Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Few Last Things V.4

A Few Last Things with (the wonderful, beautiful, inspiring!) Allison of A Little Blueberry:

Last really delicious meal you enjoyed:  This may sound funny but I'm not really a person who eats food to enjoy it, I'm more of a person who eats it because I have to (but find that I am too busy to actually sit down and eat something I enjoy).  Anyone else out there like that?!  I do love to cook and made super yummy gluten free, free range teriyaki chicken with broccoli, peppers and onions over brown rice this week.  My daughter, Lemon, wanted nothing to do with it, but my husband and I enjoyed it while she ate leftover mac & cheese.  Oh the life of a toddler mom!

Last time you felt nervous:  I actually have a super fun girls trip coming up with a bunch of my best girlfriends and instead of being excited about it I am nervous!  We are going to Palm Springs, and I am looking forward to it, but am nervous to leave my baby for 4 days.  I have never been away that long, am still nursing (and realize that I probably won't be when I return) and am just a worry wart about the drive and if something happens to me while I'm away.  Any other mamas hate to leave their babes?  I know I will be happy once I get there, but it's so hard to be excited because I will just miss her so much!

Last big thing you splurged on:  My husband and I work our butts off (we are both high school teachers), but never seem to have any extra money.  We have a nanny, our friend, that watches our daughter, and most of our extra money goes to her - definitely money well spent.  We do have a little side business, making wooden rings and other jewelry at Spirit Bee Woodworks so this allows us to have some fun money.  I booked a 2 week trip this summer for Lemon's 2nd birthday and that's the last big thing I splurged on!

Last family vacation you took:  We actually went to Coronado Island during Spring Break, our favorite vacation spot.  It's close, it's the beach (my fav!) and a great place to take a toddler.  I dream of the beach when I'm sitting in my classroom staring at those teenagers - take me back!

Last time you were moved to tears:  I got a Mother's Day card this year with Lemon's scribbling in it, and it made me cry.  I woke up that morning to breakfast, a cute Toy Story card and a rose plant - but the best thing was that little scribble.  I just can't believe my daughter is old enough to scribble in a card for me!  I will keep it forever.

Last time you were wrong:  Wow this one is tough!  I am sure that I have been wrong many times just this week when grading students' work, entering grades and talking to them about their grades.  Of course all mistakes have been fixed and papers have been found (not lost by me, of course!) and we only have 3 days of school left.  Yippee!

Last person you missed:  I saw a picture on Facebook, the other day, of my Nani, my mom's mom, from Mother's Day in 2010.  It was strange seeing that picture of her, because it seems like just yesterday (and forever ago), all at the same time.  I miss my Nani so much and wish she could have met Lemon; I see her face every day in my daughter's face and they share many of the same mannerisms and expressions.

Last blog/IG account you really fell in love with:  I have an Instagram shopping problem (I'm sure other mamas can relate) and packages show up at our house every week.  I love all of the shops that sell vintage baby clothes; and it reminds me of the old days when I used to comb thrift stores for rare finds.  But, this time, I comb the internet to find cute, vintage baby clothes.  You definitely need the fastest fingers in the west to snatch something up, these mamas are quick!  But, here are some shops that I love, and have recently found, and that I managed to snag some items from: shopminiwhimsy, jandmcloset, moonbabyyvintage and hazelandgray.

**Be sure to check out both Allison's blog and IG- she's one of my favorites...and an AZ local!



  1. This is a beautiful post - what a wonderful idea. I'm now a follower of Allison's blog!

    Beccy // Bluebell & Bumpkin

  2. Nice to know a bit more about you. In Canada,(at least in Ontario) high school teachers are well paid. Being a teacher is a great thing. You are touching the lives of teenagers. Your two year old is old enough to scribble!!!. That is so sweet.

  3. OMG you're totally not alone with #1! At the risk of sounding really weird, I'm not a huge fan of food. I'm incredibly picky (which probably plays a huge role in this), completely non-adventurous when it comes to trying new food, and I really only eat because I have to. I would honestly prefer to eat a few handfuls of fresh fruit and drink smoothies for every meal.

    I totally thought I was a lone weirdo with this. BUT I'M NOT. YAY!


  4. I absolutely love this series and that shot of her is gorgeous!