Thursday, February 27, 2014

Journal Day #2

We all have songs that really mean something to us. Often just hearing it can take us right back to that place and we are able to re-experience the memory associated with the song. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but either way music has the ability to really draw things out of us and evoke deep emotion. Choose a song that has a particular meaning to you. Tell the story of the memory associated with the song, sharing as much detail as you can. Take us there; let us experience it with you.

walking downtown

There are these times in our lives that sometimes feel much more alive than others. When we think back to them they almost shimmer in our minds; mirage-like on the edges of our memory. For me, these times usually are part of great seasons of change and growth in my life- periods of time where I was learning more about myself, stages I'd consider important in shaping me into the person I am today. And when I look back to the memories surrounding this song, they're crystal clear but beginning to get hazy around the edges as the years go by. And it's not really even just one memory- there's a million all tucked into this one song, but whenever I hear it I'm taken right back there.

I was 19, and still in that in between stage where you feel like you have one foot in your adolescence and one foot edging closer to being an adult. I was up at college, and got back in touch with some high school friends who invited me over to their house the next time I came down to the valley. One of the guy's girlfriends was named Sarah- she had gone to my high school and we knew many of the same people, but had never really connected or knew each other. It's funny to think back now at the two of us in those first days, kind of talking online, leaving little Livejournal comments, the very beginning of our friendship.

And I'm sure you know what it feels like when you meet someone and just CLICK. Male or female, there are certain people in the world that we are meant to have in our lives and when we come in contact with them, it just feels right. I have been lucky enough to have a handful of them in my world, and when I met Sarah it was this way, sitting and talking a mile a minute because there was just so much to catch up on, our whole lives really, and we were just enthralled with one another. Instant-best-friends, in the most surface way you can become close to someone instantly, but as that Fall went on that instant made way to a stronger friendship that felt more like being sisters, together all the time.

Music was a big part of our world, and we would drive around for hours just singing along to our favorite bands and songs. We'd go out to clubs at night, dancing at Hot Pink until the wee hours of the evening, Outkast's Hey-Ya and Prince remixes and old 80s pop music. We'd sit at her house, drunk off our butts and laughing until we cried, making up dances and being so silly. And there was this one song, Heaven by The Fire Theft that we would listen to constantly while driving. Funny because it's more of a love song but we would over dramatize it all the way and belt it out whenever we were in the car. When I listen to it now it takes me right back to that time- that small apartment, new friends and old friends, our crazy plans and crazier nights. We were dating two best friends and would often dissect each others' relationships to make sense of it all, so that's all wrapped in there too, along with Casey Moore's and Tempe and downtown Phoenix.

And so I guess this isn't really a story. It would be hard to tell just one that's related to this song. I knew I wanted to write about it though and once I started writing this is what I got. It's the telling of a feeling I suppose- the feeling of being young and in love with life and knowing that the world really is whatever you want it to be. It's riding around with your best friend and knowing that this is the good stuff, singing as loud as you can without any thought about tomorrow. And so to me, this song is Sarah. It's being 19 and 20 and 21. And that song is that time in my life and being an almost-adult and not really knowing who I was yet (but really believing that I did, of course). Really though more than anything it's a coming of age song to me, in the weirdest, funniest, happiest way possible.

So, that's my response. How about yours? If you'd like, leave an excerpt from your response below, along with a link to your post. I can't wait to read it.

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  1. It was hard for me to think of a story to go with a specific song - I tend to associate feelings with different songs and bands, but can't always remember the little details of the moments when the song first became bookmarked in my mind.

    Here's my link this week:

    "Then there was that spectacular moment where I saw Him coming towards me, and my tiny little heart pitter-patted as he asked me to dance."

    1. I love the word pitter-patter! Can't wait to read it- thank you for linking up! :)

  2. I really like your take on this. Even though it isn't one specific story I feel like I know exactly how you felt at this time in your life.

    I struggled a little with this post, but I really wanted to try! I thought of one moment immediately when I was young and my family had a fun moment of spontaneity, Here is my link if you would like to read it:


  3. I had to write two, one wasn't enough:

  4. This made me smile. Great post! :)
    Here's an excerpt from mine:

    "It takes me back to that hot July night, to being young and free, to brand new love, fresh as the fallen snow. A love that has only grown and multiplied in the years that have passed since then, that continues to flourish and strengthen. I still adore this tune and always smile when I hear it, reminded of the eighteen year old girl who swayed back and forth in her boyfriend's arms as she sang along to the words she knew so well."

    Find the rest here:

  5. "Our whole relationship has felt like a movie to me, and I think this is probably why. Like – how could it not be perfect with such a great origin story?! You got nothing on us, Batman. Oh and just a year and a half into our relationship and we’ve seen Say Anything (or just the lead-singer, Max) three times. They’ve become our band. And yeah, I know, that sounds super lame too."

