Friday, January 10, 2014

Weekend Links

How great is this portrait? The super talented Lisa of My Little Buffalo created it for us, and I'm in love. She is an illustrator who designs custom portraits of families, kids, even dogs! I think it would be the sweetest gift- her creations are very affordable (the custom pet portraits are just $30). Best of all, Lisa is generously extending 10% off your total order with code SOMETIMESSWEET. Thank you again, Lisa!

Here are some links to what I've enjoyed  around the web this week:

On making a baby sweater. I enjoyed this quick read.

Men and emoticons. Some research!

Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson- two of the best.

My sister sent me this link yesterday and I've loved adding many of these to my must-read list. I think I'm most excited about these: one, two and three.

On the "mainstream beard."

Love these DIY screen printed family shirts.

A look at prison visits via Instagram. Fascinating.

Loved this post over on Ilene's blog, inspired by the one I did last month.

So happy Diana is planning to blog more- I always enjoy her posts.

Wishlist: for me, for Hank, for Henry, and for Charlie. Oh, and one more for me.

A great post filled with tips for organizing and storing photos.

Recipes for the modern woman.

This is the shop where our plus quilts come from. Best blankets ever.

On January Birthdays and Some Things I Know at 25.

NASA before Powerpoint.

The "smooch strand." Love it, Small Fry!

Read unlimited books for only $9.95 a month? Sounds like Netflix for books!

The evolution of a family.

Love Lauren's "Hot Tip." I always enjoy little posts like this- and I love the book she referenced.

Snow/Polar Vortex strands 500 passengers on Amtrak trains overnight. Ahh!

The BOB Revolution Stroller (single and double) is 30% off this week on Amazon. It was 40% earlier, but 30% is still an insane deal. Expensive but very worth it if you like being outdoors and active and want your stroller to come along too- we took our single everywhere with us.

Can TIME predict your politics? Surprisingly, this was fairly accurate for me.

Why your creativity needs boundaries to thrive.

Are you joining up with my Cookbook a Month project? I made my second recipe yesterday.

Sale alert: sweaters marked down at one of my sponsors, Love Threads.

First comes miscarriage, then comes marriage, then comes baby...

For everyone who would have chosen Aiden over Big.

19 grandparents snapping cooler selfies than you.

And finally, Why Women Aren't Welcome on the Internet. A must-read.


  1. Love the links - thank you. Cute illustration too!

    - Michelle @

  2. This portrait is so funny...I'd really like to have one too!

  3. The portrait of your family is precious ^_^ I read the 'Women On The Internet' article and it's positively terrifying; it's something we hear so much about and it never gets less scary. It's boggling to think that people really behave like that, that they would wish such awful things and make terrible threats. Hopefully articles like that will continue to be written, to raise awareness of something many individuals believe will go unnoticed and unpunished.

  4. I love custom portraits- I keep seeing them pop-up and I want to get one done once we get a pup. Super cute!

  5. The netflix for books thing is weird, isn't that just a library?

  6. Great links lady! I always look forward to your Weekend Links! Always interesting articles to read that leave me thinking!

    I hope you have a great weekend!
    x Sara from

  7. Thanks so much for the link!! You are the sweetest and easily one of my most favorite bloggers/IG friends. And I'm loving all of these links! The Aiden over Big one is my favorite I think because WHAT THE HELL WAS CARRIE THINKING!

  8. I always love your collection of links :) Thank you!

  9. Some great links here, I've really enjoyed browsing through :)


  10. aw, thanks for the sweet shout-out. that always means so much to me, friend! and as always loving all the other links you posted. this is def one of my favorite features of your blog!

    happy monday!