Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Things

a blurry, happy photo from Saturday night. Brooke, Adie and me.

Hi. So right now I'm sitting here and Charlie is asleep and Henry is at school and I have given myself 20 minutes to type up an update. After the time is up I've promised myself I will be shutting this window and getting to some work I've been helping a friend with, and edit the pieces that need editing. I absolutely love it- editing papers has always been a fun thing for me, both as a teacher and way before as a college student helping friends. One day when my children are grown I think this is what I would like to do. Maybe. Or be a librarian, or a PE teacher, or a high school English teacher again. And isn't it funny how sometimes we think something, and then some time goes by and we realize how crazy we really sounded? That's how I feel about talking about working. When Hank and I first decided I would stay home with Henry I remember talking so grandly about all of it- yes! I will never work again! I will happily stay home forever! But as time has gone on I realize that there is a part of me that will always have a desire to write or teach or do in some way. And of course what I do now is doing, but I know that once the little people in my life aren't so little I would like to explore what's next.

This past weekend was a good one. I actually spent the week prior at my parents' house, and I didn't do much outside of spend quality time with my spring-breaking Mom and retired Dad. We did take a couple of days to do a mini roadtrip, but other than that it was just lots of hanging out close to home. One of highlights though was getting to see Shirley and Autumn and Erin and Alana. These are the friends I hold onto tight- the ones who have been around forever and ever. In contradiction to what you may think when you think "blogger," I'm a pretty private person, and so I don't let people in very often. I have my dear, deep, forever friends, but I allow the rest of everything to kind of swirl around on the surface. This is part good and part bad, I think. I make new friends a lot but I don't make close friends a lot...which is fine because I keep the important things to my little circle of family and can count the ones I love on two hands, but also bad because when you don't let people in, you miss out on a potential great relationship. This year though I've met one or two people I've clicked with instantly and that's just so exciting. It's rare for that to happen- that instant feeling of friendship. But when it does I hold on tight. So long story short, I got to spend time with some of those special people and as always I left our time at dinner feeling recharged in only the way one can feel after a night with good friends, good wine, and good pizza.

And then the weekend flew by of course, like every weekend does. This one felt especially fast though because we didn't do much. Hank and I divvied up some "me" time and he went out with friends Friday night, and I went out on Saturday night. And all of a sudden Monday morning was here and I was racing around trying to find something green for Henry to wear, feed Charlie, pack a lunch...the Monday grind. It's his third week of preschool though and it's so much smoother sailing than it was. I know I talked about the first week having its challenges- week two was much better, and this week is already shaping up to be better than that. It's nice to have this routine now, and it makes me happy that Henry is loving it. This morning we also had a vaccine visit for Charlie. He's 7 months (!!) and so much is going on with him. He tried his first food yesterday, is sitting up like a champ and growing like a weed. I'm trying to figure out though what to do with his sleeping because after a stretch of great sleep he is back to waking up every night a few times (usually 12am and 4am at least). I'm not one to just let him cry it out, and I know babies will figure it out eventually, but this is new to me because Henry was sleeping through the night much, much earlier. So any sleep advice is welcome!

And now off I go. Charlie will be awake soon, Henry will be getting picked up soon, and our Monday will somehow soon be over.

I hope you have a wonderful week. xo


  1. I'm the same way about only letting certain people in. I have a lot of acquaintances from kids' schools, old work, Sean's work, but I only really let in very few, and then almost embarrassingly wear my heart on my sleeve with them, though I suppose I do that with anyone I like enough.

    I love your ideas rolling around about the future. I still don't ever want to work again. I actually do, but I say that because I really have no idea what it is that I want to do once the kids are all in school. Weird at 31 to have no clue/ideas/career goals.

    Enjoy your you time, lady. I know I love my Tuesdays/Thursdays while Parker is at preschool. I don't know what I'll do next year when he's at kindergarten (boo hooooooo).

    1. Clare, you and I are so similar in so many ways! And exactly with what you said about all of the people you know. I used to really spread myself out way too much, trying to make connections all over the place when I realized a couple years back that wasn't good for anyone. So now I just focus on those few people- and like you wear my heart on my sleeve! I'm too sensitive but luckily the people I love know that about me, and love me all the same.

