Friday, April 18, 2014

Weekend Links


Happy weekend, friends! Here are some things I've been loving around the web this week:

I am SO excited about this new season!

This trailer looks great too.

Friending your shrink: what happens when you find your therapist on social media. 

And on a similar note, do you feel teachers should avoid friending students?

This upstate NY house renovation is crazy!

Love these new sunglasses from one of my sponsors, Cut and Burn.

The 13 worst synonyms for vagina, ranked.

I've never been to the South and I'd love, love to take a trip there.

Oh, Mellie. If you watch Scandal you'll want to read this!

25 facts about one of my favorite movies.

Wishist: one, two, and three.

16 great portraits of old dogs.

A good read: What Education Excellence Looks Like.

Did you check out my spring reading list?

Unbelievable things in nature that really exist.

Etsy love: this print

I love reading about others' goals, and this long list on Kaelah's blog is awesome.

In defense of the English degree.

Read this: Male Lawyers Dressing Badly.

Main Street at night.

And finally: THIS.  Umm, where can I sign up?!

Happy weekend! xo


  1. The Facebook thing is interesting. I think it helps that she's a much older lady and probably not posting any controversial material. When I was working with high schoolers/college aged kids, I received a few friend requests from students, but I didn't accept them because I felt I needed a little bit of privacy. Plus, I didn't want to see all of their ridiculous shenanigans on my wall. Now I work with kindergarten students, so it's not exactly a problem. ;)

    I do understand that sometimes it's a bridge for inappropriate behaviour, but then there's also the thought of being connected to your students in another kind of way and what that can do for their performance in and out of school. I know someone who has a personal FB page and one set up just for her students, where she can share bits of her life, but she can also post assignments and get feedback from the kids. I like that idea.

    A League of Their Own makes me sob like a child every time I watch it. Every single time.

    The Rambling Fangirl

  2. I thought the word "ranked" was one of the words for a moment. HAHA @_@

  3. I recently found my therapist's twitter feed. It's mostly kind of professional stuff, with some references to her family. I found out that she's married and has kids! Fortunately, I don't think it impacts how I view her professionally.

    The way that the woman was using her FB account sounds completely harmless to me. If there had been other teachers using their feeds inappropriately w/ student engagement (too "friendly", not maintaining lines of respect), I can see why they'd need to enforce it across the board. But otherwise, why bother?

  4. What an adorable photo! Also, I always look forward weekend links! ;)

    ♥ Naomi Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups

  5. Let me tell you, Vixen workout is serious! It's not just Beyonce but other hip-hop and r&b artists. It's just a good time and allows all women to feel a little bit empowered.