Friday, November 15, 2013

Weekend Links

October iPhone Pictures
a little baby happiness to start your weekend off with a smile!

First of all, I'm offering a Holiday Ad Sale- buy December and get January half off. Just contact me for my current info, and be sure to mention the sale while booking!

Next, this weekend is going to be a great one- family and some friends will be in town to celebrate Henry's 3rd birthday. His actual birthday isn't until the 22nd, but tomorrow we'll partying it up at our local gymnastics gym. And then the rest of the weekend will be all about tackling more painting- the living room is next. I'll be back Monday with photos from our celebration, but until then, here are some links to check out. Enjoy!


A naptime love story. How adorable is this?! 

Split family faces. So cool.

15 recipes every parent should know.

The best interview, ever.

Here are the amazing ankle boots I posted about on IG this past week...and 33% off too!

Have you checked out Spilled Milk yet? I really enjoy this blog.

Henry has been living in this pullover- isn't it adorable?

Why creative people sometimes make no sense.

Did you have a boy band crush back in the day?

Great site that's all about hiking in Arizona.

11 offensive, racist phrases that people still use all the time. Wow- most of these are news to me.

Such an interesting read: in case your nanny doesn't know the difference between quinoa and couscous, this service is for you.

Don't fuck with an English teacher. Yup.

10 rules to live by, for my 10 year old, on her 10th birthday.

Etsy wishlist: one, two and three.

I like this simple banner.

I am 69% right-brained. Makes sense! How about you?

One of my sponsors, Exclusively Yours, sells pre-owned items on Facebook! Check 'em out.

Portraits of mothers with their one-day old babies. Is it possible to have baby fever when I still have a baby of my own?!

Dying over everything in this shop! My favorites: one and two.

Living of my all-time favorite movies. Love this.

A lot of you asked about my boots in this post. Here's the link...and they're only $24.99.

The best "day in the life" post I've ever read. And now I want to walk a mile in her shoes...yum!

Lily Allen, I like you.

And finally, Thanksgiving as a Kid vs. Thanksgiving as an Adult.



  1. jeez some of those racist phrases--I HAD NO IDEA!
    and I have baby fever with a baby. I miss newborn Sadie. I am actually really sad that we aren't having anymore kids. I am really happy with three (don't get me wrong), but growing and having a baby is amazing. And newborns? Amazing.
    Now I must poke around the rest of the links. Thanks for providing entertainment for my exciting Friday night ;)

  2. Oh my goodness- the nap time story with Theo is just beautiful!!!)

  3. And...Lilly Allen...not surprised I've not heard that song on the radio here- but great article and video!

  4. I LOVE the english teacher link, don't mess with them! Seeing, I'm in the works to become one, Don't mess with us!!! lol. & Lily Allen is great.

    Stop by if you're looking for a new read! xx

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  6. Your baby is adorable! How amazing is the split faces link. It is crazy how alike we are to our family! Now following. I look forward to reading your blog x Please pop over to mine sometime x

    Cat x

  7. i don't know what this says about my youth, but where i grew up we always learned 'eenie meenie miney moe' with the 'n' word instead of tiger. i didn't hear it with tiger until i was at least eleven or twelve. not condoning the use of it at all, it was just how my grandparent's generation would say it.

  8. Thank you for sharing that Arizona hiking site!

  9. LOOK AT THAT FACE. he's such a doll!

    love the links as always :)

  10. Danielle,

    Can I just say how much I enjoy your weekend links? I've been coming back for weeks now every Friday, Saturday, or Monday if it was a busy weekend to see what you thought was interesting out there on the web that week. I think you have a biting wit and are such a good role model for me (a soon to be wife just a couple years younger than you) Thank you for your weekly picks.

  11. Such a cute face, that smile would brighten any day up

  12. I think I'm accidentally offensive. I had no idea! Fantastic 10 rules too. What an amazing Daddy!