Friday, November 1, 2013

Weekend Links

Happy weekend everyone! I'll be back either tomorrow or Monday sharing our Halloween photos, but until then, here are some links. Have a wonderful and hopefully RESTFUL two days.


Hey Arizona! Did you know that Nekter Juice Bar is opening up in our neck of the woods? So excited. 2 in Scottsdale and 1 in Chandler. They sent me a bunch of their juices to try this week and I'm hooked.

I want to do this with my family.

The real reason yoga is still dominated by women.

Today is the last day for 30% off everything at Pale Violet!

Love N'Tima's honest posts about motherhood.

Great concept and I feel like having everything planned for you would be a ton of fun!

Say hi to one of my newest partners: The Littlest Print Shop.

I want these boots in black! So simple and cute.

How I Won the War Against My Smartphone.

BBQ Kale Chips.

Etsy wishlist: one, two, three and four.

Stopping distracted driving: what will it take?

"He was the first man I'd met who wasn't afraid of me."

Love partnering with this brand, and especially loving this tee.

Kim Kardashian confession: I love her. And on that note: click here.

Do you Instagram? If so, get yourself some of these!

10 healthy salad recipes.

I am totally on the same page as Liz with this.

Tangled Tantrum recently sent us this detangling spray for Henry's hair....and it's SO GOOD. Seriously, if you (or your child) deal with knots and tangles, get this stuff.

Kindles and planes...and keeping it on during takeoff and landing.

Christmas music favorites. Too soon?

11 animals that are now extinct, thanks to humans. Sad.

One of the sweetest families I "know." Love these festive pics.

A day late, but still interesting: a brief history of "sexy" Halloween costumes.

And speaking of costumes, this tutorial is all sorts of amazing.

The ladies at Camp Wolf mailed us a fun package of goodies last week and Henry is loving the bowtie they sent. Check 'em out!

Can't wait to attend this wedding.

Yay! One of my favorite shops for kids, Darling Clementine, is turning 2 years old today! To Celebrate enjoy 20% off your entire purchase for 2 days with code 'dcturnstwo' at checkout.

Currently loving: one, two and three. And how about these moccs for babies...for $6.99! I got Charlie a pair this morning.

And finally, 8 of the creepiest places in US National Parks.



  1. Love this. Gonna waste a good while checking these links out now!

    Katie |

  2. 1) I loved the yoga article. It was a super interesting story about the comparison between men & women at a yoga studio. It's funny because when I've gone to yoga lately, it seems more & more men are joining in which is awesome.

    2) I LOOOOOOVE the Kardashians and I have 100% NO shame. I think they are such a funny family and I honestly do feel they are genuine. Yes, they may be self centered and their whole lives are surrounded by media attention, they admit to that and they still remain to be a loving family. I also respect the fact that they haven't been selling out North (yet).

  3. A former coworker just married someone she met on How About We last year! Another one met her current boyfriend on the site and they've been together for six months! Seems like a magical site. I'd really like to try out the couples section to find some fun date ideas!

    Haha, that Kim Kardashian made me so happy the other night! I love her ridiculous family, but I think Kourtney and Khloe are my faves. But still, hearts for all of those ladies. They entertain me greatly.

    Have a great weekend!

    The Rambling Fangirl

  4. Yay, just bought those fringe boots. Thanks for the link!!

  5. I have been fighting the temptation to listen to Christmas music so hard lately. But that playlist just destroyed all hopes of surviving through the night!

  6. Haha I LOVE that article about Kim K, it's totally exactly how I feel! I AM NOT ASHAMED!