Sunday, December 22, 2013

Last Minute Me...and 7 Gift Ideas

Christmas 2011
last year on Christmas morning

So I'm usually the type to have all of the shopping done early, like before December 1st. And to have my presents wrapped and in the closet within those first couple of weeks. But this year, blame it on a new baby and our new normal, or blame on the holidays coming faster than ever (seriously, they did!), I found myself doing some last minute shopping. And of course, this can be a problem living in a small town with not a lot of stores to choose from. So a great option? Subscriptions!

Here are some of my favorites:

1. Tonx

I've talked about this numerous times because Hank is a huge fan of the service, and since signing up a year or so ago we've gotten a ton of friends hooked too. In a nutshell, Tonx is a biweekly coffee subscription service that brings excellent beans right to your door. They roast their own beans, and work hand in hand with the growers they feature. This is the PERFECT gift for the coffee lover in your life, and it's insanely affordable for what you get. Although I don't drink coffee, all of the coffee lovers in my life are fans, so I definitely feel comfortable recommending it to all of you. And psst, you can try it for free too.

2. Glossybox

Glossybox has been sending me their awesome little boxes for over a half a year now and I'm so hooked. It's a beauty subscription service that goes out every month, and only costs $21. You get five luxury items per box, and they are often full size products. Through it I've been able to try so many products I never would have bought for myself, and even found some of my favorite items through the service, like this volumizing gel. The whole package is super cute, and it's always fun to get one in the mail every month. This would make a great gift for any girl in your life- sister, friend, etc.

3. Kindle Magazine Subscriptions

Print mag subscriptions are awesome too, but I especially love giving Kindle subscriptions to friends because they're so portable, and they're not left with a heaping pile of paper at the end of the year. Some of my favorites: Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living and for a good "beach read," US Weekly.

4. Just The Right Book

And for those who love PRINT books, this is a site that sends the perfect book to your gift recipient. You can choose the frequency of the subscription, and all you have to do is list your loved one's reading tastes, interests, etc. and the experts at Just The Right Book send over a personalized selection (gift wrapped), as often as you would like (monthly, quarterly, etc.). And if they don't like it, they can send it back for a different selection. This is a gift my Mom would LOVE- she's such a reader (and collector of books), and I know she'd enjoy getting a gift from me each month. Such a neat idea. You can also choose any age from baby to adult- this would be a fun Christmas gift for a new baby in your life, to build up their library.

5. Little Pnuts

This is the neatest subscription service for kids. Every three months Little Pnuts sends out a box full of 3-5 toys to engage and entertain your child, at whatever developmental level they're at. And best of all? The toys are made of natural materials and are battery free so playtime is all about expanding imaginations. I only just discovered this site, but love how you can choose the exact age your child is at; it's all broken down month by month in each section, be it infant, toddler, or preschool.

6. The Carnivore Club

The name says it all. For $50 a month your recipient gets 4 to 6 different selections of cured and smoked meats, charcuterie and jerky from around the world. I love what the site says too- "a box of meat perfect for the man who has everything." I can think of a few guys who would love this, and I'd imagine it would be a big hit.

7.  Conscious Box

One last fabulous subscription box service that arrives monthly. For $19.95 per month you get 10-15 natural products (snacks, body care, cleaning products, etc.) sent right to your gift recipient's door. I really love this idea, and especially love that it makes it easy for someone who is just starting to become interested in conscious, natural and healthy living to have the best of the best to try. It can be pretty overwhelming otherwise, and I think it's great that this company simplifies it. And even for those who are already on the healthy track, this would be a great way to discover new products and try some things you may not otherwise pick up on your own.

So there you go, SEVEN last-minute gifts for the wonderful people in your life: the coffee lover, the beauty product fan, the magazine browser, the reader, the child, the meat-eater, and the health nut (or the want-to-be-healthier person!). You can sign up today, then print out a confirmation and give it to them in a card. I think anyone would be happy to receive a gift like that, and how wonderful to be able to keep on giving it a few more times over the next year or more.

Enjoy, and happy (last-minute) shopping!

I used Amazon Affiliate linking in this post, along with Hank's Tonx referral site. If you'd like to visit either without the affiliate link or Hank's friend referral, click here and here. Glossybox is a c/o product, but as always my opinion is all my own- of course! ;)


  1. Tonx and Just The Right Book sound perfect for me!

    1. Yay! Let me know if you try either. I've never tried the book one and I am so curious!

  2. Just The Right Book sounds amazinG! Thanks for the idea!

    1. You're welcome! :) Let me know what you think!


  3. We don't currently subscribe to any subscription services, but I'm always interested in what's out there -- thanks for sharing! I actually hadn't heard of *any* of these!

    1. You're welcome Katie! :) While researching to find some good ones, I stumbled upon SO many neat ideas- people come up with the coolest stuff!

  4. I've never heard of any of these, thanks for sharing! I subscribe to Indiespensable from Powell's books and I love love it :)

  5. Oh my goodness I am signing up for the Conscious Box for myself immediately! Thanks!!!!

  6. I'm going to ask my husband for a subscription for the Conscious Box for my birthday in Feb! That looks amazing.

  7. There are so many favorite collection. nice.

  8. Hey now. Henry did NOT GROW that much over the past year. Are you kidding me right now? It's like he went from 2 to 16 in one year!!! Merry Christmas love!

  9. i think you meant two years ago? henry looks way too small to be 2!