Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Modern Babybooking with Blinkbuggy

I've talked about Blinkbuggy previously, and gushed about how much I love the service they provide. To me they're a modern baby book, and perfect for someone like me who isn't the best at writing something down every single day...but always has something to remember every single day! All along I'd been using Blinkbuggy's regular site and then using my phone's notepad to jot down little one-liners from Henry or funny things I didn't want to forget, but sometimes I wouldn't remember to transfer them over when I got home. So when I got word that BB was officially coming out with their app I was ecstatic.

The app goes hand in hand with the site, and it's such a useful tool for me. No more notepad! It's very easy to use with clear options- it's basically just an on-the-go Blinkbuggy, which is exactly what you'd want in the app of a site you already use.

Since my last Blinkbuggy post there have been some amazing changes in addition to the mobile app launch. One of the best things is the ability to print books from your account. This was a game changer for me. I'm still very, very slowly working on Project Life baby books, but I don't have anything outside of Instagram for capturing daily moments in a tangible form. Blinkbuggy has teamed up with MILK Tailor Made Books to offer that option, through gorgeous gallery books and a couple other products too. The books are absolutely beautiful and it would be a great addition to any family's keepsake collection...or as gifts too.

A couple other exciting bits of news coming in the next few months:

1 // users will have the ability to upload video to their account (love this!)
2 // an Android version for all of you Android users!

3 // the ability to add users to your account. So in my case, I would add Hank to it so he could post special things, photos, moments, etc. and it would all feed right into our family page. I love this.

So yes! New, exciting stuff for Blinkbuggy. I know a lot of you started using it after my first post last year, and I'm curious to hear how you're loving it! I've gotten quite a few of my friends hooked and the app was really great news for them too, so if you've also started using the app let me know. Happy Blinkbuggy-ing!

Photo Credit: Raquel Langworthy, Raquel Bianca Creative
*this post was sponsored by Blinkbuggy but as always, all opinions are mine.


  1. Ooh love this! I'm guilty of using my notes too, and then forgetting to transfer them over. I'm so afraid I'm going to lose all of that stuff! I really like the book option, looks super neat.

    1. You would like this program a lot. This comment also reminds me I need to text you about Project Life!


    2. Yes! I seriously need to get moving on Project Life! I have my box of "Lucy stuff" just sitting there waiting to get scrapbooked.