Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Few Last Things V.3

This week I'm so excited to feature my friend Traci Barrett. We've known each other for over a decade, and we just spent a wonderful time together in Salt Lake City a few weeks ago, celebrating our Emily! Traci is a hair and makeup artist and I absolutely love following along on her adventures all over the world (just go check out her portfolio and you'll see what I mean). Her fun, sparkling, beautiful self is such a welcome refresher in my day and I'm so excited to have her here on Sometimes Sweet today.

Last place you vacationed to: Salt Lake City, Utah. Although, it was only for 24 hours, it was well worth it. I got to celebrate the coming of my new Goddaughter and see great friends from all over the country.

Last job you did: Album photos for the band Rise Against

Last dessert you enjoyed: A box of chocolates on Easter

Last person you said I love you to: My Mommy

Last time you felt nervous: When my dog's eye was injured. It was super red and had a dent in it. I freaked out.

Last color lipstick you wore: Candy Yum Yum by Mac. I'm obsessed with their mattes. They stay on forever.

Last Instagram account you fell in love with: Oh, I can't pick just one!  @themaniamania @nourishandevolve @thistlemilk @unifnightmare

Thank you so much Traci! Friends, be sure to check out her Instagram account, you'll love it. xoxo


  1. How cute is she! I want to try that Mac lipstick color, I'm always looking for new ones to try.

  2. Nice to know about Traci. Thanks for sharing a great friend

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  4. I ended up in Vegas with Traci once! She totally saved my night :)