Friday, March 7, 2014

Weekend Links


Lots of things to share, so let's get right to it!

First off, I decided to move all of my #sometimessweeteats and my cookbook project over to my second Instagram account @sometimessweaty (thinking of changing that name because posting food with anything related to "sweaty" makes me want to puke). I also decided that I am going to cook from a variety of sites and cookbooks from here on out. I just feel too limited doing one cookbook and I'm excited about this switch. Still focusing on trying new recipes, but not doing a new book every month. You live, you learn. I hope you'll still join in and share what you're making too.

Pop over and say hi on the Little Hip Squeaks blog- I'm over there sharing a delicious recipe!

No, this author will not take the "Men's Rights" movement seriously.

Which fitness tracker is the best?

Currently reading: one and two.

What I Won't Tell You About My Ballet Dancing Son.

Such a great list of postpartum must-have for Moms. 

Loved this list of favorites. I'm inspired to do something similar at the end of this month!

I'm not watching it this time around, so it's been interesting for me to read a lot of the stories about just how bad The Bachelor is this season.

How to talk to your kids about special needs.

I have a post on my favorite workout gear coming next week, but had to share these- my most favorite workout pants, ever- the full length version is great too.

Spaghetti squash pizza crust! Awesome!

10 painfully obvious truths everyone forgets too soon.

Wishlist: this banner, these pants, this tank for working out, and these pants too.

Wow- Amtrak is giving writers free rides across the country.

Mug, Mug, Mug!

Absolutely love this shirt.

Katie, you are beautiful!

6 fascinating people who own almost nothing.

A more important talk than "the birds and the bees"? A big talk with your kids about the internet.

A very interesting read: How Much My Novel Cost Me.

Space rules.

I love stripes, and I love this.

"I'm coming out to my parents in this post..."

For the boys: this shirt, this pillow, and this tee. And how great is this tee for Lucy?

My forvever (kind of weird?) crush.

What you learn in your forties.

10 of the best state parks in America.

Always love Small Fry's Frydays.

My current favorite blog.

If you still are in the mood to check out more links, hop over to Kaelah's round up!

And finally, this is amazing and crazy and hilarious all at once: A Guide the Best Places to Cry in NYC

Happy weekend! xo


  1. I love the state park link. We are constantly going to the ones in our area - lucky we have a few.

  2. LOVED "Reconstructing Amelia" :) Have you read "The Invention of Wings" ? So loved that book! and I also have a thing for Kevin Spacey !

  3. That crying one was just crazy! I pictured myself crying while making a build-a-bear and laughed right out loud. I also pictured myself as an employee there and how afraid/alarmed I would have been! I honestly feel like that person needs some help!
    I don't always read weekend link posts but I'm glad I did this week- thanks for some great links!


  4. I like the special needs links. Thank you for including that. : ) People First language is really important. Kids are some of the most curious and kindest encounters we have had when the public approaches us. I also liked the tip about relating the explanation to the age, I try to tell kids that my son's eyes are like a TV but the cord that connects to the wall for electricity is broken so like the tv, his eyes don't work. They seem to understand the best they can.

  5. as someone who cries sentimental tears at the drop of a hat, the places to cry made me laugh out loud.

  6. Sorry for the comment overload today!

    I read 10 painfully obvious truths everyone forgets too soon when you posted it on facebook. You know how when you read something, and it just hits you so hard, and feels like it is speaking directly to you? Yeah, that's how I felt reading that yesterday. I had to forward it to everyone I know. True to the title, I so want to hang on to these concepts with all of my might so that I don't forget again. Thank you for also including it here, as I will go back and read it again! I love your links!

    Aimee Burton

  7. you guys are so cute! As always some great links


  8. Dwarven NPC Update

    To go along with Birthright from the Dwarves, each and every dwarf hanging around is now current with spectacular fresh graphics. The actual artwork crew get truly surpassed them selves, offering each dwarf throughout Gielinor a character all of their very own, as well as the challenging, stocky structures that they ought to have.

  9. And this one too. Thank you so much for even ever reading my small little blog. You're a blessing.