, the photo/color quality is great on the final product & they even threw in 15 extra postcards for free! Such a great idea because we definitely messed up on a few addresses :) custom refrigerator magnets