      The future is so funny- whatever I do would be once our kids are grown. I feel like they still need you there and available even during the HS days, so if we are able to do it, I would love to be at home and able to be present as much as possible. That's SO far away though really, even though sometimes it feels like time is flying by.

      I can't even wrap my brain around kindergarten! How crazy for you! I think about what I would even do with 5 whole days?! I also really enjoy this time at home, and Charlie sleeps for half of it so I have a good chunk of me time (like right now) and then some quality Mommy and Henry time.

      My reply was a whole new blog post;)

      Hope you guys have a great day! <333

    2. This whole blog post and then these 2 replies just struck many many many cords. I can so relate to wearing my heart on my sleeve and yet not finding myself close to more than 6 people at the moment. What a strange ambiguity right? Past experiences, past hurts and mostly past embarrassments have made me careful I guess and maybe that is about time at 31 (again relating ;-)). Yet when your hart is on your sleeve and aching, it often feels like going against your own nature to try to shut it up. I guess I am still battling with the good balance. Any tips on that are very welcome ;-)

      Even though I am working I also feel career goal-less and I still have these little dreams of 'maybe I'd like to do this or that when I grow up'. It felt liberated that also here I don't stand alone.

      Finally Danielle, I wish I had some good advice for you regarding Charlie's sleeping habits. Our first son slept through the night at 8 weeks and has never ever started to wake up again (only when he was really sick or so) but our second is a whole different story. At nearly 22 months now, he still comes back to long periods of waking up at least once. I can just not let him cry it out, I never could, that's personal of course and I have nothing against people who decide to do just that! It's crazy fatiguing and frustrating at times but I recently decided to make piece with it. In a sense, it's beautiful to realize that this little boy's only wish is for us to hold him, soothe him, feed him or even sometimes just spend time with us and talk to us. He needs us and only us in the wee hours of the night to feel secure enough to go back to sleep. And in a few years that'll all be over. Even though it's the middle of the night, whenever I try to have this attitude about it, I feel the strength to carry this frustration and sleepiness a little better.
      That being said, it is difficult and I hope you find something that works for you soon!
      Kudos to you!

  2. I wouldn't be surprised if you see an improvement in Charlie's sleep now that he's starting on solid food. I have noticed with all of my kids, and my pediatrician has also noted, that when they start eating solids in conjunction with nursing their tummies are more satisfied and tend to sleep longer stretches. Hang in there!

  3. Dani,

    I nanny for 10 month old triplets and they wake up usually around 12am and 4am every night as well. Their parents asked that we just let them cry but if they cry for more than 10 minutes make a 3oz bottle and give them that. I just prop the bottle up with a blanket and it usually helps them calm down and fall back to sleep. I hope this helps! I know how you feel having to wake up twice in the middle of the night, every night!


  4. I really enjoyed this post :)

    I feel like the vast majority of ties I've made with people I've met online can so relate to both feeling private despite sharing so much & investing in a few close friendships and an overall vibe of introversion [my pregnant brain totally just tried to make "introvertedness" happen, but alas, that isn't quite a real word.]

    My husband and I also enjoy some good bouts of "couple's alone time." I love that we can enjoy time together - nothing's better! - and also enjoy things on our own, but it is nuts how quickly it can make the weekends pass!

  5. If Charlie was waking up from teething earlier than he may just be scheduled to wake up at the same times ...even if he's not currently teething. I'm not a fan of having babies cry it out long, either, but I have found that if my babies are doing what I mentioned above, then letting them fuss for a few minutes (usually doesn't last long if that is indeed the issue) actually helps them get back on schedule and they just put themselves back to sleep. I hope this helps!! Typing really fast because I wanted to share. Let me know!!:)

  6. Evie wakes twice a night too (last night more--sleepy mom here), and sometimes it's not just to eat, but she wants to play too. When you figure something out with Charlie, please share.

  7. I can not describe to you how much I enjoy reading about you and your life.

    Have a lovely week, you and your little cutsie family!


  8. I am totally the same when it comes to only letting a select few people really in. Love that you got to have some girl time!