Sunday, March 16, 2014

Journal Day Prompt #5

Here's this week's prompt- 

We all encounter challenges on a daily basis. You may consider yours something small, like having enough time in the day to accomplish everything you set out to do, or it may be a bit bigger- perhaps something you have to overcome mentally or emotionally, or even a struggle when dealing with a difficult person. Whatever the case, take a look at your daily life- what would you say is your biggest challenge? Or if you have a past struggle you were able to overcome, how did you do it? This week, write about a challenge you currently deal with on a day to day basis, or discuss one you managed to get past.

I'll be back Thursday with my response, and that's when I'll ask you guys to share a bit from your writing in the comments, as well as a link to your post so we can all check it out.


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  1. Hmm this one is a toughie. Thank you for doing this - I'm loving the wonderful collection of responses that your questions are drawing from other bloggers.


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  3. I am loving these prompts! Keep them coming! I have been keeping up privately - mine have been too personal to share on my blog so far. But I hope to share soon. Thanks for prompting these thoughtful messages and reflections!

  4. I've already responded to this newest prompt ( :

    "I've always been the type of person to push myself to the limit regarding how much I can accomplish. I graduated from college in three and a half years while working and being an active member of my sorority. Each day I cram as much as I possibly can into my schedule. I think the biggest challenge I face right now is the constant juggling of posting daily on two different blogs, working full time, and having a social life."

  5. I love these prompts and have been enjoying following along. Is it bad when I saw today's challenge I instantly thought of packing school lunches? (Seriously not the biggest challenge I face!) But, today, the thought of trying to figure out something that my 5 year old will actually eat that she isn't actually allergic to and isn't on the list of unapproved things to bring to her school just about made me want to cry!