Friday, December 13, 2013

Weekend Links and Casetagram

First, Casetagram contacted me last month about sending over one of their cases for review. I've tried a ton of different cases and shared my reviews of them here, but I was super excited to finally try one of theirs. A girlfriend of mine has a few and had told me all about the neat way you build your own, and once I tried it myself I was sold. Super easy to use, and I love that it syncs right to your Instagram- and they also have a handy app. A huge plus for me was being able to change up the layout, and move things around as I pleased. And like I mentioned in a previous post, our phones are with us all day, everyday, so I LOVE being able to have photos of my family right there. It's also a great conversation piece and a good way to show off your cute kids. And when my case arrived, I was so happy- it's great quality and super cute. Now I just have to keep Hank from stealing it from me. ;)

And readers, go ahead and use SWEET10 for 10% off your purchase.

Secondly, have you guys tried Fligoo yet? It's the neatest thing. The company, who calls their site a "gift recommendation engine," reached out to be about trying their site and at first I was a little skeptical- how could a website know what my friends would like as presents? But sneaky Facebook (you connect through it), knows all. It's one part awesome, one part "what the heck?!" because the recommendations I got while playing around were spot on. Seriously, try it. And let me know if maybe just my friends share way too much info online, making it easy for Fligoo to know the perfect present, or if it's you too. And even more fun, you can check your own profile out to see how they analyze you. In a nutshell, Fligoo takes "likes" from Facebook and analyzes them, providing you with up to date gift giving info. Smart. And weird. And awesome! Below are recs for one of my best friend's upcoming birthdays. Pretty spot on.

And one more thing before we get to the links- check out this necklace! Isn't it amazing? I received it in the mail from one of my new partners, Urban Lilac, and I'm in love. The quality is great and I'm so into it's simplicity. And even better, their jewelery is totally affordable. Here's the one I got, and here are a couple others I have my eye on- one and two.


And now, some links!

This is one of my MOST favorite blogs, and I love that they're doing some serious good this holiday season.

Have you tried out Instagram Direct yet? What do you think?

TIME's regretting not naming Beyonce Person of the Year...

Heathers is being turned into a musical. So awesome.

Etsy wishlist: this banner, these necklaces, and this awesome tree.

Is screen time killing our kids' brain cells?

And speaking of, get outside.

Salted toffee crunch cookies. These look amazing.

50 perfect holiday outfits.

So interesting: Does body language shape who you are?

Science says art will make your kids better thinkers (and nicer people).

 7 cardinal rules for life.  

Could the universe be a hologram? Maybe, say physicists.   

The 25 best moments for women this past year.  

Wishlist: this hat, this sweater, this print (and congrats to Katie for opening up your shop!), and this jumper, although I don't think I would ever actually wear it. I'm not much of a jumpsuit person but maybe I should try it?

The rise and fall of Lisa Frank.

What's your mental age? Mine is 43. Hmm...

11 body image heroes of 2013.

The Friday Night Lights cast. Where are they now?

Do you know who Chirlane McCray is?

And finally, read this piece on a woman becoming a manager, and getting her first employee. A good read.

*I was compensated for my Casetagram and Fligoo review, but as always all opinions are my own.

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  1. I always wondered about casetegram so thank you!
    And can't wait to check out these links...but especially the rise and fall of Lisa Frank. I would watch it if it were a movie!

  2. these are all great! my mental age was 39... and i loved the science/art article.

  3. My mental age is 48! HA! Great links, as always!

  4. I wish you could sign into Fligoo without Facebook! Otherwise I'd totally love to try it out.

  5. Love the way your case turned out! Thanks for the links! Off to find my mental age

  6. My mental age is 32, and my fiances is 41. Don't know if thats good or bad lol. Were both in our early 20s! Love the case!

  7. That case is absolutely adorable! I'm going to look into casetagram. That necklace is stunning! I've been really into wearing more necklaces recently so I'm definitely going to give them a look! I remember doing that mental age thing. I can't remember what my age was since it was a few months ago, but I do know it was either late 30's or early 40's and I'm only 21!

  8. Great links! :-)
    My mental age was 44... my friends have always said I was old for my age! :-P

  9. I rum a female empowerment/ self acceptance club for high school girls and I'm excited to share the body hero post with them tomorrow . Thanks for sharing it