  6. Here's a bit of mine!

    "This song was on the radio often at the time, but I vividly remember sitting at this intersection one afternoon, hearing Shawn Mullins sing, “Everything’s gonna be all right” in his gravely tone…and wanting to believe him with everything I had. I let the song wash over me for a minute – thinking about the words – praying that this song was a sign from God."

  7. This was a tough one this week, Dani,

    "First you need to understand, I love music. Seriously I do. If someone said tomorrow that there would be no more music, well, I might as well slit my wrists now. I do not know how I would function. But hey, don’t get me wrong, there are moments where I don’t have music going, but there is always a radio, my iPod or something nearby. In this weeks prompt, we are suppose to talk about one song; I can’t do that, there are just too many. What I have though is a moment a few years ago, where I was taken back to when I was a 16 year old girl, who was having the time of her life.

  8. This is so sweet. This post reminded me of so many other songs that I can make connections to special times with. But I wrote about one song I can remember playing the morning of my wedding.

    "It's amazing how a three minute song, a set of lyrics and a fine-tuned melody, can bring back so many memories. I may have forgotten the vows my husband and I exchanged at 10:30, the morning of July 20th, at City Hall, but I will forever remember the song playing throughout our house as I put the finishing touches on my wedding day look."

  9. I love the idea of journal days, and I especially love this prompt. I can completely relate to your response. Those late nights with my best friends dancing without any worries or singing at the top of our lungs with the windows rolled down, those will always be some of the sweetest memories for me. Here's a bit of what I decided to write about:

    "I knew immediately what song it was, I knew all the words, I could sing along with the rest of the sweaty strangers that surrounded me. I was a part of it. The music washed over us all and reverberated through our bodies, and we were all connected by the words and instruments."

  10. "Moments before it was time for me to walk down the aisle, I was peaking out of the bridal room, and I was all alone. Our bridal party was all lined up, ready to go. I could see our guests patiently waiting, and most importantly, I saw my groom waiting for me. He looked so handsome. Everything was perfect. I was nervous, naturally, but hearing the instrumental tune of Transatlanticism playing instantly calmed my nerves."


  11. Great response! Here's a little bit of what I wrote today:

    "Driving along that winding stretch of highway on one of the most perfectly summery days, flanked on either side by those huge, impossibly green trees (the kind you never find on the prairies), chatting happily with my favourite guy, may be one of my favourite memories. It's such a small sliver of our life together so far, but I always look back on that day with such joy & happiness."

  12. How song also comes from the college time of life. Mine is a collection of memories as well...with every song, it's hard for me to narrow down a single moment, since most of my favorite songs contain so many moments, like you said as well.

    Here's an excerpt:

    "I made myself at home on campus by walking barefoot everywhere I could, and the trip to the laundry room was no exception. (I did have flip flops for the shower, don’t worry.) After it was washed, I’d cart it back to my room, turn on Same Girl by Jack Johnson, and hang the laundry while I sang."

    Thanks for doing this, Danielle! :)

  13. It was too hard to pick one. So I wrote about 3. Ha!

  14. So many came to mind...but I managed to choose just one moment (technically, 2 songs)

    "I think the only thing that ever caused some of us to break character was realizing that there was someone outside the window watching us"

  15. Loved your response!

    "My memory involves spending a cloudy fall afternoon listening to Splish Splash by the Bobby Darin and dancing with my mom, dad and little sister. My brother was just a baby then, but I'm sure he was probably rocking out in his bouncy chair."

  16. What a beautiful piece of writing, my song is also a coming-of-age memory, but it's more from child to adolescence - such an interesting and funny age.

    Here's an excerpt from mine and you can read the whole thing by clicking here if you're interested!: "I suddenly remembered the first time I heard She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5. I was twelve years old, in the mountains in Romania for the first time, with my best friends and our parents."


  17. Hard to choose just one story to tell. Music seems to always be an important part of life.

  18. Instantly loved this prompt!

    "There have been times when we've sang it, whistled it, cried to it, sat in silence to it..."


  19. There are so many songs to choose from! Disney, music, pop, songs my Dad introduced me to, songs my Mum sang over me but in the end I was surprised that it was a worship song that held the strongest memory for me.

  20. I love having people in my life who are EASY to have friendships with. The people who it feels natural and completely normal to hang out with. Loved this.

    Here's a bit from mine:
    "If I stop and close my eyes it’s like I’m there, but not as me, as someone watching two people who are slowly falling in love. The way his hands rested gently on her shoulders, the smile that flashed across her face as she turned around to see him singing along with the words, the goosebumps on her arms when he kissed her cheek and the way she looked at him in that moment- so happy and content."

