Friday, January 17, 2014

Weekend Links


It's Friday night and it's a wild one at the Hampton house. Both babies are sleeping and Hank actually fell asleep himself around 9pm. So here I am, partying hard online. I hope you're having an equally exciting evening, but if you need a little entertainment, check out the links below! Enjoy.


Apple to return 32.5 million for accidental app purchases. Ahem, parents of iPad using toddlers.

The daily routines of famous writers.

Working moms- get a tax break on your breast pump!

All things pink.

Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding, revisited. 

Currently loving: this ring, this soap, and this top.

My Life Working as a Model In China. Fascinating.

Delicious links: learn how to make an acai bowl or whip up a lemony kale salad.

More Lena, more Girls.

This ring is everything!

Cookbooks I want to check out: one, two, and three.

52 places to go in 2014.

Apparently young people store "high definition" memories.

I cannot wait to see this!

23 reasonable things everyone should plan to do in the New Year. I like this!

Author Jennifer Weiner on chick-lit, hate-reads, and getting paid what you're worth.

Etsy Wishlist: this shirt, this bread board, and this necklace.

Currently, by Megan.

A news report from 1981 about the internet. The future is now.

$50,000 twerking's not what you think!

On Radical Honesty.

What happens when the President sits down next to you at a cafe.

How NOT to talk to your kids. A great read.

And finally, 5 questions to ask before posting to social media.

Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo


  1. sounds like my friday night! not complaining though!!

  2. The twerking thing makes me so happy- my husband showed me last night and it made my night.
    Also we watched The Spectacular Now on itunes, and it was great.

    1. I was so pleasantly surprised to watch the video- I hope that girl is insanely successful and goes far! So cool.


  3. Great idea! My friday night consisted of much the same thing.

    1. The best kind of Friday night, if you ask me! :)

  4. i don't know. the article about apple having to refund all the money kind of rubs me the wrong way. i know i'm probably in the minority here, but parents should be 100% monitoring their kids use of electronics. or just not letting their children have access to ipads/kindles/etc. ESPECIALLY if the ability to make a purchase is involved. this is not apples fault. the 8 year old that made over $1400 in purchases with smurfs is ridiculous.

    i guess i'm old fashioned. i have a three year old and a six year old. the younger is not allowed access to my kindle or phone, and the six year old has monitored use.

    1. Girl, don't even get me started on this topic! I wholeheartedly agree with you!

  5. Dani-
    I haven't quite looked into this, homwever, I have a few mommy friends who have done this. In regards to the article on breast pumps...I have heard with the new healthcare reform, that insurances are covering them. One of my best girl friends stated that she called her insurance company, who directed her to a medical supply company (they have to be purchased through the medical supply) and she was given the option of 3 different ones. They also gave her the option of paying a portion of a medical grade one to rent through the hospital if she wanted to go that route. She was told that she gets 2 a year. This was in Houton but her sister lives here in Phoenix and is also pregnant and she was able to get one as well for free. My friend said they both have Blue Cross Blue Shield, but different plans. I am interested to see more of if this is easily attainable for others as well but I just thought I would share the information forward, since you reach so many new or soon to be mommies. :)
    Aimee Burton (Curzio)

    1. Aimee!
      So good to hear from you- and thank you for all of this info. I will look into it and pass it along. Thanks again, you're the best! I hope you guys are doing well.
      Lots of love <3

  6. I particularly and very much enjoyed the daily routines of famous writers. Thank you. - RubyAli

    1. Wasn't that a great read? So glad you enjoyed it! :)

  7. As always, I spend way to much time reading all of your weekend links! Thanks for posting them! You rock! I very much enjoyed the article about honesty, could not go for the full Blanton version. But a little more of it in everyday life would probably be for the best, especially when it's about people we really care about! Thanks again. Regards, Eve