Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up (on a Wednesday)


1 // Veronica hosted the cutest little Valentine's party for little ones. We had a blast, and left in a total sugar coma. This was the cake she served- SO good. It was a triple layer, fruit infused masterpiece and it made me happy that days like this don't come around too often. I eat healthy a lot of the time, but I will never (and can't ever) say no to something like this!

2 // On Friday afternoon Jana and I took the boys to Lappert's, a little custard spot that just opened in the next town over. It was a fun treat and I was actually pleasantly surprised by the grilled chicken salad I ordered. I didn't try the custard (still over-sugared from that cake!) but Henry really loved it.

3 // Sisters and babies. It's very cool to have my best friend home with her babies doing the same stuff I'm doing, at the same time. Now if only we lived in the same place. We took this photo Sunday after while at the park at my parents' house. It was 75 and sunny- best weather ever.

4 // Speaking of best friends, on Saturday I got to have brunch with two of my oldest friends to celebrate Erin's birthday. We went to Luci's Healthy Martketplace in Phoenix I was pleasantly surprised. Great, healthy food and a cute atmosphere. Plus, I had the best company. You know those people that know you- really know you- and remember all of the stages and phases you've been through? Hold onto them. These are those people for me.

5 // Lucy and Charlie at breakfast on Sunday morning. They were born just 7 months apart and I love watching them together. And can we talk about sassy little Lucy for a minute?! She kills me.

6 // Sunday dinner at my parents' house. I live for it. This plate was chock full of goodness- filet, shrimp, kale salad, and some more veggies.

I hope you had a great weekend too...although we're already halfway to the next one!