  21. We have similar taste in music! I also wrote about that transitional, coming of age time-period. Isn't it funny to think back to the days you would drive around and listen to music even without a destination in mind?

    "a...I remember it was sunny, and I was feeling anxious about returning to school where I didn't feel like I belonged. We had the windows all rolled down and I laid my head back on the head rest. I tilted my head slightly toward the window and lost myself in the warm sun shining through and I lost myself in that song, too..."

    Marissa from

  22. "Even after our wedding, it became the ringtone on my phone for when Dustin called me. The best part was that our dog Sophie learned to associate hearing that song with me talking to her daddy. When it would randomly come across my Pandora station, she would sit up and stare at me, waiting for me to answer my phone."

  23. i really love this, looking forward to more prompts!

    "The melody was fairly new to our ears causing made-up words to spew forth but that didn’t stop us. We sang along and ran through the streets, sand in our toes and water in our ears."

  24. I'm very excited about this project!

    Here is my excerpt:
    "It is the song that you think of most when you think of those friends. It is the song that you know all of the lyrics to. It is the song that connects you to those friends, to those memories, that pulls you back and in every single time you hear it.

    It's the song you listen to when you miss them. It's the song you avoid to forget them. This is a song that means the most and means the least at the same time. It tells everyone else how connected you are to this small group of individuals... yet it also doesn't say enough."

  25. How did we never meet until recently? I used to go to Hot PInk all the time! Some of the best days/nights of my life. Too funny! Great post!!! x

  26. I'm loving doing these journal posts!!

  27. Aww Suki. I love you so much and I loved reading this! Totally going to put that song on for the drive home today! <3

  28. I love this post. And I'm loving this series for getting me to write regularly. Thanks! My post is a bit more of a downer this week . . .
    "I was driving. It was a familiar stretch of freeway. Mid-afternoon, sunny, and this song came on. “If you’re lost and alone or you’re sinking like a stone, carry on.” "

  29. "We moved in a little closer. We were on the stage, just feet away from Greg Graffin and Brett Gurewitz- punk rock legends..."

  30. Mrs Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel. I remember listening to that record (literally a vinyl record) while eating dinner. My Dad’s record player had this function where you could speed up songs and it sounded like the Chipmunks were singing it. It made my Dad’s music really fun all of a sudden. Every time I hear that song I’m back at the dinner table begging to put the record player on chipmunk mode and flinging peas at my brothers.


    Here is mine! Hope you enjoy (:

  32. I loved this post so much! I love that feeling of just clicking with someone - it's a rare, amazing feeling! I approached this prompt a little differently, but still enjoyed it so much.

    Here's an excerpt: This weird feeling kind of came over me and I felt a small sense of stillness as I watched the dirt path and the overly tall grass pass out of the passenger's window. I was so mixed up about how I felt towards everything and everyone that semester and that night ended up not turning out well either, but there was just this small moment where it all felt okay and survivable because I subtly knew now that everyone was struggling like I was. Now, whenever I hear that song, I think about it being October and that small transitory moment.

    Here's the URL:

  33. I really enjoyed going down memory lane and focusing on the song I love most. Thank you.

    Here is my excerpt and I hope you enjoy.
    "No matter how old I was or what I was going through, whether bored, sad or mad, his voice would take me from my negative mood and remind me that everything was going to be okay. I think he just knew. He knew when to sing, he knew when I needed it, even in silly times, the song that was ours would always just be another joy that was brought into my day. And even though this particular song I am sure has wonderful meaning for my siblings as well, when my father sung it, it felt like it was mine. And I have kept it close to my heart ever since."

  34. I'm so sorry for being so desperately behind... But beter late than never they say right? So I hope you don't mind me sharing a very late excerpt:

    'At the age of 16, I left the worst of my awkward years behind me. I’d had my fair share of thought turmoil and not-knowing-where-I-belong feelings. I still felt insecure about how I was supposed to do the things that came so natural to most of my friends. That summer though, ...'


  35. Thank you for the prompt! Here's my post:

  36. This one was hard to write. So many songs I love, but don't necessarily connect to specific memories or times. I did find one though!

    "It was coming into spring and as the weather warmed and flowers bloomed, so did the friendship I struck up with the guy who would become my boyfriend by the end of semester. I remember sharing that song with him because I was so obsessed with it. We’d sit in the courtyard outside of human sciences and sip drinks, share candy, laugh, flirt. Fruit Mentos and V energy drinks. Sunshine on my face (and later, sunburn) and his ever-present leather jacket even in the heat."

    The rest:

  37. I love this prompt, and your response. Here's mine