Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekend Links


Have you guys checked out the giveaway I have going on over on Instagram? I've teamed up with Petunia Pickle Bottom to giveaway one of these amazing diaper bags and one of their limited edition scarves (both pictured above). It's pretty neat- if you win you will be only of a handful of people who own one of the scarves so it's really special they're giving one away. Enter here.

And here's a short but sweet list of some things I've loved around the internet lately:

One word that should never follow "I love you."

40 incredibly true facts about everyday life.

"I Was Racially Profiled In My Own Driveway."

"This is not a Barbie Doll. This is an actual human being."

Will you be attending any weddings this year?

Some good-looking food and drink ideas for Cinco de Mayo. 

"Can You Call it 'Rape' If He Makes You an Omelet in the Morning?"

So funny- people reveal the most WTF thing they ever saw at their friend's house.

And finally, How to Be a Writer.

Here's to a wonderful week! xo


  1. Loved all of the links. My favorite for sure is the WTF link, too funny!

  2. In love with this bag! Done and done!

  3. I've just spent a good ten minutes reading the How to Be a Writer article, I loved it, such beautiful words!

    Anna xx | The Girl In The Moon

    1. I was so happy to stumble upon it- and so happy you enjoyed it too! <3

  4. omg. thank goodness I've never had any friends as weird as that! that list was hilarious though!

  5. Love that bag, the color is perfect.